Femen campaign to ‘Air Dictators’..Free Amina..Free all Women!

Sextremist FEMEN deported from Istanbul


After spent a night in a police station in Istanbul, sextremist the participant of the protest “Erdogan from Istanbul to Kabul” was deported from Turkey by plane to Paris. Together with forced deportation there is a  ban  for entrance into Turkey for the activist for one year. This is already fifth ban to entry Turkey for FEMEN Activists.

FEMEN promises to Erdigan to find many ways to get around of his repressive laws and continue the fight with the Turkish people against Islamism and for secular and humanistic Turkey. Erdogan, get out to Kabul!

Recall that today FEMEN activists denied entry to such dictatorial countries like Russia, Belarus, Tunisia and Turkey.

drop air dictators

Erdogan: from Istanbul to Kabul.

In the international airport of Istanbul FEMEN activist demanded to send Erdogan to Kabul by the next flight. Getting off the plane, sextremist of FEMEN went topless in the arrivals terminal, in her hands she held a symbolic air ticket, “Erdogan: from Istanbul to Kabul.” According to the act of FEMEN urges the people of Turkey, like the Egyptians, to overthrow Erdogan’s Islamist regime and force Erdogan to relocate to a country close to him in spirit Iran, Afghanistan or Pakistan. The women’s movement FEMEN urges lovely Turkish people do not bend under the repression of Erdogan and his gang of police, do not betray the ideals of humanistic revolution, originated at Taksim!
Down with Islamism! Long live humanity!
FEMEN activists were arrested, we don’t have connection with her now.

Amina is in jail. Emotions run high


The trial against Amina Tyler again postponed. Yesterday Islamist court has once again ignored the demands of the international community to immediately release Amina and has rescheduled the hearing for July 11.
Meanwhile, in Toulouse (France) near the Tunisian consulate topless activist was arrested, who demanded the release from prison for Amina.
Feminist community of Toulouse, went topless to storm the police station to express their anger because of detained activist.
“We do not understand why she was arrested, because men can walk down the street topless and the police have no claims against them “, – noted the member of the topless rally.

Freedom for women!

Free Amina!

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