Turkey accuses Kurdish Afrin woman of bombing, raising fears of a False Flag pretext, for new Invasion.

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RPG Alley

RPJ Allex 3 hours ago.. from Reuters/ /Turkish Minute/ Telegram /https://www.rt.com/

Turkish authorities have released images of a woman, arrested for allegedly planting a bomb that killed six people and injured 81 in Istanbul on Sunday. Ankara has accused the “PKK” Kurdish Defense militias in Syria of masterminding the plot.

The accused woman’s photos were all over Turkish media.

“I don’t trust the Turkish government. Period. They are still NATO members. They invaded northern Syria and Iraq and support rebels in Syria. They assassinated a Russian diplomat and tried to blame an obscure dissident group. They shot down a Russian aircraft in pursuit of “ISIS” terrorists. The last couple of major bombings in Turkey were done by “ISIS” and they just conveniently happened to target Kurds and leftists, two enemies of the Turkish state”... from Comments on South Front

At least 47 people were arrested and interrogated. Any…

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