Germany blocks North Stream 2 pipeline.Threatens Russia. US nuclear Bombers close as Ukraine, Poland in War Hysteria


British F-35s and Typhoons provided escort for US B-1s and B-52s during a Nuclear Bomber Task Force mission through the North Sea. Photo: NATO’s Allied Air Command.

Germany today caved to US pressure suspending approval for the -ready-to-go Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The move sent European gas prices, already at record highs, through the roof.

some info from Rick Rozoff – Anti-bellum shared with thanks

Germany then threatened Russia with “Extremely Serious Consequences” for allegedly moving its military towards the Ukrainian birder as a response to Ukrainian buildup with US and NATO support.

The moves follow mounting political pressure to scrap the project in a further setback to the Kremlin-backed pipeline and an anti-migrant propaganda campaign over refugees camped on the Belarus/Polish border.

As full-scale war looms, Turkish admiral led NATO Days, inspections in Ukraine. U.S. nuclear bombers completed their latest deployment to the Baltic and Black Seas

Date: November 16, 2021Author: Rick Rozoff0 Comments

Two US B-1 Bombers and approximately 200 personnel from Dyess Air Force Base, US deployed to RAF Fairford, UK have successfully completed their Bomber Task Force (BTF) mission and are returning to Dyess AFB.

Beginning in early October, two B-1 Bombers and US personnel deployed to the UK to work and integrate with Allies as well as US theatre of operation commands for the BTF mission.

…The US bombers integrated with 4th and 5th generation Allied fighters from F-16s and Typhoons to F-35s. Further practicing long-range fighter-bomber escort and communication procedures.

The focus of these missions was in the Baltic and Black Seas. Strategic bomber missions highlight NATO’s ability to execute flying missions, sustain readiness and support Allies and Partners around the globe in vital strategic locations.

Rick Rozoff

Missile attacks from West: Lukashenko calls for Russian tactical missiles on Polish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian frontiers

Lukashenko contemplates deploying Russian Iskander missiles along western, southern borders….

U.S. interceptor-missile warship, F-15s, NATO strike group enter Black Sea for “collective defense of Europe”

Date: October 30, 2021Author: Rick Rozoff6 Comments

US Sixth Fleet, NATO allies begin operations in Mediterranean and Black Seas

US Sixth Fleet and Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO staff begin operations in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. This was announced by the US Sixth Fleet……

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