my Brazilian ‘Person of the Year’

Mayara Vivian is one of a protest movement that sparked off a mass rebellion in Brazil in 2013.

She’s 24 years old, studies geography at the University of Sao Paulo, has butterfly tattoos, and works nights as a waitress in a bar in the popular Vila Madalena neighbourhood of Sao Paulo.

She’s Mayara Vivian, and she’s my Brazil Person of the Year for 2013. Continue reading “my Brazilian ‘Person of the Year’”

Femicides in Brazil Hit Civil War Proportions

  |En español  from IPS with thanks
stop feminicides
RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov 28 2013 (IPS) – The number of femicides – gender-related murders – in Brazil has reached civil war-like proportions. In just 10 years 40,000 women were killed in this country merely for being women.

Every year, between Nov. 25 and Dec. 10, the international community and women’s rights groups organise 16 days of activism against gender violence. Continue reading “Femicides in Brazil Hit Civil War Proportions”

Brazil: If I can´t dance, it is not my #BRevolution

#BRevolution, Brazilian remixed shout for Global Spring

BNAWnQsCIAAmIdHThe sleeping giant is waking up. Brazil is awakening from the Fake Progress Dream of the 1%. Brazilians are taking the streets, but the media only talks about macro politics. Brazilian youth-and-not-so are demanding other economic, civic and social ways. But the media hides the facts:

political assemblies in public, occupations of municipal assemblies (as Belo Horizontes´s occupation),

new networked collectives fighting for the right to the city, for political participation… Continue reading “Brazil: If I can´t dance, it is not my #BRevolution”

Brasil: Se extiende la Rebelión Masiva/Giant Rebellion!

busfaredemo 17june santos Brasil: Cientos de miles de personas salen a las calles contra la subida de los transportes publicos y los gastos del Mundial

por Kaos. América Latina

Los sectores que vienen promoviendo protestas contra un fuerte aumento en las tarifas del transporte amenazaron el lunes con hacer movilizaciones más grandes todavía, lo que aliment temores de que se repita la brutal represión policial de los últimos días. Continue reading “Brasil: Se extiende la Rebelión Masiva/Giant Rebellion!”

7 tribes re-Occupy Belo Monte Dam site

Xingu rising

Indigenous Peoples Launch New Occupation on Belo Monte Dam Site


By: International Rivers, Amazon Watch and CIMI   Friday, May 3, 2013

Seven tribes from the Xingu and Tapajós rivers protest violations of right to prior consultation in construction of Amazonian dams

Altamira, Pará, Brazil: Approximately 200 indigenous people affected by the construction of large hydroelectric dams in the Amazon launched an occupation yesterday at one of the main construction sites of the Belo Monte Dam complex in the municipality of Victoria de Xingu.

They demand that the Brazilian government adopt effective legislation on prior consultations with indigenous peoples regarding projects that affect their lands and livelihoods. Until then, they are demanding the immediate suspension of all construction, technical studies and police operations related to dams along the Xingu, Tapajós and Teles Pires rivers. Shock troops of the Military Police were awaiting the indigenous protestors when they arrived at the Belo Monte Dam site, but they were unable to impede the occupation. Continue reading “7 tribes re-Occupy Belo Monte Dam site”

Brazil port blocked over Amazon law /Veto parcial mantém florestas sob risco

Greenpeace temporarily blocked a freighter from being loaded at a northern Brazilian port in protest over a partial presidential veto of a land-use bill seen as harming the Amazon

The environmental group said on its website on Saturday that activists ferried by its Rainbow Warrior vessel occupied a giant pile of pig iron on the dock while another team scaled two cranes to stop them from loading the raw material of iron and steel onto the US-bound Clipper Hope.

The activists then unfurled banners proclaiming “Amazon Crime” and “Dilma’s dirty secret,” in protest at President Dilma Rousseff’s partial veto Friday of 12 controversial articles of the new code regulating the use of land on rural properties.

“The Amazon turns to Charcoal, Brazil Stop the Chainsaw,” said a huge banner tied to a crane by the activists. Continue reading “Brazil port blocked over Amazon law /Veto parcial mantém florestas sob risco”

Dilma vetoes bits of Amazon Law

Brazil’s Rousseff vetoes part of controversial Forest Code revision
May 25, 2012

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.


Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff today rejected 12 of 84 articles in a controversial bill that aims to relax restrictions on deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. The Brazilian government will announce the full

Burning and deforestation of the Amazon forest to make grazing lands. Source: (NASA LBA-ECO Project)

details of the cuts on Monday.

Environmentalists had pressured Rousseff to outright veto the measure, which they said could reverse Brazil’s progress in reducing its deforestation rate. But a presidential veto could have been overruled by Congress.

The revised version of the Forest Code raised concerns among greens and scientists for provisions that

would have granted amnesty for illegal deforestation and reduced the amount of forest landowners are required to protect. The looser Forest Code seemed to be opposed by the general public, according to surveys conducted by environmentalists. The Forest Code revision was pushed by agroindustrial interests in the Congress. Continue reading “Dilma vetoes bits of Amazon Law”

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