Re-occupation 17N of ZAD Airport Site – People come from everywhere!

ZAD-16nov [ITA] – Flash info on evictions and resistance

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– 23:00 16thNov.. People come from everywhere … Hurra for tomorrow!

google translation from the Italian see down  below


Radio Klaxon online y streaming !

7h30: buen día. Todo tranquilo aparte de que hay miles de personas

llegando de toda Francia y de afuera. ¡Impresionante! ¡Imposible decir
cuando, pero me siento como en la ciudad de Paris con tanta gente y tantos

ZAD eviction resisted : Stop Insane Airport!

  LATEST UPDATE WED 17..FLASH INFO sur les EXPULSIONS mercredi 17 par zadist

 11h12 : there are 30 cop vans in the region around the Tertre where they actually destroy the house :(, there are positioned at the end of the Chemin de sueze and at Chênes de Perrières, the destruction of the Planchettes got confirmed by the medias :(, at the Sabot it seems quiet but the helicopter is turning over the Phare Ouest

- 11h05 :  The Prefecture of Loire Atlantique is announcing that the situation is a “physic securisation of the Zone and protecting the companys which are destroying the houses………………

ZAD under eviction attack

squat.solidarity | 16.10.2012 22:07

The ZAD (Zone Autonome a Defendre) is a large area featuring landsquats, sites, squatted houses and treehouses near Nantes in France. The people are resisting an airport but the forces of darkness are trying to evict them today .. first details below …. Continue reading “ZAD eviction resisted : Stop Insane Airport!”
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