Guanyem Barcelona: Homage to (a viable?) Utopia

I bet you in 10 years the revolutionary winners of elections in the
Spanish political pig trough will be just as obscenely corrupt as those of today.. but that’s not to say this growth from 15M won’t become a movement that can later take on the capitalist ‘mashine’… let’s hope so!1984PlazadelTripiBarcelonaGeorgeOrwell1 by Mario Fernandez

ironic or what.. a ‘You Are  Being Watched’ sign erected by Barcelona City Council in George Orwell Square!!

Guerrilla Translation!


We are living in an exceptional time that demands brave, creative initiatives. If we are able to imagine a different city, we will have the power to transform it.”

“There was a belief in the revolution and the future, a feeling of having suddenly emerged into an era of equality and freedom. Human beings were trying to behave as human beings and not as cogs in the capitalist machine.” This is how George Orwell described the city of Barcelona during the anarchist revolution of 1936 in his classic Homage to Catalonia. A short-lived dream that was soon to be crushed by Franco’s fascist regime.

Almost 80 years later, the City Hall of Barcelona sells a very different dream to the world. An over-developed, highly commercialized Barcelona that has become a theme park for tourists, who blissfully wander the streets of the charming metropolis, unaware of the harsh difficulties many of…

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