Spanish Church and State still silent on Stolen Babies

iThe victims are asking the Pope to oblige the bishops to open their files to learn the truth.!


Those who suffer pain, loss and heartbreak after learning that their parents are not their parents, who at the time of birth were torn from their mother’s arms, who were sold by doctors, clergyand nuns, who systematically erased their tracks without a trace. The Stolen Babies scandal, one of the most rancid crimes of Nacional Catholicism, continues as part of democracy, forty years after the death of Franco, and still today cries out for justice and reparation.

“Hundreds of thousands of people in Spain, right now, walk the streets without knowing their identity.” says José Luis Gordillo,  journalist and author of Los hombres del saco (the Men of Cloth), a shocking exposé which addresses the mega scandal of the stolen babies. the work was printed by a religious publishing house (part of the Pauline brothers) a decision that was not without criticism within the Church. “It’s a question of justice,” says the editorial director, Octavio Figueredo. “We can not remain silent about the suffering of the people.”

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Haiti”s wonderful Cardinal in Church of the Assassins

 A little rant against the Church, Slavery, Racism and Capital, then a reblog of Adrianne Aron’s classic essay.16

Haiti will get a CARDINAL. Pope Frances announced, on the 4th  anniversary of the earthquake, with tens of thousands still not rehoused,  and the 10th anniversary of the criminal US organised Coup against The President of the Poor, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, himself a former salesian priest.

Cardinal Langlois is a wonderful man, and so modest, and the western media have been given free rein to gush over him, this is ‘our boy’ and can be trusted not to rock the boat for ”our” corporations, like Aristide did. (see here Haitians oppressed to be robbed again in gold rush).church predators

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God Goofs Up: Christmas Star crashes into Sun

Looks like the Christian God has missed his big chance.

The comet ISON was billed to shine day and night over Christmas, coming closest to Earth on 26th December. (One day late but the date of Christmas has always been an approximation.)

All round Earth priests and clergy were gearing up to make a killing.

This would be proof that God exists and business would be booming!

omg he crashed I-SON

  • They looked up and saw a star shining in the east, beyond them far;
    And to the earth it gave great light, and so it continued both day and night

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Freed Yekta sings ‘Put Putin OUT.. Free Pussy Riot’

Freed Pussy Riot member continues protest against Putin

Yekaterina Samutsevich promises band mates, who remain in prison, she will continue struggle against president and to continue taking part in Pussy Riot’s anonymous performances.

Yekaterina Samutsevich, the Pussy Riot member freed by a Moscow court this week, has promised to continue taking part in the band’s anti-Putin protests, saying she would be “more careful and more clever” to avoid another arrest.

On Friday, in her first newspaper interview, Samutsevich said her parting words to the two band members who remain in jail were that she would continue their struggle against the president. But she expects state pressure on her to grow despite her new-found freedom… Continue reading “Freed Yekta sings ‘Put Putin OUT.. Free Pussy Riot’”

‘God is punishing jailed Pussy Riot mothers’ says Patriarch

Corrupt Church leaders called for heavy sentences, then blamed foreign infiltrators, then claimed God is judging Pussy Riot

latest 7 Aug State demands 3 years for Pussy Riot women

Updates to 3rd Aug HERE /trial-update-putin-and-patriarch-witch-hunt-pussy-riot/

Trial Update. Tuesday. Witnesses were called who swore they were outraged by Pussyriot playing in a church….

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