Fukushima Fallout . the Plague Begins

Marijuana is safe says leading Dr. Sanjay Gupta

130808181437-marijuana-weed-plant-story-topTo the so-called leaders in Washington and Ottawa: Give it up, you have lost this stupid war on drugs. And thank you Sanjay for having the fortitude and courage of a true scientist. Lou

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent: Why I changed my mind on weed – Continue reading “Marijuana is safe says leading Dr. Sanjay Gupta”

Gezi Resists: first hand account and photos: Turkish Revolution

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Gezi Resists

by selana019

Gezi Resists

In #globalrevolution on 4 June 2013 at 02:35

gezi resists 2Overlooking Taksim. Via @57UN

June 4, 0314 hrs CET

Dear people,

Throughout the afternoon barricades were reinforced in Besiktas district, not only with stones, but also with lances, Braveheart style. In Izmir massive crowds took the streets while police randomly harassed people along the seaside. On the social media CNN was ridiculed. While the international edition was broadcasting yesterday’s clashes live, the Turkish CNN broadcast a documentary on penguins.

And graffiti, for the record, “rebel so hard tayyip wanna gas me!”

At Gezi Park, medical students prepared a first aid centre, with anOverlooking Taksim. Via @57UN abundant stash of supplies. In the late afternoon, clashes were reported around the country. They were particularly heavy in Ankara, where thousands and thousands of students defied police repression. Continue reading “Gezi Resists: first hand account and photos: Turkish Revolution”

Brasil: Anonymous X Rede Globo

Anonymous Brasil está convocando manifestações diante de sedes da Rede Globo em todo o país por meio de vídeos e páginas em redes sociais. Pessoas 73 cidades em 24 estados já aderiram e informam que irão realizar atos no próximo sábado (23).Vídeo:Operação Abaixo a Rede Globo
Anonymous Brazil is calling for demonstrations outside the headquarters of Rede Globo nationwide through videos and pages on social networks. People 73 cities in 24 states have joined and inform acts who will perform on Saturday. (23) Video: Operation Below Globo Continue reading “Brasil: Anonymous X Rede Globo”

Occupy the Comms: New Revolutionary Tool OUT NOW.


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The Revolution is Already Here

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Occupy the Comms creates the potential for popular media to compete with corporate media, and eventually to obliterate them. It’s a new anonymous site where groups can securely share instant news, live streaming by mobiles and discussions. It aims to dynamite the lying hierarchical mass media. tomorro


Dear people,

Over twenty years ago, CNN brought us live war in the living room. And not just war, they brought every kind of live news, from all corners of the globe. Television had turned into a real time ‘window on the world’…. Continue reading “Occupy the Comms: New Revolutionary Tool OUT NOW.”

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