Fukushima worker Leukemia victim Sues TEPCO

TEPCO cartoon
From the Asahi Shimbun daily in Japan, with thanks.

A 42-year-old man diagnosed with leukemia after working at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant plans to sue Tokyo Electric Power Co., saying the utility failed to take adequate precautions against radiation exposure.

He will also sue Kyushu Electric Power Co., operator of the Genkai nuclear plant in Saga Prefecture where he had also worked, in the lawsuit expected to be filed at the Tokyo District Court on Nov. 22.

nukessendaiThe man, who is from Kita-Kyushu in Fukuoka Prefecture, will demand about 59 million yen ($541,000) in total compensation from the two utilities.

TEPCO and Kyushu Electric, as the managers of the facilities, are responsible for the health of workers there, but they failed to take adequate measures to protect them from radiation exposure,” said one of the lawyers representing him. Continue reading “Fukushima worker Leukemia victim Sues TEPCO”

Chomsky in Japan: State Cover-Ups of horrific crimes

Chomsky: From Hiroshima to Fukushima, Vietnam to Fallujah, State Power Ignores Its Massive Harm

Noam Chomsky, world-renowned political dissident, linguist, and author. He is Institute Professor Emeritus at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he has taught for more than 50 years.march 14 chomsky in japam

World-renowned political dissident, linguist, author and MIT Professor Noam Chomsky traveled to Japan last week ahead of the three-year anniversary of the Fukushima crisis. Chomsky, now 85 years old, met with Fukushima survivors, including families who evacuated the area after the meltdown.

“[It’s] particularly horrifying that this is happening in Japan with its unique, horrendous experiences with the impact of nuclear explosions, which we don’t have to discuss,” Chomsky says. “And it’s particularly horrifying when happening to children — but unfortunately, this is what happens all the time.”

see interview HERE:  http://www.democracynow.org/2014/3/11/chomsky_from_hiroshima_to_fukushima_vietnam

Continue reading “Chomsky in Japan: State Cover-Ups of horrific crimes”

Fukushima Fallout . the Plague Begins

Worse than Chernobyl: Fukushima’s genetic poisoning of the planet

 The inner threat of Fukushima crisis

Professor Christopher Busby is a British nuclear scientist known for his theories about the negative health effects of very low-dose ionising radiation.sss


Workers wearing protective suits and masks are seen near tanks of radiation ultra-contaminated water at Tokyo Electric Power Company’s (TEPCO) tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (Reuters / Issei Kato)  Hundreds of these tanks are said to be in imminent danger of leaking due to inferior plastic seals used to save money.

 I recently pointed out, this operation has to go on forever – a long sickness, but at least not a sudden death. However, this week begins a new development in the potential sudden death department. Continue reading “Worse than Chernobyl: Fukushima’s genetic poisoning of the planet”

Hanford Nuclear Storage: an UncontrollableTime Bomb

Radioactive Waste Cleanup Continues At Hanford Nuclear ReservationSource: Kingston Community News

Hanford’s 56 million gallons of the most contaminated nuclear waste in the western hemisphere is a true horror story. […]

In February, officials announced that six single-shell tanks were leaking. These are not the first leaks; there have been decades of earth contamination. […] Continue reading “Hanford Nuclear Storage: an UncontrollableTime Bomb”

Fukushima is only beginning: whole world maimed


1.  The bottom line about Fukushima Daiichi is an ELE (extinction level event) involving  three reactors in meltdown since March 11, 2011, other damaged reactor cores, no efforts by anyone anywhere to contain the global catastrophe, other than ‘media damage control’.

2. (A)  The reactor cores were designed to be under water.  That means that the reactor cores were designed to be under water.   The reactor cores must be put under water immediately, using existing technology, enabling retrieval of the hot cores by an international team of nuclear submarines.  Disposal of nuclear waste is a secondary issue.   Note: There is no legitimate disposal of nuclear waste possible, ever. Continue reading “Fukushima is only beginning: whole world maimed”

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