Ten shocking facts about fascist crimes in Spain

The spokesman of Judges for Democracy published in his Facebook profile a Decalogue to end the ‘ shame ‘ that killed more than 100,000 people who remain in mass graves.PUIG ANTICH 1974

Joaquim Bosch , spokesman for the progressive Association of Judges for Democracy , wanted to explain in a simple way and through a Decalogue their stance on the situation of the families of the victims of Francoism and the “shameful ” Spanish Government action to not favor or even allow the recovery of their remains . Spain , reminded the judge , is the second country with the highest number of ‘disappeared’, behind Cambodia.

Today it’s more important than ever to remember what happened as fascism is stirred up again to protect corrupt politicians and put down protests at mass poverty.

exhumation of mass killing by spanish fascists

The “ten things you should know about the crimes of Francoism ” are, according to Joaquim Bosch on his facebook page , the following : Continue reading “Ten shocking facts about fascist crimes in Spain”

522 Fascist Clergy to get made into Saints

The Beatification Ceremony comes at a historic moment. For the first time an Interpol warrant has been issued for 2 notorious fascist criminals of the Franco regime, and the United Nations has called for an investigation into the thousands of ‘disappearances’ under ther dictatorship.

Murdered priests used for propaganda as victims still ignored

When right wing sections of the Spanish military tried to take power from the Republican Government the Catholic Hierarchy came out in their favour even signing a public Pastoral Declaration supporting them which may have swung the war in their favour. 


The support of the all powerful Church helped turn a failed army mutiny into a Crusade against the popular desire for abolishing oppression, portrayed as the evils of anarchism and communism. This resulted in a giant horror, with over 500,000 deaths on all sides and 40 years of fascist/catholic dictatorship, plus the execution of 100,000 republican prisoners, the robbery of 200,000 babies, etc, etc Continue reading “522 Fascist Clergy to get made into Saints”

Spain’s Fascist rulers let slip their Mask of Democracy

rip the mask 2

Fear, Loathing and Collective Amnesia in Crisis-Ridden Spain

Update: Since the Catalans joined hands in a 400km demo for Independencethe fascist reaction has been predictable, with all sorts of politicians and military men making outrageous, illegal, racist invitations to violence against Catalans which are plastered all over the Spanish media

19/09/2013 by Don Quijones

If Spain and Catalonia were playing a real rather than figurative game of Russian Roulette, the revolver would now be loaded with at least two or three bullets. On Tuesday night, an extra one was slipped into a chamber when the Principe de Asturias prize-winning economist Juan Valerde announced that Madrid may have to “bomb Barcelona” in order to put a halt to the region’s rising separatist aspirations. Continue reading “Spain’s Fascist rulers let slip their Mask of Democracy”

yes! We can WIN! ! # OfeliaResiste wins eviction battle!

thanks, thanks to all the comrades.The struggle continues!

Diana Lamb

They succeeded in blocking the evacuation of the family who’ve lived there for generations. Hundreds gathered in solidarity to ocupy the street, roof, garage and indoors, staying there 24 hrs a day for 2 weeks until the Eviction order finally ran out. Solidarity CAN win, and the anti eviction movement is fast expanding.

One more sleepless night on the roof of Ofelia Nieto street number 29,
A few hours more and we will stop the eviction. So that this process that started 15 days ago has a fair result. But anyway, beyond what happens, incredible solidarity is a victory, and the struggle of Ofelia Nieto 29 is a benchmark for what’s to come. Continue reading “yes! We can WIN! ! # OfeliaResiste wins eviction battle!”

Barcelona 5 still jailed: Solidarity Day June 21st

Report on the situation of Barcelona 5

Posted on juny 12, 20131_POSTER2

Last week the five anarchists in Barcelona were dispersed to various prisons , all in the Madrid area, before they were in jail in Soto del Real (Madrid) . They remain in custody due to ‘risk of flight’ and in solitary confinement under the ‘FIES3’ regime as decreed by Judge Pedraz, the case manager. Continue reading “Barcelona 5 still jailed: Solidarity Day June 21st”

General Strike 14N,,Consume NOTHING!.. Shut The BASTARDS DOWN!


update midnight..Barcelona: Cop cars burnt, Nazi shop trashed, etc, as Half million march


CLICK TO WATCH   here spanishrevolutionsol

UPDATES here  General Strikes..Surround Spanish Congress..14to15 Nov

Why the Eurostrike?

By Vincent Navarro

..Due to their history of dictators the 1% in South Europe have been able to coerce, swindle, supertax, deprive and overwork us, while stashing billions of our money in tax havens…

The ruling Conservative and liberal parties, both in Spain and in most European Union countries, including the Eurozone, are implementing policies that result in: 1) labour reforms that reduce wages and increase unemployment, 2) the shrinking of the labour force, 3) reduction of social protection, 4) social spending cuts, 5) the privatization of public services and the welfare state, 6 ) the reduction of labour and social rights; 7) cuts to, and privatization  of state pensions, and 8) the weakening of collective bargaining and unions. Continue reading “General Strike 14N,,Consume NOTHING!.. Shut The BASTARDS DOWN!”

Jailed for being Lesbian at 17, Shunned all her life, Seeks redress

First lesbian who seeks redress for the Spanish fascist repression is still persecuted for being gay, thereforeshe is known only as M.C.D.

Prosecution: “I declare that M. C. D. is a homosexual and a rebel to her family ”
The first lesbian who seeks compensation after being jailed and punished by the Spanish State was sentenced without her counsel making any defense.

M.C.D. feels that she has almost a moral duty to address the media. But she does reluctantly and with limitations: neither her name nor place of residence must be made public.

That process is still not finished, in which a 16 year old girl was arrested, paroled, and a year later as she had ‘not reformed’ judged and convicted at the age of 17  with being a lesbian…. Continue reading “Jailed for being Lesbian at 17, Shunned all her life, Seeks redress”

Spain: 94,502 evictions in 6 months, 532 a day.

New record of evictions in 2012: 532 per day.Shame!
According to data released Tuesday by the General Council of the Judiciary, in the second quarter of 2012 continued to increase evictions in the Spanish state, from 517 a day in the first quarter, to 532 per day in the second quarter.
In just six months, and there have been 94,502 foreclosures.
While the government insists on rescuing banks and cutting billions from schools and hospitals to be gobbled up by the ever growing debt and interest rates, rather than responding to citizen demands requiring the recovery of thousands of homes illegally accumulated in the hands of financial institutions .
We demand the retroactive payment in the immediate moratorium on evictions and social rent for hundreds of thousands of empty flats in the hands of banks.
Citizen Rescue Pla, NOW


Nuevo record de desahucios en 2012: 532 al día. ¡Vergüenza!


Según los datos publicados este martes por el Consejo General del Poder Judicial, en el segundo trimestre de 2012 siguieron aumentando los desahucios en el estado español, pasando de los 517 al día del primer trimestre, a 532 al día en el segundotrimestre.
En sólo seis meses ya se han producido 94.502 desahucios.
Mientras, el gobierno insiste en seguir rescatando a la banca a través del “banco malo”, endeudando al país entero, en lugar de responder a las demandas ciudadanas que exigen la recuperación de los miles de pisos acumulados de forma ilegítima en manos de entidades financieras.
Exigimos la dación en pago retroactiva, la moratoria inmediata de los desahucios y el alquiler social para los miles de pisos vacíos en manos de los bancos, tal y como recoge la ILP que a finales de octubre llevaremos al congreso respaldada por cientos de miles de firmas.
Plan de rescate ciudadano, YA!

Occupy Congress (Spain) on Tuesday 25 Sept


UPDATE    Brutal Cops attack Occupy Congress



¡On 25 de septiember lets surround Congress! ¡El 25 de septiembre el pueblo será soberano!

Even on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/355184007883632/

FanPage: https://www.facebook.com/OcupaElCongreso

Grupo de debate: https://www.facebook.com/groups/318713574883730/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ocupaelcongreso

Vídeo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBIBN

The Government, bosses, police and fascist right have been making every kind of threats, slanders, arrests, lies, provocations, legal charges, etc to stop the Occupy Congress movement for 25 Sept. They are scared shitless of a popular initiative NOT controlled by their tame unions, politicians, or nationalist divisions. Continue reading “Occupy Congress (Spain) on Tuesday 25 Sept”

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