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From the Middle of the World

Scarlet Tanager

Ecuador –   The lovely Scarlet Tanager joins the list of rare birds that drop in for a photo session then move on!  This one visited Parque las Vegas on March 31.  At first glance I thought it was the ‘common’ Vermillion Flycatcher:

Vermillion Flycatcher

Scarlet Tanager

This bird was quite patient with the impromptu photo session, but it was not until that night that I realized how rare this beauty was in this area.   It was the third time for this species to be reported in Manabi Province on eBird:   eBird/Scarlet Tanager/Manabi-Ecuador

In nearby La Tomatera, a new eBird Hotspot, several more VIP birds have provided special glimpses, and I continue to find myself Blessed by Birds.   The quite rare Black-billed Cuckoo continues to ‘multiply.’   First there was one sighting, thanks to Luis Saltos, then another visit to La Tomatera…

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Oshkosh, August 17, 2020: Protest the Racist, Anti-Worker Trump!

Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

Protest Trump in Oshkosh!

Donald Trump confirmed that he will be making a visit to Oshkosh on Monday, August 17 – the first day of the Democratic National Convention. Time and location details to be determined, so stay tuned!

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Shut Down The Concentration Camps NOW! No Cages! No Walls! Open the Borders! Abolish ICE!

Stop Offshore Climate Criminals Conference.. MCEDD London 2-4 April 2019

Last time they held their obscene junket, in France in 2016, brave climate activists blockaded and closed down the conference despite violence and tear gassing from police and security heavies. see photos below.This time around it seems our climate heroes may have been caught off guard, (at least we can’t find any public planned actions), but there’s still time to act and close down this immoral profiteering .

The event’s main sponsor is BP.. What a cheek!  Still trying to convince us they are GREEN, when their climate initiatives amount to less than 0.5% of their murderous business. Still trying to make us forget the Deepwater Horizon and the destruction of the gulf of Mexico.. Still ….

Also taking part will be Exxon.. well… #EXXON KNEW

And Total, now covertly fracking in Algeria while ”supporting” anti fracking in France.

And Repsol..  oof.  Repsol still looting Libya and the Amazon

etc etc

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UPDATE .Leyla Hospitalised Refusing Treatment/ International Action plea for Hunger Strikers

UPDATE  UPDATE  UPDATE …..Leyla Guven is transferred to hospital, refuses treatment  ANHA
The health situation of parliamentarian Leyla Guven deteriorated and she was transferred to the hospital as she is continuing hunger strike on the 98th day. Leyla Guven refused any medical intervention to treat her.
13 Feb 2019, Wed – 15:45

Right now over 300 people, mostly Kurdish prisoners in Turkey , are on indefinite hunger strike, and many of them are reaching the stage of permanent health damage and death.
They are striking not to protest their obvious innocence or the shocking conditions, but for the right of their leader, Ocalan, to have contact with the outside world.
Ocalan in the past has declared long ceasefires with the Turkish State rejecting terrorism and separatism  in favour of ‘municipal anarchist’ communal ideas and feminist emancipation which have swept through the 15 million Kurdish population.
That seems a strange thing to die for, but Ocalan in the past has declared ceasefires with the Turkish State which have lasted years
see also 300 on Hunger Strike – How Ocalan Transformed the PKK into Anti-Terrorists
So when the hunger strikers demand Ocalan be allowed to speak they are demanding the first step in a new peace process, and the end of the ongoing anti Kurdish pogrom in Turkey and the north of Syria.
But because the PKK is branded as terrorist by the US they get little international support.
Turkey is the real terrorist, with documented massacres or mass killings of Kurds in 1930, 1978, 1987, 2009, 2011, and 2016
The Turkish state has impunity though it is the real terrorist, with documented mass killings of Kurds in 1930, 1978, 1987, 2009, 2011, and 2016……
Letters from Leyla Güven to the women of the world
Dear women,

Even though our geographies are divided by thousands of kilometers, I’m glad you heard my voice. Even though we are from very different corners of the world, as women, we always feel. As Hypatia says, “none of us resemble each other, but the things that unite us are greater than those that separate us.” We are all sisters. What unites us the most is our struggle for freedom, our resistance against all kinds of fascism, against the dictatorship and the patriarchal mentality. Continue reading “UPDATE .Leyla Hospitalised Refusing Treatment/ International Action plea for Hunger Strikers”

MidCat/STEP gas pipeline between France and Spain was just cancelled!

Gasoducto MidCat ANULADO … MidCat/STEP gas pipeline was cancelled! @NoMesGas #CambioClimático #Ecologistas #gastivists #ClimateChange #NoMesGas #Fracking @CGTCatalunya @Ecologistas #GasDownFrackDown @Ende__Gelaende #RespostaMidcat


People power has won another victory against fossil fuels: the MidCat/STEP gas pipeline between France and Spain was just cancelled!

Yesterday the French and Spanish energy agencies announced that the pipeline, which was meant to link the two countries, was scrapped. The controversial fossil fuel project would have damaged communities and the environment, and was terrible news for the climate.

This is a HUGE win for the local communities in Catalonia and France, who have been campaigning and protesting for years.

Scrapping MidCat is also a victory for the climate movement across Europe and the world, and a painful blow to the fossil fuel industry – and their false claims that fossil gas can be a “transition fuel”. It throws into question other new gas infrastructure projects being pushed and financed by the European Union.

We urgently need an energy transition – to a system that is just, fair…

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Anti-fracking protest outside shale gas site continues into third day

stop fracking


181002 pnr blockade Eddie Thornton 3 Protest outside Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road shale gas site, 2 October 2018. Photo: Eddie Thornton

A protest outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site near Blackpool has reached its third day.

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CSOA La Gatonera : Solidarity and Resistance with Occupied Social Center ‘The CAT-HOUSE’

en castellano abajo

The Anarchist occupied social center ‘CSOA La Gatonera’ is getting heavy pressure from the new owners of the building, the ‘de-squat’ security company “Loman”.

The objective of the new owners, Lamero SL,  is to force the abandonment of the building  through threats to achieve a new real estate venture in a neighborhood (Carabanchel) where capitalist speculation is rife.

The owners clearly do not want to start the legal channels of eviction, their objective is to  avoid waiting for the judicial order of eviction. This is an increasingly common practice by owners that requires a strong response. Continue reading “CSOA La Gatonera : Solidarity and Resistance with Occupied Social Center ‘The CAT-HOUSE’”

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