Grab ammonia from Air for CO2-Free Fuel of future: New Scientist

   natures-hydrogen-tank Grab ammonia out of thin air for fuel of the future

31 July 2013 by Hal Hodson  New Scientist Magazine issue 2928.
”AS VITAL chemicals go, it’s hard to beat ammonia. Industrial production began in the early 20th century, and it played a key role in the second world war and in two Nobel prizes. It brought about a global revolution in agriculture – today, crops grown using ammonia-based fertilisers feed no less than 48 per cent of the planet. Continue reading “Grab ammonia from Air for CO2-Free Fuel of future: New Scientist”

Breastfeeding seen as terrorist by New York Yuppies

Breastfeeding Viewed as Potential Terrorist Activity by New York Country Club1003955_501628403225550_1833992425_n

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ExxonMobil Climate Criminal Shot Dead

Exxon Climate Criminals may already have knowingly caused runaway Climate Change, which could lead to the extinction of millions of species, including YOU and ME.

ExxonMobil Executive Gunned Down in Belgium

A British oil executive gunned down in the Belgian capital of Brussels. Helmeted assailants escaping on a motorcycle. No arrests. A driver of a white van who has not been found. A court order for police not to reveal the details.

ExxonMobil said in a statement: “We were shocked by the tragic death of Nick Mockford, one of our employees, a fortnight ago in Brussels. Mr Mockford was a department manager at our office close to Brussels but we have no indication that the incident was work-related.” Continue reading “ExxonMobil Climate Criminal Shot Dead”

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