Korean ammonia NH3 car could Slash CO2 and Toxic Air

The AmVeh – an ammonia fueled car from South Korea

South Korean researchers have successfully road-tested a dual fuel passenger car that runs on a mixture of ammonia and gasoline. It is called the AmVeh and was developed by members of the Ammonia Research Group at the Korean Institute forEnergy Research (KIER

Ammonia-gasoline dual fuel, and pure ammonia engines

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Ammonia FAQs: fossil fools use fossil fuels!




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Q: What is ammonia?

A: Ammonia is simply Hydrogen and Nitrogen (NH3). Notice there is no carbon (C) in “NH3”. That means when you burn ammonia, it cannot release carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or other greenhouse pollutants…. Continue reading “Ammonia FAQs: fossil fools use fossil fuels!”

Burn the Rich, not Fossil Fuels banner hung in Grand Rapids

picture-15The Media Release states as follows:

System Change, Not Climate Change
The governments of the world are currently meeting at the Global Climate Summit in Doha, but it is clear that the leaders of the wealthier countries of the world, like the United States, are opposing any significant changes that are necessary to reduce carbon emissions and avoid further human suffering and environmental destruction.
Global Climate Summits have been taking place for nearly 20 years now and the global powers have been unwilling to stop the devastating effects of both the burning of fossil fuels and the economic system of Capitalism, which is the root cause of climate change.
Almost every day there is new evidence of glaciers melting, waters rising, intense rains, hurricanes, drought, heat waves and unpredictable weather patterns. 
Look at the damage that Hurricane Sandy did on the east coast.
We all know something is not right. The world leaders will not solve this and the media will not tell us the truth about the seriousness of climate change.

It is clear to us that change will only come about from the grassroots, from a rejection of the system of Capitalism and a movement towards climate justice. 
We hung two banners – There Is No Planet B – to illustrate the urgency of the problem, and – Burn the Rich, Not Fossil Fuels – to name the culprits for our current climate predicament. 
System Change, Not Climate Change


Arctic melt :150,000 methane seeps in Alaska and Greenland

Arctic melt releasing ancient methane

By Richard Black

Using aerial and ground-based surveys, the team identified about 150,000 methane seeps in Alaska and Greenland in lakes along the margins of ice cover.

Methane seeps Many of the sites were bubbling methane that has been stored for millenniaScientists have identified thousands of sites in the Arctic where methane that has been stored for many millennia is bubbling into the atmosphere. Continue reading “Arctic melt :150,000 methane seeps in Alaska and Greenland”

‘Gasoline’ 100% free of CO2 and pollutants Exists NOW

note. posts on NH3 the CO2-Free fuel now have their own blog HERE.. http://co2freefuelexistsnow.wordpress.com/

     For nearly 100 years we have been forced to use petroleum, causing environmental devast


ion, runaway climate change and the agonizing deaths of countless millions of us through air pollution.

Now at last, with Climate Chaos becoming a daily reality, people are starting to  ‘discover’ that a CO2, NOx and SOx FREE alternative has existed all along.

We are doing a micro campaign on this blog in favour of this  CO2-free fuel. It’s a reformist solution, but one that’s available NOW

The criminal oil industry wants to close blogs like this, afraid prices would collapse if we started making NH3 car fuel.. locally with just wind, air and water

Please can you help? We need lots of free publicity and to persuade ‘respectable’ blogs, magazines, etc to write about it.

I’ve done some research and lots of posts and links you can view HERE note. posts on NH3 the CO2-Free fuel now have their own blog HERE.. http://co2freefuelexistsnow.wordpress.com/ Continue reading “‘Gasoline’ 100% free of CO2 and pollutants Exists NOW”

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