Spain: Anti-eviction Activists resist being Criminalised

[# TomaElBancoMalo ] Before the offensive , we turn to action. Fear has changed sides
by lasareb   (en castellano abajo)

father and child await eviction for mortgage default
father and child await eviction for mortgage default

Because the Sareb is publicly owned it’s ours, and their houses too, which legitimizes our occupation protest on 21 March in the Bank at the Paseo de la Castellana .  ( ‘Sareb’ refers to a ‘bad bank’ set up specially to receive and sell off seized homes, properties and toxic debts

We will not allow ourselves to be criminalized for fighting for families who are homeless when it’s YOU WHO ARE TO BLAME, for people who are depressed WHEN YOU ARE TO BLAME , for lives shattered WHEN YOU ARE TO BLAME.

Because yes, you are to blame , and we are in the right and we are showing that YES WE CAN WIN at points all over the Spanish State .

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