McDonalds behind Amazon slaughter

José and Maria:killed for defending Amazon.

The greedy corrupt Brazilian politicians are voting to give free rein to their fascist landlord colleagues  and the McDonalds backed Ranching industry to  destroy the Amazon Rainforest.

The politicians appeal to nationalist sentiment.. saying we have already destroyed our forests and they have every right.

But 79% of Brazilians are AGAINST the new laws going through.

foto. José and Maria. ‘They gunned them down and cut off their ears”

I blame McDonalds, leading the insane MEAT FRENZY of North American capitalism. A series of major reports including Greenpeace’s ‘Slaughtering The Amazon’ have shown the cheap beef industry to be behind the rapidly increasing destruction of  the billion year old Amazon rainforest, which may be the starting gun for catastrophic climate change and global destruction.

The news of the killing of José Ribeiro and his wife came on the same day the Brazilian congress debated a controvers

the root of Amazon slaughter is Meat Frenzy

ial set of new laws called “Forest Code” which, according to environmentalists, would be harmful to the Amazon, reducing the amount of land preserved from clear cutting.

In a video interview posted on YouTube last November, Ribeiro looks off camera and says to the interviewer: “I have received death threats by businessmen who work with loggers, who don’t want the forest standing.”

José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva campaigned to stop logging and deforestation in the Amazon rainforest

for details click HERE

After selling the hardwood and obliterating the ecosystems the land quickly degrades but can support low quality cattle for some years. The trade is fuelled by the billion dollar advertising budget of McDonalds Corporation, and others. With suitable chemical taste additives ever increasing quantities are being sold to already obese North Americans, duped into seeing it as a happy party treat or a virility symbol.

Blaming the fascistic landlord class of Brazil is correct, for their infinite crimes against nature and humanity.

But in the case of José and Maria, due to the driving force of the beef industry, we can trace the culprit straight back to Ronald McDonald!

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