2,433 Dead Babies (fetal deaths)in VAERS as Another Study Shows mRNA Shots Not Safe for Pregnant Women

November 7, 2021 Health Impact News by Brian Shilhavy

Only about 1 in every 41 vaccine injuries gets reported to the VAERS database (lets do the Maths, new estimates reduced from 1 in 100 by Dr. Jessica Rose, )

There have now been 2,433 fetal deaths recorded in VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) from pregnant women who have been injected with one of the COVID-19 shots. (Source.)

The vast majority of these have been from the Pfizer shot (1,862 deaths) and the Moderna shot (656 deaths.)

There have been more fetal deaths in the past 11 months following COVID-19 shots than there have been for the past 30+ years following ALL vaccines (2,198 – Source.)

Last month (October, 2021) the New England Journal of Medicine admitted that the original study used to justify the CDC and the FDA in recommending the shots to pregnant women was flawed. (Source.)

Since then, researchers in New Zealand have conducted a new study on the original data, and concluded:

A re-analysis of these figures indicates a cumulative incidence of spontaneous abortion ranging from 82% (104/127) to 91% (104/114), 7–8 times higher than the original authors’ results. (Source.)

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Do You Have Blood on Your Hands?.. Now millions .. of Children Age 5 to 11 Injected with Gene Therapy Shots

VAERS is a passive system that is severely under reported. The CDC and FDA have never conducted a study to determine what this under-reported factor is, but independent scientists have, and we have previously published the analysis conducted by Dr. Jessica Rose, who has determined that a conservative under-reported factor would be X41. …


STUDY: Government’s Own Data Reveals that at Least 150,000 Probably DEAD in U.S. Following COVID-19 Vaccines

This means that there have probably been at least 99,753 fetal deaths following COVID-19 injections so far.

Here is a video report we made on this last month with some very unfortunate gruesome examples of what these shots are doing to unborn babies.


UPDATE – November 7, 2021 PM

Resistance GB.”

A couple of hours after publishing this article, a video that has been circulating on the Internet of an interview with a Funeral Director in the UK became known to me.

John O’Looney, Funeral Director: The Evidence Is Utterly Damning https://odysee.com/@ResistanceGB:f/funeral-director-babies:c month ago 08:41 ★ Funeral Director: I just see the dead babies @ResistanceGB1

He has been in practice for over 3 years and is identified as “Wesley,” and was interviewed by a group called

He claims that last fall was one the slowest periods of seeing deaths for all funeral directors, but when the COVID-19 shots were introduced, deaths started dramatically increasing.

It started with the elderly, but then by April they were seeing large numbers of people in their 30s and 40s. Many of them were dying of myocarditis.

Now, they are seeing unprecedented numbers of newborn babies, and they are piling up in hospital refrigerators. Some are full term, some are pre-term, he claims.

The UK originally recommended that pregnant women and nursing mothers should NOT get the experimental COVID shots, but like the CDC in the U.S., they eventually changed their recommendation to encourage pregnant women to get the shots. (Source.)

Barrister Speaks On Boris Johnson Admitting The Vaxx Don’t Work https://odysee.com/@ETKE21:8/lbry69BarristerSpeaksOnBorisJohnsonAdmittingTheVaxxDon’tWork:0

Sweden Suspends Moderna Shot Indefinitely After Vaxxed Patients Develop Crippling Heart Condition by Jack Davis via The Western Journal (emphasis ours),New concerns are being raised about side effects from the Moderna vaccine against the coronavirus.

Bill Gates Finally Admits to Failure of COVID Vaccines.. that the vaccines don’twork as advertised and thousands are reportedly getting sick and dying from the vaccines, the globalist elites continue to push for multiple shots. BillGates: … Despite being one of the largest proponents of COVID-19 vaccines, Gates finally admits to the failure of the vaccine industry.

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