Este Complemento de Navegador te Permite resistir el Fascismo en Internet

Este complemento de navegador te permite resistir el fascismo en Internet

‘Sin Platforma Para el Fascismo’, herramientas de  MACC Tech

El Consejo Coordinador Anarquista Metropolitano, (MACC) una organización que facilita la colaboración entre los anarquistas de la ciudad de Nueva York, cree que la extrema derecha debe combatirse en todos los frentes.

plug-in gratuita aquí …

MACC lanzó recientemente el Kit de herramientas ‘Sin plataforma para el fascismo’, un complemento de navegador para Chrome y Firefox, que cada semana sirve a los usuarios videos de individuos y organizaciones neonazis, supremacistas blancos y etno-nacionalistas para informar y denunciar.

El plug-in te informa de los últimos videos nazis y racistas subidos al YouTube y lo hace fácíl denunciarlos. Es legal según las reglas internos de YouTube.

La esperanza de MACC es que, a través de la acción colectiva, los antifascistas puedan expulsar a los intolerantes de YouTube, lo que efectivamente obstaculizará sus esfuerzos de reclutamiento …

informe de un usuario..

he probado el plug-in.. salió rapidamente una lista de 16 videos , 7 de ellos eran claramente PROPAGANDA POR NAZIS, uno glorificando un ataque sexual y la mayoria de los demás peliculas y dibujos animados con contenido muy racista. Explican todo..(menos mal porque yo no habría dado cuento a veces). Pero si no sabes algo de inglés hay que traducir, y parece que los compañeros de Nueva York no hablan castellano, así que faltaria el plug-in también en más idiomas. … Hacer la denuncia es un clic, un momento, he denunciado todos.

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5m see Shock video ‘Oppressed Majority’ are women

Wolf-whistles, “hey baby” and “keep smiling honey!” are the types of things you’d expect to hear directed at a woman walking down the street. But what would the world look like if gender roles were reversed? A new short film seeks to answer that question — and the result is chilling. output_XXIN1b

On what seems to be just another ordinary day, a man is exposed to sexism and sexual violence in a society ruled by women… (10 minutes watch below)

Saudi women defy driving ban across country

Dozens of women across country participate in “drive-in” campaign, despite threats and warnings from government.

from Al jazeera with thanks2013102417612238734_20

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Saudi activists are calling the campaign the most successful in years, despite threats [AFP]
More than 60 women claimed to have answered their call to get behind the wheel in a rare show of defiance against a ban on female driving in the ultraconservative kingdom, Saudi activists said.

Saudi professor and campaigner Aziza Youssef said that the group received 13 videos and another 50 phone messages from women showing or claiming they had driven on Saturday. She said they had no way to verify the messages.

If the numbers are accurate, this year’s campaign is the most successful effort yet by Saudi women demanding the right to drive. Continue reading “Saudi women defy driving ban across country”

Militant Research Handbook: download here

Occupy theorists launch militant research handbook

by ROAR Collective on September 12, 2013


A collaborative project seeks to redefine the place where activism and academia meet by promoting militant research in, about and with the movements.

The Militant Research Handbook


New York University, 2013
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Brazil: If I can´t dance, it is not my #BRevolution

#BRevolution, Brazilian remixed shout for Global Spring

BNAWnQsCIAAmIdHThe sleeping giant is waking up. Brazil is awakening from the Fake Progress Dream of the 1%. Brazilians are taking the streets, but the media only talks about macro politics. Brazilian youth-and-not-so are demanding other economic, civic and social ways. But the media hides the facts:

political assemblies in public, occupations of municipal assemblies (as Belo Horizontes´s occupation),

new networked collectives fighting for the right to the city, for political participation… Continue reading “Brazil: If I can´t dance, it is not my #BRevolution”

How I Became a Man but decided to Go Back to a Woman

Heath Atom Russell - still from the video linked below

radical feminist Heath Atom Russell

–Click here to VIEW.

Self-described “Unapologetic Butch Lesbian, Radical Feminist and Former FTM” Heath Atom Russell covers a lot of ground in this video as she discusses stopping testosterone and healing from body dysphoria in a woman-hating world. She applies her personal experience to critique the medicalization of gender, YouTube trans-trending, the homophobia of “Queer Culture”, misogyny, lesbophobia, the theory of “Brain Sex”, and the process of becoming a proud woman. Continue reading “How I Became a Man but decided to Go Back to a Woman”

Occupy the Comms: New Revolutionary Tool OUT NOW.


CLICK TO WATCH   here spanishrevolutionsol


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The Revolution is Already Here

In #globalrevolution on 5 November 2012 at 14:30

Occupy the Comms creates the potential for popular media to compete with corporate media, and eventually to obliterate them. It’s a new anonymous site where groups can securely share instant news, live streaming by mobiles and discussions. It aims to dynamite the lying hierarchical mass media. tomorro

Dear people,

Over twenty years ago, CNN brought us live war in the living room. And not just war, they brought every kind of live news, from all corners of the globe. Television had turned into a real time ‘window on the world’…. Continue reading “Occupy the Comms: New Revolutionary Tool OUT NOW.”

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