Gezi Resists: first hand account and photos: Turkish Revolution

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Gezi Resists

by selana019

Gezi Resists

In #globalrevolution on 4 June 2013 at 02:35

gezi resists 2Overlooking Taksim. Via @57UN

June 4, 0314 hrs CET

Dear people,

Throughout the afternoon barricades were reinforced in Besiktas district, not only with stones, but also with lances, Braveheart style. In Izmir massive crowds took the streets while police randomly harassed people along the seaside. On the social media CNN was ridiculed. While the international edition was broadcasting yesterday’s clashes live, the Turkish CNN broadcast a documentary on penguins.

And graffiti, for the record, “rebel so hard tayyip wanna gas me!”

At Gezi Park, medical students prepared a first aid centre, with anOverlooking Taksim. Via @57UN abundant stash of supplies. In the late afternoon, clashes were reported around the country. They were particularly heavy in Ankara, where thousands and thousands of students defied police repression.

Upon his arrival in Morocco, Erdogan was faced by a demonstration against ‘the dictator’.

In the evening, over a hundred thousand people gathered in Taksim. An assembly was held in Gezi Park. From a website publishing minute to minute updates comes a brief flash of the scene. “All the names of areas in Turkey are read one by one and the crowd responds ‘Here!’”

Ankara, June 3. Via @nycjim

During the evening, all the districts of Istanbul were marching to demand the fall of the regime. At the same time, a digital counterattack was staged. Twitter went down for almost an hour, Facebook was under attack, Russia Today went down as well.

In the smaller cities, protesters were reportedly harassed by pro-government militias. Fascists attacked a group of high school students in Ankara. In the city of Dersim, soldiers participated in the crackdown. In the past few days soldiers had aided the protesters by distributing gas masks.

In Antakya, one protester was confirmed killed. Tomorrow all hell will break loose. In many cities those people who didn’t take the streets showed their support for the revolt by pan bashing and light flashing. In Bursa, thousands of people blocked a motorway.

Taksim came under heavy police attack after midnight. I have no reliable information as to the outcome. Dozens of people are said to be injured. But it looks as though the Turks are becoming ever more resistant to the clouds of gas. At the moment, early in the morning, resistance continues in Ankara and Istanbul. The people keep on chanting. The park is theirs.

Yesterday. Via @mellisimaa

Solidarity with Gezi from Izmir. Via @15MBCN_int


130603 tear gas marriage @mertcantekfidan BL3QPxpCQAANN-d

Building barricades. Via @actualidadrt

Barricadas in Ankara. Via @nycjim

Barricades in Besiktas. "Ready for tonight". Via @140journos

Resistance in Ankara. Via @ilovearctic

The revolution will not be televised. Via @pausaroja

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