Re-occupation 17N of ZAD Airport Site – People come from everywhere!

ZAD-16nov [ITA] – Flash info on evictions and resistance

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– 23:00 16thNov.. People come from everywhere … Hurra for tomorrow!

google translation from the Italian see down  below


Radio Klaxon online y streaming !

7h30: buen día. Todo tranquilo aparte de que hay miles de personas

llegando de toda Francia y de afuera. ¡Impresionante! ¡Imposible decir
cuando, pero me siento como en la ciudad de Paris con tanta gente y tantos

British ban squatting to pamper the 1% :Resistance Actions.

Squatting in empty properties is now a criminal offence, but homeless people say they are being unfairly criminalised.

The ministry of justice estimates up to 2,000 people could be prosecuted each year [Al Jazeera/Simon Hooper ]
London, UK – “Todd” was 18 when he came to the United Kingdom from Lithuania in 2005 in search of a better life. But things didn’t work out. By 2009, with the British economy ravaged by recession, he had lost his job and had nowhere to live.

“I had really bad depression so I couldn’t hold a job. I ended up sleeping rough on the streets. My mental health was deteriorating… I had suicidal thoughts,” he recalls.

Todd – an adopted Anglicisation of his Lithuanian name – ended up in Brighton, a town on England’s south coast with a reputation for tolerance, a vibrant arts scene and a homelessness problem. It was there that he began to rebuild his life, finding a vital support network among those squatting in the town’s ample stock of empty and neglected buildings and sometimes opening them up as impromptu galleries and cultural spaces.

“I call myself houseless, not homeless. We are a community and we help each other out,” he explains. “There is a lot of support and there is always somebody to talk to. Living like this, you’re always in control of your own life. You don’t have the money to support yourself food-wise, maybe, but you can go and get it from skips. It’s still the same food.” Continue reading “British ban squatting to pamper the 1% :Resistance Actions.”

Sigue la lucha: ZAD airport evictions still go on.


ZAD-22oct [CAS] – Balance después de una semana de ocupación on a week of military occupation

Posted on 24/10/2012 by resiste

Balance de los pasado siete días:

De los lugares desalojados, 5 ya están reabiertos !! 5 resquats at this time!

Fotos de los desalojos AQUI’  PHOTOS HERE

El viernes 19 por la noche, una casa de la ZAD, basiada de sus habitantes y tapeada por los dueños, ha sido REOKUPADA por los opositores. Aquí el comunicado de prensa.   – Flash info del martes 23 octubre: según la prensa, 500.000 euros y 1200 maderos. Continue reading “Sigue la lucha: ZAD airport evictions still go on.”

ZAD airport eviction: Resistance grows

A huge military police operation continues to play cat and mouse with the thousands of Occupiers of the ZAD site of the proposed ‘white elephant’ airport in Nantes, NW France.

/Expulsions#slideshow(fotografies de la resistència al desallotjament)

Pour vous orienter sur la zone, voici 4 cartes précises : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Les gens demandent à être ravitaillés en chaussettes fringues sèches et chaudes / cirés, imperméables, etc. (à capuches !) / bottes (surtout au-delà du 41) / lampes frontales / radios portatives / piles pour lampes (AAA) et radios / pochettes plastiques pour protéger les cartes géographiques / nourriture (barres de céréales, fruits secs, café, thé, infusions, miel, guarana, soja, gingembre, huile, riz/pâtes, etc.) Continue reading “ZAD airport eviction: Resistance grows”

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