Womens ‘Red Brigades’ confronts India sex abuse


Group of Delhi women enforces its own vigilante style of justice, even using physical intimidation against harassers.

The December 16 gang-rape in Delhi sparked protests across the country and opened India’s eyes to atrocities committed against women and girls on a daily basis.

The demonstrations and media scrutiny forced the government to respond. It drew up a new sexual offences bill that updated the archaic piece of judiciary that once constituted as laws to protect women. Continue reading “Womens ‘Red Brigades’ confronts India sex abuse”

Libertad Ya. Freedom for Noelia on Hunger Strike

Exigimos, como mínimo, que Noelia SALGA DE LA CÁRCEL DE BRIEVA CUANTO ANTES.
We demand that Noelia be freed immediately from Brieva Prison

La Huelga de Hambre de Noelia continúa y su lucha persiste por mucho que intenten lo contrario.
Her Hunger Strike continues (20 Jan) despite their fierce attempts to stop her.


Noelia Cotelo Riveiro, la compañera presa que denunciaba recientemente abusos sexuales y malos tratos a manos de los carcleros de la prisión de Brieva, inició, 1 de noviembre, una huelga de hambre en protesta por lo que le ha sucedido.

Entre la noche del 23 y 24 de Octubre se despertó cuando uno de los carceleros la estaba sobando mientras dormía. Al día siguiente mientras hablaba con su madre y le contaba lo ocurrido, los carceleros se acercaron para que colgara, finalmente le arrancaron el teléfono de las manos y le rompieron la muñeca, desde entonces hasta la mañana siguiente le tuvieron esposada a la cama de su celda. La mañana del 25 consiguió que le llevaran al hospital para poder ser atendida.

Noelia Cotelo Riveiro, our imprisoned comrade whorecently denounced sexual abuse and mistreatment at the hands of the prison warders in Brieva prison began last November 1 a hunger strike to protest what has happened.
Between the evening of October 24 23 and she woke up when one of the jailers was rubbing her in her sleep. The next day while talking to her mother and she told her what had happened, the guards came to make her hang up and finally tore the phone from her hands and broke her wrist, from then until the next morning she was left handcuffed to the bed of her cell. The morning of 25th she managed to make them bring her to the hospital to be treated…. Continue reading “Libertad Ya. Freedom for Noelia on Hunger Strike”

Catholic Child Abuse Investigator was Pedophile Himself

Catholic church’s paedophile investigator jailed for possessing thousands of child porn images

This report below is absolutely outrageous – why on earth should this man even have any access to victims of sex abuse? Members of the Catholic Church are regularly convicted of abusing children – so why should they sit on these types of teams? I suppose his job was to keep the Church out of further allegations.

Also the bloke got one year in prison – one year – was the judge a Catholic as well?  .Or a fellow abuser?

Sure he’ll never do a day in jail with appeals.

It’s all so corrupt and these monsters have the nerve to campaign against gay marriage

(Also they oppose any abortion rights and even using condoms to avoid Aids…. Sure other religions are as bad or worse, only it hasn’t come out yet!..admin) Continue reading “Catholic Child Abuse Investigator was Pedophile Himself”

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