‘Free University’ squat evicted for 4th time

May 9, 2012  7.00an…
they are evicting the Rimaia Lliure University .. + + + … by surprise, for the fourth time!

The eviction is a brutal provocation just 3 days before the big 12M mobilizations, and with the anarchist Laura Gomez still held for no crime.

 From 6:45 o’clock in the morning two units of the Mobile Brigade of the Catalan police (fourteen vans) are evacuating the building of the University Lliure The Rimaia in 12 Ronda Sant Pau in Barcelona. The agents have come by balconies with ladders and have burst the door of the building to the surprise of the people living there, because the trial court ordered 22 of Barcelona’s criminal case file two years ago it was understood an abandoned building for two decades and, therefore, was not committing any criminal offense against property developer Camat, owner of the property. (the trial had been archived)

The Mossos have cut access to the building and now dozens of people are concentrated at the edge of police lines in solidarity with the social project. Remember that the Rimaia has the support of numerous entities in the same neighborhood and Federation of Neighbours of Barcelona defended the project and social activities that develop.

Sources in the Catalan police reported that eviction has a court order but did not specify which judge signed the order. Agents have not shown the order at any time to those that are inside the building. Police prevents members of the Rimaia retained within the building using their mobile phones.

People concentrated on the outside at the moment are blocking traffic in Ronda Sant Pau. Hibai Arbide, attorney representing the social center, has tried to talk to the agents that assault the building by now, but the response was: “If you are a lawyer you know who’s boss.”

    Counsel, indignant, said that “any likeness of what is happening to a democratic state of law is purely coincidental.” At about 8am in the morning a large group of riot has surrouynded thirty solidarity protesters who concentrated on the street. Tension has risen in tone and police identified one by one people held in front of the building. Within the Rimaia there were 14 people when it has seized by the police, all have been identified.

    Story of a landmark social center

The University project  The Rimaia was born three years ago, after the charges against students who opposed the plan Bologna. Its first home was in Casanova Street, and later occupied a large building in Gran Via de les Corts Catalans. Both centers were evicted, but at present still without any use. August 2010 the existing center in the Ronda Sant Pau, w2as occupied,  which is owned by a real estate developer with long disputes and conflicts with the city. The building, which was intended to accommodate families with high purchasing power has remained completely abandoned since the day after its construction in the 90’s.

later on…
The Police evict the ‘Free University The Rimaia’ in Barcelona

09 mai 2012 per elpublico
This luxury apartment building had been abandoned for 15 years had been occupied in 2010 by students from the anti-Bologna
Around 6:40 in the morning, the Mossos, who claim to have a court order,

The news has been spread through social networks and has quickly become the most talked about topic on Twitter. Thus, several groups of people have visited the place to start a rally in support of the people inside the building.

The luxury apartment block, built by the developer Camat, vacuum was about fifteen years, with the sign “sold stories high standing” in the front, without the estate, which at first had problems with municipal licenses , got a single buyer.

The Rimaia had previously been evicted three times, when the street was instalda Casanova and the Gran Via in Barcelona.

The activists, many of them from the student movement against the Bologna process, carried out various social and cultural activities in the center, which had a library, an art workshop, a cooperative and multiple classes (philosophy, computer networks, languages …).

Moreover, from the beginning of the movement 15-M activists in Barcelona The Rimaia are involved in the protests and the building has housed several of the projects undertaken by the indignant.


The Rimaia

Good for Kids:


3 Comments on The Rimaia

Comment by Elder L.

Free University … I repeat: University … Free!

I remember walking around the round and was long in this building the giant poster of “Sold apartments” and no one bought them … so they

6.45am barcelona

occupy the space and now has taken on a life … draws attention to the posters of “books free “, courses, workshops, meetings, lectures, and other activities … and if you’re all reciprocating it, please come and talk to the kids at home, that’s a lot, they sure have some activity that may interest you Free … of course! (Languages, courses in electricity, theater, plumbing, reading groups, Naturlab, guitar workshop, and etc …).
It is a curious point that the house is luxury in a house … that squatters have jacuzzis has a thing …:) so the waiting list, if you want get you, is largaaaa …

A curious super site that breathes hope!
   Comment by Adrian C

    After going through two previous experiences and two evictions, La Rimaia is today, by the time the Ronda Sant Pau. If tomorrow become judges and police to act, with a view of the property very own, The home Rimaia change, and what happens today in this building squandered by the developer yesterday, tomorrow will go elsewhere. People continue to learn and criticism of the university, through this example is The Rimaia, seep into any cracks in any neighborhood. As if the universities need to be quiet!


    This is one of the most interesting places you can find in the Raval. Is very close to the stop Parallel and you may find yourself a wonderful space for free information, the counterculture and the pursuit of collective self-knowledge and knowledge is a maxim always present. The neighborhoods need more schools like the Rimaia, where freedom of expression and action is a weapon to stop the repression which we live.
    They have a lot of courses, among which are all related to computer hacking and the use of free software, which are his specialty. Also worth noting his “library spontaneous”, an area with over a thousand titles literary struggle against the lack of public libraries in the neighborhood (only one). Another way to stress that have been introduced recently, is the electrician, with which you can access to obtain a degree means.
    In addition, you can spend your vegan dining, where you can also participate, if desired, in the recycling of food for this area, which is usually done the day before. Head over there to see their activities as they always hang a monthly calendar on the door with all his actions, activities and demands. In short, a space, very interesting and highly recommended.

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