It’s All TRUE! Covert Trolls discredit with Toxic Tactics

Big Brother On Steroids: How The U.S. and U.K. Governments Manipulate Your Thoughts Onlinetrap_276545

27/02/2014 by Don Quijones

In the following video Breaking The Set‘s Abby Martin discusses journalist Glenn Greenwald’s latest report on the intelligence community’s use of subversive and manipulative online tactics to destroy the reputations of businesses and individuals worldwide.

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How can Snowden escape Obama’s net? Freedom Flight!

Edward Snowden has finally been offered asylum by Nicaragua and Venezuela, the only countries willing to risk the vicious reprisals of the USA and protect a world hero. But how can he get there?

We have seen that all countries in submission to the US Empire ( Spain, France, etc) will close their airspace and force down any suspect plane.

But there is a way that Edward could escape and  evade life imprisonment for telling the truth….. FREEDOM FLIGHT… see below..


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