Huge Direct Action against obsolete Nukes: Greenpeace

240 Greenpeace Activists Take Direct Action Protesting Europe’s Aging Nuclear Reactors

Greenpeace InternationalBy Isadora Wronski     Last week, 240 Greenpeace activists from national and regional offices took action across Europe to highlight the risk of aging nuclear reactors.



In Switzerland, about 100 Greenpeace activists from six different countries entered the station at Beznau. They climbed the superstructure of the reactor and hung banners demanding the immediate shut-down of the 45 year old power plant while a paraglider circled the sky. Continue reading “Huge Direct Action against obsolete Nukes: Greenpeace”

Fukushima is only beginning: whole world maimed


1.  The bottom line about Fukushima Daiichi is an ELE (extinction level event) involving  three reactors in meltdown since March 11, 2011, other damaged reactor cores, no efforts by anyone anywhere to contain the global catastrophe, other than ‘media damage control’.

2. (A)  The reactor cores were designed to be under water.  That means that the reactor cores were designed to be under water.   The reactor cores must be put under water immediately, using existing technology, enabling retrieval of the hot cores by an international team of nuclear submarines.  Disposal of nuclear waste is a secondary issue.   Note: There is no legitimate disposal of nuclear waste possible, ever. Continue reading “Fukushima is only beginning: whole world maimed”

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