Spain “allowed Barcelona massacre to ‘Scare Catalans’ before Independence Referendum”.. 16 dead

11/01/2022 from Reditt/

As suspected, now with sworn evidence. Furious at the Catalan rebellion,the fascist far right used a terrorist islamic cell they had set up under a pardoned Imam. The lavishly equipped gang was let loose in Catalonia to ”give the Catalans a scare” and hopefully prevent the Independence Referendum.


The former Spanish police commissioner, now under investigation for espionage, bribery and revealing of secrets, affirms that the National Intelligence Center (CNI) of Spain allowed the 2017 Barcelona terrorist attacks to make a “scare in Catalonia”. 16 people died in the terrorist attacks.

All this was known or strongly suspected already. Far right sources even gave dire warnings like “Spain can put up with a terrorist attack, but (Catalan) independence would be irrevocable”.Foreign Minister months before the 2017 and “From August things will start to happen”

Escándalo atentados de Barcelona: Tres años después nadie ...

Indeed but for an accidental explosion the terrorists could have killed hundreds.

El CNI tenía al imán de Ripoll como confidente hasta el 17 A.. y conocía las actividades de la célula, según ‘Público’

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level 1Blackfist01 · 2 days ago

Do they have a 9/11 conspiracy in Spain be true? Damn.

☹6level 2lostmymindawhileagoOp · 2 days ago

Well there was a known connection between the CNI and the Imam who orchestrated the attacks and the Spanish government blocked any possibility of investigating this connection.

El CNI tenía al imán de Ripoll como confidente hasta el 17 ...

level 2tomassino · 1 day ago

We have the 11M conspiracy (May 11 2004) 3 days before the general elections some guys bombed few trains early in the morning in Madrid killing lots of people, short story: government tried to lie about the bombing, they were about to win the elections, but they lost instead because they tried to manipulate the attack to make political gains, since then they pushed to convince the nation everything was a conspiracy against them. Ugly shit.

17A: Villarejo admits the Spanish Secret Police (CNI) let the Imam of Ripoll make a “scare in Catalonia”

The former commissioner of the National Police says he worked to fix the error of the former director of the body, who “miscalculated the consequences”

11/01/2022 – 14.34 Updated 11/01/2022 – 22.54
TOPIC:José Manuel Villarejo

En Barcelona preparaban ataques con explosivos antes del ...

Former National Police Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo says the CNI wanted to make “a small scare in Catalonia”, but “miscalculated the consequences” with the August 2017 attack in Barcelona and Cambrils. Villarejo said this in a new session of the trial for the Tandem case:

“I continued to work with the CNI until the last day. I was working with them to try to fix the mess of the famous attack of the Imam of Ripoll, which in the end was a serious mistake of Mr. Sanz Roldán, who went miscalculating the consequences to give Catalonia a little scare. “

A year ago, Villarejo had already explained that a very important source had warned of the risk of the attack, but that was not considered reliable.

According to Villarejo, there was a relationship between the Imam of Ripoll and the CNI before the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, and they let it happen.

Your Wars..Our Deaths.. 26A: Vuestras guerras, nuestras muertes –

The former commissioner has stated that he himself remained at the National Intelligence Center (CNI) until the last day to “try to fix the error” of the former director of this body, Félix Sanz Roldán.

In September 2019, the National High Court decided not to investigate the links between the Ripoll Imam and the CNI because he did not consider it necessary to clarify whether there was any connection between the alleged mastermind of the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils and the intelligence service… Spanish license.

Following the attacks, there was a lack of coordination and disloyalty between the police forces, the exclusion of the Mossos d’Esquadra (the local Catalan police, later purged and controlled directly from Madrid) from both the CITCO (Center for Intelligence against Terrorism and Organized Crime), and Europol and the lack of information exchange.

Muere una alemana y ya son 16 las víctimas por el atentado ...

The relationship between the CNI and Imam Abdelbaki es-Satty, the agent of radicalization, was locked in a commission of official secrets, waiting for more details to be revealed.

Villarejo has made these statements as a defendant in the trial for the Tandem case, which brings together three separate pieces of the macro-case against the ex-agent.

16 dead and 140 wounded

The Rambla and Cambrils bombings killed 16 people and injured 140 others. The first action, in Barcelona, ​​took place in a mass shooting on the afternoon of August 17, 2017. The next morning, five terrorists ran over several people on the promenade of Cambrils and stabbed others.

According to the verdict, Imam Abdelbaki es-Satty had given orders on how to make the explosives.

L'imam de Ripoll: "Em van apallissar i vaig estar en coma ...
L’imam de Ripoll mort dans l’explosion

The imam was said to be one of the members of the jihadist cell who died a day before the attacks due to an enormous explosion which levelled his Alcanar villa, his base of operations.

Es-Sati is considered the mastermind of the attacks and has been accused of being a confidant of the Spanish CNI, though proof has not been allowed in court.

The attacks backfired due to the massive pacific public reaction and the belief that they were instigated by the Spanish police. The Government resorted to importing thousands of riot police to physically prevent the Referendum, which also failed despite severe police brutality.

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