How can Snowden escape Obama’s net? Freedom Flight!

Edward Snowden has finally been offered asylum by Nicaragua and Venezuela, the only countries willing to risk the vicious reprisals of the USA and protect a world hero. But how can he get there?

We have seen that all countries in submission to the US Empire ( Spain, France, etc) will close their airspace and force down any suspect plane.

But there is a way that Edward could escape and  evade life imprisonment for telling the truth….. FREEDOM FLIGHT… see below..


Liberating Edward Snowden: Operation ‘Freedom Flight’

The outrageous forced landing of the private plane carrying Evo Morales, the President of Bolivia, so that the aircraft could be searched in case NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was on board, proves what extremes the US Government will go to in order to apprehend Snowden. Annie Machon, MI5 whistleblower, blogged that what happened could be seen as a ‘dress rehearsal’ or warning shot to ensure that no single country offering asylum to Snowden will attempt to extricate him from his Moscow airport limbo. Thus, the US, in conjunction with its allies, will happily force down any plane, whether it be over allies’ airspace or in the region of a US overseas base. What’s more, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that a commercial carrier will accept Snowden as a passenger. And Russia will offer asylum, but only on condition that Snowden is muted (and, despite claims to the contrary, they may at some point expel him to the USA anyway).

So is that it? End of story?

what sort of state

Not bloody likely!

A bully will always attempt to intimidate the ‘little guy’ and what the US and its arse-licking Euro partners did with Bolivia was just that. Might is right. Lesson learnt: one country may not be able to face-off the USA. But what if a whole continent did just that? What if all the countries of Southern and Central America stood together and told the USA where to get off? In the case of Edward Snowden this may be the only way he can get help. So how, exactly, can this be organized? Here’s how…

Operation ‘Freedom Flight’:

1. In a highly-publicised, most overt operation, the heads of state of most if not all countries in South America (and possibly Central America too) would separately or together fly to Moscow, where they will board a privately chartered plane.
2. The plane will be named the ‘Paul Revere’.
3. Edward Snowden and Sarah Harrison (Wikileaks staffer) will board the plane as guests of the heads of state and will be carrying letters of Safe Passage and be provided with full diplomatic immunity.
3. As well as the heads of state of South American countries (and any other country that agrees to join in) also on board will be distinguished guests – names that spring to mind of people who may wish to participate in this operation include Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mairead Corrigan-Maguire (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate), the Dalai Lama, Oliver Stone, etc.
4. TV crews and reporters will also be invited to travel on the plane and to conduct on-board interviews with Snowden, Sarah Harrison (Wikileaks staffer) and the various heads of state and distinguished guests.
5. The objective of Operation ‘Freedom Flight’ will not just be about publicising what has happened to Edward Snowden, or his revelations about widespread snooping, but will be an affirmation of how the world is finally standing up to the US bully, to reject its tyranny and its totalitarian surveillance.
6. The destination of the plane will be a South American country, where Snowden will be offered continental-wide asylum.

So, would the US try and intercept the plane as it did with the one carrying Morales? It’s unlikely, though by no means impossible, for a bully intoxicated with its own power will try anything. But the more heads of state and the more distinguished guests there are on the flight, the more likely the US may realise that it cannot continue on its current path to totalitarian rule any more and, moreover, that the world is no longer afraid of its power.

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