my Brazilian ‘Person of the Year’

Mayara Vivian is one of a protest movement that sparked off a mass rebellion in Brazil in 2013.

She’s 24 years old, studies geography at the University of Sao Paulo, has butterfly tattoos, and works nights as a waitress in a bar in the popular Vila Madalena neighbourhood of Sao Paulo.

She’s Mayara Vivian, and she’s my Brazil Person of the Year for 2013. Continue reading “my Brazilian ‘Person of the Year’”

How can Snowden escape Obama’s net? Freedom Flight!

Edward Snowden has finally been offered asylum by Nicaragua and Venezuela, the only countries willing to risk the vicious reprisals of the USA and protect a world hero. But how can he get there?

We have seen that all countries in submission to the US Empire ( Spain, France, etc) will close their airspace and force down any suspect plane.

But there is a way that Edward could escape and  evade life imprisonment for telling the truth….. FREEDOM FLIGHT… see below..


Liberating Edward Snowden: Operation ‘Freedom Flight’ Continue reading “How can Snowden escape Obama’s net? Freedom Flight!”

Brasil: Anonymous X Rede Globo

Anonymous Brasil está convocando manifestações diante de sedes da Rede Globo em todo o país por meio de vídeos e páginas em redes sociais. Pessoas 73 cidades em 24 estados já aderiram e informam que irão realizar atos no próximo sábado (23).Vídeo:Operação Abaixo a Rede Globo
Anonymous Brazil is calling for demonstrations outside the headquarters of Rede Globo nationwide through videos and pages on social networks. People 73 cities in 24 states have joined and inform acts who will perform on Saturday. (23) Video: Operation Below Globo Continue reading “Brasil: Anonymous X Rede Globo”

Bolivia Buys Majority to Destroy Tipnis

Tipnis Resiste

Bolivian government manages to split resistance to highway with a spurious consultation process..
Friday December 7

Often dubbed ‘the most beautiful place on Earth’, Isiboro Sécure (TIPNIS in Spanish), is the crown jewel of the Bolivian Amazon, famous for its huge trees, astonishing wildlife, and fresh water. Its incredible natural and cultural significance have earned it the status, until now, of a double protected area — as a National Park and an indigenous reservoir. Continue reading “Bolivia Buys Majority to Destroy Tipnis”

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