Blogtheme 9. Women’s Rescue.. Lucia would dynamite Patriarchy

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Blogtheme 9.

Women’s Rescue.. Lucia would dynamite Patriachy.

from The Free p421 Bye Bye Maxie Moon

………… I woke up thinking I was on a long long swing. We had a nice view of a wide grey sea, but the cabin was high up and swayed like crazy…

Between the weather, the price of diesel, and the tragedy of the year before, the ferry company was bankrupt. Now it was a workers Coop.. it’s creditors had been paid something by the Credit Union, who had socialized it. So we got the star treatment from the happy staff…

Doctor Lucia is fun to travel with, and now I was in fine form, we went out on deck that evening, exhilarated by the wind and spray, and ate our sandwiches. Maxie’a support group had given Lucy a good portable with satellite net access. We could watch Pools TV, or a billion other possibilities, and chat with our families and friends…………

An alarm woke us at three am. So she could take part in an Asian Net TV show for ‘Women’s Rescue’. (See Glossary. p444)

Lucy is a therapist or a sort of healer, as well as an expert in deconstructing institutions. And this was more than an online agony aunt show for Freenet TVs. I managed to shine two lights on her, adjust the little camera on her face and position the mike securely.

She had come prepared, and dressed in a spectacular yellow and scarlet cloth, like a sari shirt. With a violet headband that hid her lack of hair.

She was on this show every week. It was mid morning in Karachi or Mumbai, a popular time, with husbands and keepers and children out of the house.

Millions of women now have the chance, open or clandestine, of watching or copying Free-Net TVs. Including this show. Real life solutions to common misogynist horrors. Physical, money, cultural and religious semi slavery… [refs.11. p454]

I had taped the camera down, and she tried to sit relatively straight. Though they might see her leaning strangely into the awful swell. I even adjusted the mike to cut wind noise.

She had me massaging her head and neck, while we watched the first part. My hands shook a little, thinking how she’s the same age as my dead mama.

Her skin is smooth and dark chocolate brown. Awesome and slippery as warm silk.

We heard newsclips from Women’s Rescue groups all over. They do have money and lawyers, and I never knew that Doctor Lucy was so famous. She was sipping from the flask of maté tea, to perk herself up. Massaging herself under her flowing robe, shuddering with the ship, while I fiddled with the settings. Then she was being connected.

Lucia was a smash hit. They loved her. And I’m sure she saved one woman’s life. Guessing the root of her persecution straight away, and persuading her to seek refuge.

It was a dowry dispute over ownership of herself. With an unproven accusation of attempted adultery, and her husband’s clan honour bound to kill her!

They had her answering problems where they really could help.

Her voice infiltrated vibrations of healing.

A sister link.. I’m vulnerable like you.

A shared assumption..Of course I’m safe here and they help me.

And an assertion implied but convincing, that..:

In my real world, outside the nightmares you’re trapped in,

of course we share and are cared for. We won that battle.

I’m already in that real world.

My friends are waiting for you Here are the keys!

All with a few odd words, inflections, tones, intimate female body language, touching and reaching. All mixed into her answers on the show.

And more I didn’t get…I’m a clown, and I know about the acting in public, but I could learn a lot from Lucia. She’s an ace.

I heard a million voices saying ‘thank you Lucy’. Sure it was lack of sleep and the wind.

I imagined secret copies of the show.

Discs or tapes or memory sticks, swapping hands and multiplying,

invisible and powerful, through the immense thronging markets of Asia.

I saw, that dawn, on the yawing ferry.. that those women would dynamite patriarchy. Really undermine and replace horrible outdated customs and laws. Slavery and brutality and unfair privilege. And not just to benefit some State or God or Corporation.

They had a small studio audience who applauded like crazy.

Then they were gone.. I was clapping and getting hugged, a public of one.

Our ship let a mighty blast, real close.

We ducked in shock and laughed,. She kissed my cheeks.

The sea was calmer now, we must be arriving.

-‘Let’s hope we find Maxie fast.’- I said. Peeping out the porthole.

We were gliding safely into the harbour.


note.. the theme of Womens Rescue runs through  The Free, but it’s hard to select pages as it’s woven in the story.

here’s the Glossary entry…

Womens Rescue*  ..Starts as a resource for getting and giving help and advice online. Anonymously if necessary.  Develops with strong volunteer local and international groups. Harnessing online potential. Seeks to undermine physical, cultural, economic, religious and sexual semi-slavery of hundreds of millions of women.   Lucia stars in popular advice and healing sessions on Free-Net TV stations. Offshoot of the self-help immigration Soli-Fest network.

and references

11.Feminist anarchism. Anti patriarchy  pages 37 138 etc


11b    Socialism, Anarchism And Feminism by Carol Ehrlich

11c    No Authority But Oneself: The Anarchist Feminist Philosophy of Autonomy and Freedom

To further check out the concepts behind this scene you can check the complete references HERE, …fascism, un-schooling. CLANs, gay, etc  … and click to the links for various books in the Anarchist Library.

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