Trailer: United Natures – a United Nations of all species.


United Natures – a United Nations of all species. Official documentary trailer 2013 from United Natures on Vimeo. Continue reading “Trailer: United Natures – a United Nations of all species.”

522 Fascist Clergy to get made into Saints

The Beatification Ceremony comes at a historic moment. For the first time an Interpol warrant has been issued for 2 notorious fascist criminals of the Franco regime, and the United Nations has called for an investigation into the thousands of ‘disappearances’ under ther dictatorship.

Murdered priests used for propaganda as victims still ignored

When right wing sections of the Spanish military tried to take power from the Republican Government the Catholic Hierarchy came out in their favour even signing a public Pastoral Declaration supporting them which may have swung the war in their favour. 


The support of the all powerful Church helped turn a failed army mutiny into a Crusade against the popular desire for abolishing oppression, portrayed as the evils of anarchism and communism. This resulted in a giant horror, with over 500,000 deaths on all sides and 40 years of fascist/catholic dictatorship, plus the execution of 100,000 republican prisoners, the robbery of 200,000 babies, etc, etc Continue reading “522 Fascist Clergy to get made into Saints”

Breastfeeding seen as terrorist by New York Yuppies

Breastfeeding Viewed as Potential Terrorist Activity by New York Country Club1003955_501628403225550_1833992425_n

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Who’s to blame for 258,000 dying of hunger in Somalia?

f31_RTR2P7N2 Almost 260,000 people, half of them young children, died of hunger during the last famine in Somalia, according to a UN report, with the world body admitting it should have done more to prevent the tragedy. Senait Gebregziabher, director of the aid group Oxfam in Somalia, said “The world was too slow to respond to stark warnings of drought” and that “these deaths could and should have been prevented.”


First we have racism, if this was a western country it would never have been let happen. Continue reading “Who’s to blame for 258,000 dying of hunger in Somalia?”

Vandana Shiva slams Monsanto.. STAND UP or BE STOOD ON!

Rio de Janeiro
Shiva calls the UN conference the “death of democracy”
Just wanted to upload this woman in full flow telling it how it is.
Support local farmers, strangle the multinational seed rapists.

Uploader Comments ( wingedknight )

  • She is on the ball for sure. Very cool lady

    I hope that we hear more people like Vandana speak out against Monsanto.  This is an excellent and inspirational speech….


    “Green is not the color of money, it is the color of life.” – Vandana Shiva

     I have seen her in many dvds & other bits of real media. We have to take a leaf from her wisdom, or the UN (World Government in waiting) will simply sweep all aside with such measures as Depopulation, War, Resource Grabbing, Land Grabbing, False Famines & ultimately death for billions of us….Make no mistake this IS happening already & we the people have to pull the whole damn sick game the elites have planned for


    theyarelying2u 1 week ago 3

miguelgilliWow, I love this lady!

  • Roger Fisher 5 days ago

  • Intelligence is a precious gift and Vandana possesses that gift. 🙂

    AngryPunkPixie 1 week ago

  • She is awakened and explains the point of ONEness very well.

    thanks for post

    j12rb 1 week ago

    wonderful speech!!..thank you!

Vatican stand on RIO Conference

The Vatican has taken a stand against the proposed universal right to education including references to gender equality, family planning and reproductive health.

The Rio Earth Summit: summary of the United Nations conference Continue reading “Vatican stand on RIO Conference”

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