Bolivia Buys Majority to Destroy Tipnis

Tipnis Resiste

Bolivian government manages to split resistance to highway with a spurious consultation process..
Friday December 7

Often dubbed ‘the most beautiful place on Earth’, Isiboro Sécure (TIPNIS in Spanish), is the crown jewel of the Bolivian Amazon, famous for its huge trees, astonishing wildlife, and fresh water. Its incredible natural and cultural significance have earned it the status, until now, of a double protected area — as a National Park and an indigenous reservoir.
According to the official count of the consultation in the last four months, the road through the center of the park was approved by 55 of the 69 communities Tipnis. Three other routes and raised the remaining 11 refused to participate in the process.
But the areas that refused to participate were those that the road passes through.

And though their numbers are small because they live with the forest, the inhabitants are the moral guardians of of this ancestral wilderness.

Evo Morales, president and leader of the Colonists and Coca farmer mafia besieging Tipnis from all sides, has managed to force through this agreement, with outright bribes and exploitation promises, offering schools and clinics the people had a right to anyway.

The consultation, full of threats and double dealing, was pushed through with the help of the corrupt and perverted Catholic Church and the army of undercover CIA operators, to overturn the clear opposition shown for a generation, and especially with the first Tipnis March.

They had the majority. Of course they had the f***** majority!

Money talks. Evo Morales has succeeded in irrevocably dividing the indigenous people of Bolivia, and set the scene for a guerilla war in  an ‘Avatar’ style paradise.

Years of marches and other mass protests by indigenous Tipnis which caught public sympathy after police brutality, had forced Morales to halt road works just over a year, and then cancel the project, pending the inquiry.

The natives of the National Park and Indigenous Territory Isiboro Secure-accepted road project denounced by its opponents as an attack on the ecological balance, in exchange for other projects such as schools, hospitals, water, cocoa and timber industries and a radio.
“With the heart vetipnis avatarry happy we are concluding the first visit (…) It was not easy to get to this,” closed the consultation Vice President Alvaro Garcia, referring to  radical of the indigenous  and environmental groups still opposed to the road.

The original road project $ 420 million would be funded almost entirely by Brazil, with the object of cashing in and expanding the rampant environmental destruction and deforestation in the west of that country. The Government of La Paz has not said how funding will be reactivated.

The route of 306 kilometers between the departments of Beni and Cochabamba traverse both Tipnis, reservation of 1.2 million acres inhabited by about 12,000 natives, as the Chapare, the main producing area of ​​the country where illegal coca coca grower colonist mafia that Morales leads operate.

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