Turkey accuses Kurdish Afrin woman of bombing, raising fears of a False Flag pretext, for new Invasion.

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RPJ Allex 3 hours ago.. from Reuters/ /Turkish Minute/ Telegram /https://www.rt.com/

Turkish authorities have released images of a woman, arrested for allegedly planting a bomb that killed six people and injured 81 in Istanbul on Sunday. Ankara has accused the “PKK” Kurdish Defense militias in Syria of masterminding the plot.

The accused woman’s photos were all over Turkish media.

“I don’t trust the Turkish government. Period. They are still NATO members. They invaded northern Syria and Iraq and support rebels in Syria. They assassinated a Russian diplomat and tried to blame an obscure dissident group. They shot down a Russian aircraft in pursuit of “ISIS” terrorists. The last couple of major bombings in Turkey were done by “ISIS” and they just conveniently happened to target Kurds and leftists, two enemies of the Turkish state”... from Comments on South Front

At least 47 people were arrested and interrogated. Any one of which might confess under duress. Officials banned news channels and social networking services from sharing any images of the deadly explosion, while claiming the young woman had ‘dropped a backback’, and publishing her photos in which she appears tortured or drugged, in a ‘trial and sentence by Media’.

Suspicion is rife in Kurdish circles. Turkey has seen a whole series of black propaganda and false flag attacks over the years, sometimes stemming from the huge security apparatus and ultra nationalist Grey Wolves.

One of the worst was the 2015 Suruc bombing of Kurdish volunteers taking toys to child victims of ISIS, which led to a shady revenge attack, that sparked the military crackdown and carpet bombing of entire Kurdish cities inside Turkey.(Suruç Bombing Victims Were Bringing Books And Toys To Kobanê)

The ‘elected dictator’ Erdogan is suspected by some of repeating that evil strategy, desperate to attack Kurdish Syria yet again and thus gain far right support in upcoming elections, and deflect attention from inflation running at over 80%.

Accused bomber said to be from Afrin

The accused woman is said by State controlled media to have come from Afrin, yet the border with Turkey is sealed with a huge wall, and the province is occupied and tightly controlled by the Turkish army and a range of their extremist Islamic mercenaries.

December 2, 2019, for example, eight Kurdish children died in an intentional attack by Turkish mercenaries against Tell Rifaat, in the north west of Syria. All of them were under fifteen years old. Tell Rifaat is home to many of the Kurdish refugees from the Efrîn (Afrin) canton, currently occupied by Syrian, Turkish and Mercenary Troops. Three adult civilians also died in the attack.

In Aug 2022 Erdogan announced that his next illegal invasion will begin precisely in the town of Tell Rifaat!

Afrin was invaded, massacred, subdued and occupied by Turkey on a totally false pretext and 80% of the surviving mainly Kurdish population was expelled to refugee camps, mostly in a small enclave which is still regularily shelled and drone attacked by Turkey. A crime objectively much worse than Russia’s in Ukraine, but shamefully with zero world interest.

barin kobane-avesta xabur-anna campbell-murdered by Turkish invasion in Afrin

The US just stood by and let the ‘Rape of Afrin’ happen, Russia granted full airspace permission to Turkish jets operating from the NATO base in Incirlik. Only last month the ex Al Qaeda rulers of Idlib were let take over parts of looted and occupied Afrin from less radical Turkish mercenaries.


Kurdish defense group PKK denies Istanbul bombing, cites its longstanding Anti -terrorist policy

Nov 14 – The Kurdish militant group PKK denied involvement in Sunday’s bomb attack in Istanbul, saying it did not target civilians, in a statement on its website on Monday. Turkey routinely blames the PKK without evidence for thousands of ‘crimes’ under their cultural genocide policy against the 17 million Kurdish citizens, even last week jailing a woman for ‘singing in Kurdish’..

“It is out of question for us to target civilians in any way,” the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) said, refuting Turkey’s claims that it and the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia were responsible for the blast that killed six people.

  • Government says Kurdish PKK and YPG to blame
  • Officials point to U.S. support for YPG, a Kurdish defense militia in Syria, which has NEVER attacked Turkey and only exists to defend against ISIS and continuous Turkish invasions.

The PKK has long renounced separatism and any terrorist attacks and held 2 long unilateral ceasefires. Yet it is still classed as a ‘Terrorist Group’ by the US and its client states with continuing drone, bomb and assasinations against suspected PKK supporters across borders in Syria and Iraq


ISTANBUL, Nov 14 (Reuters) – Turkey blamed Kurdish militants on Monday for an explosion that killed six people in Istanbul and police detained 47 people including a Syrian woman suspected of planting the bomb.

No group has claimed responsibility so far for Sunday’s blast on the busy pedestrian Istiklal Avenue, and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) denied involvement in it.

The explosion wounded 81 people, sending debris flying into the air and hundreds of shoppers, tourists and families fleeing from the scene.

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said the PKK and the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia were responsible for the blast.

Ankara claims the YPG is a wing of the PKK. The United States has supported the YPG in their heroic fightback against ISIS, in which they created the multiethnic Syrian Democratic Forces coalition, SDF, which captured the ISIS capital of Raqqa.

As a Media spotlight shone and international condemnation of the Istanbul attack poured in, Soylu, a fierce critic of Washington, likened U.S. condolences for the victims to “the murderer arriving as one of the first at the scene of the crime”.

Yet every month dozens of innocent Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs etc are murdered by Turkish drones and bombs in illegally invaded Syria and Iraq. Shamefully this rarely makes it to Reuters, the MSM or even Russian media who all collaborate in placating the ruling AKP’s Turkish genocidal racism for personal gain.

..”The brutal Ankara bombing and blaze of publicity has invited suspicions of another cynical false flag or an insider instigated atrocity to provide a pretext for another State ordered racist crime against humanity”.. Telegram

Scene of an incident near Ramallah

In a statement on its website, the PKK denied involvement and said it would never attack civilians. SDF commander Mazloum Abdi also denied any involvement on Twitter.

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