Declaring war against Monsanto and Corporate Criminals

March Against Monsanto Worldwide. May 21 2016


Activists are furious and many now advocate the ‘Burning French’ Solution. Just weeks after The World Health Organisation finally and unanimously declared glyphosate, main ingredient of Monsanto’s Roundup, to be ‘probably cancerous’, a tame EU body has declared it ‘probably safe’. Billions of dollars and untold suffering are at stake as it’s the most popular herbicide and ‘works’ with Monsanto’s GMO seeds.

fires began at various locations in the Monsanto R&D Center
Monsanto Burning in France. On Oct 28 a Monsanto research facility in France was heavily damaged  fire Monsanto and investigators suspect an arsonist was responsible for the blaze. The fires began at various points in the R&D center, suggesting an arson attack

For decades Monsanto has made billions while knowingly murdering and maiming thousands of people. Selling carcinogenic pesticides worldwide using the tactics of commissioning dozens of heavily biased and partial reports from their own corrupted researchers, and infiltrating safety agencies with their compromised scientists.

The decision by the World Health Organisation to declare glyphosate to be ‘probably carcinogenic’ is the latest in an epic battle between corporate greed and horrific human suffering. After extensive review of the evidence, all 17 of WHO’s leading cancer experts said glyphosate is a “probable human carcinogen.”glyphosate

Yet glyphosate is “unlikely to cause cancer,” according to the authors of the new report by the European Union Food Safety Authority (EFSA). That headline, music to Monsanto’s ears, flies in the face of findings published earlier this year by the World Health Organization. rjodgp

The scientific communuty has known since the 1980’s that glysophate and other pesticides cause cancer, birth deformities and many more serious health conditions. It’s also long been accepted by farmers and rural communuities, for example Monsanto pesticides are causing birth defects and cancer in Argentina, according to extensive long term reports and medical proof from  farming communities near Córdoba, where residents have been poisoned by Monsanto’s pesticides…..(25.10.2013)resize

”We checked again with André Leu, author of Myths of Safe Pesticides, for his take on the EFSA report.

“No surprise,” said Leu, who told us he’s devoting a whole chapter in his new book to how the pesticide industry has corrupted EFSA and the EPA. “I’ll reveal the background on how Monsanto’s ‘Glyphosate Task Force’ wrote the EFSA glyphosate reassessment report almost word for word to justify lifting the residue limits.”

Anti-Monsanto Activist disrupts Monday Night Football
monsanto protest footballBy   It takes a lot of courage, dedication and commitment to become an activist, and some are more committed than others to the cause. But for those willing to jump in feet first, there are plenty of opportunities to educate the masses (if you’re not afraid to get arrested, that is). 

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Results contested

Anti-GMO activists were outraged by the decision, accusing the EU of giving in to pressure from powerful European lobbyists in the agricultural business.

USA Monsanto Herbizid Roundup

Keeping glyphosate legal is hugely important for US-based Monsanto, which is looking to expand worldwide sales of genetically modified crops that are regarded with suspicion in much of Europe. Monsanto crops are specifically engineered to resist glyphosate based products, allowing farmers to douse fields with extensive amounts of the herbicide to kill weeds.

EFSA scientists, who worked with experts from EU member countries, said their study differed from the IARC’s in that it considered only glyphosate, whereas the IARC had assessed groups of related chemicals. They said the toxic effects could be related to reactions with other ingredients.images

Greenpeace called the EFSA’s report “a whitewash” through its European Twitter account and requested the EFSA to provide the unpublished referenced studies in their report.

EU Gives Monsanto Mixed Message on Roundup’s Cancer-Causing Potential
Research shows that glyphosate, the main ingredient in the pesticide Roundup, can damage DNA, disrupt development and cause morbidity, even at normal levels of use……………………..


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