Welcome to Zizania! a squatted social center in Victoria, Athens

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Welcome to Zizania, a squatted social center in Victoria, at the corner of Fylis and Feron streets. May it be a neighbourhood space for self-organisation, social interventions, collective resistance and community building. .

Let’s meet in this space for sharing thoughts, food, coffee, clothes and whatever else we can imagine. For freeshops and free haircuts, for caffeneios and screenings, for learning and reading, for workshops and assemblies.

Let’s celebrate it as a step towards the liberation of more public spaces, let’s make the best of this opportunity, as we are the ones who shape and take on our own struggles and shouldn’t rely neither on other people, designated institutions, nor better circumstances to do so.

Greeks protest government crackdown on refugee squats ...

Greeks protest government crackdown on refugee squats …

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Spain: Help us Close the horror lab of Vivotecnia Eng /Esp

VivisectionSpain-Close the horror laboratory of Vivotecnia

AnimaNaturalis will take legal action against Vivotecnia laboratory, because of the continued abuse of animals

AnimaNaturalis and Acción Legal Animalista announce legal action
for the alleged crime of animal abuse with prison sentences of up to 18 months for those responsible and a professional disqualification of up to 4 years.

Given the evidence that appeared in different media of the existence of a systematic practice of mistreatment, torture, and death of animals subjected to experimentation in the laboratory of the Vivotecnia company, based in the town of Tres Cantos in Madrid, AnimaNaturalis announces that they are going to take legal action by filing a criminal complaint for a continuing crime of animal abuse in article 337 of the penal code, sections 1 to 3, which includes prison sentences of up to 18 months and professional disqualification of up to 4 years.

Likewise, AnimaNaturalis will verify if any alteration or falsity has been committed in the documentary records or controls so that these degrading and inappropriate practices of civilized society have been able to escape the control of public verifiers or auditors.

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Climate Victory!.. Gigantic Ineos Plastics plant blocked

Ineos forced to drop permit for building ‘biggest ever’ EU Antwerp chemical facility

By Ruth Hayhurst at drillordrop.com/on • ( 4 Comments at original)

Ineos Grenadiers team vehicles vandalized in Belgium

Ineos has withdrawn its environmental permit for the first phase of a controversial, multi-billion chemical complex in the port of Antwerp.

The decision comes after legal action by environmental organisations and opposition from a dozen UK anti-fracking groups.

In November 2020, lawyers for ClientEarth and 13 other organisations successfully secured an emergency injunction to prevent the clearance of woodland for Project One, a E3 billion ethane cracker and propane dehydrogenation (PDH) plant.

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What are They Trying to Do to Us?

Posted on by winter oak

A brief overview (also available as printable pdf)

Life has become very strange indeed for billions of people since March 2020.

We are no longer allowed to do what we always did, see who we want to see, live freely in the way we fondly imagined we were entitled to do.

Everything has changed. Now we have to check the latest restrictions on our movements and activities. We can’t go to concerts, football matches, pubs or cafés. We are told to avoid other people and to wear masks to cover our faces when we do share the same spaces.

Nobody knows what the future holds for them or their family. Insecurity and anxiety are rife.

To start with, these were supposedly emergency measures, but the weeks turned into months without any end in sight.

Now we are being told that it could be years before we are allowed to resume our lives and even then we are going to need a “vaccine passport” to carry out even the most basic activities.

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Toxic masculinity, the nuclear lobby and its climate change confidence trick


In 2021, not only viruses, but also ideas, are sweeping around the world. There is a renewed global push for equality for women. A newly revitalised movement to end racism. The pandemic means that the health of each nation now depends on the health of all nations. The climate crisis is headed to affect the whole world…

Curiously absent from these global anxieties is the nuclear threat. Nuclear war could annihilate not only millions of people, but also our chances of a liveable climate. Nuclear pollution affects mainly indigenous peoples , just as nuclear weapons testing was cheerfully imposed by the rich nations on distant indigenous lands.

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Repression and arrests in the migrant camp in Tenerife Eng/Esp

by Izquierda Diario translation thefreeonline shared with thanks

Since the end of February, more than 1500 people have been crowded into the Las Raíces camp located in the municipality of La Laguna in Tenerife.
By Ana Adom Published on Apr 8, 2021

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The desperation of more than 1,500 people, without medical attention or sanitary conditions, in the La Raíces migrant camp, in Tenerife, has led to the protest.

And in the face of the protest, the Government has responded with repression, the intervention of riot police and several detainees.

At first the point of greatest saturation of the Islands was in the port of Arguineguín in the town of Mogan, southwest of Gran Canaria. There, last summer, several tents began to be installed to control the new entrances, but already at the end of November more than 2000 people took refuge.

Sube la tensión en Las Raíces - La Provincia

It was at this dock where the police intervened, expelling hundreds of them without having a place to go, an operation that was later branded as a “mistake and lack of coordination.”

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‘Global Britain’, aggressive imperialism and draconian policing

by Rohan Rice shared with thanks

Belligerent abroad and Oppressive at home, the government’s Rhetoric is being Cemented into Law. Mass Resistance is the only Response.

A protest banner reading Defend the right to Protest Photo: Amardeep Singh Dhillon

On 16 March 2021, Boris Johnson announced that the UK would be breaking its commitment to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons that the UK signed along with 191 other countries in 1968. 
Trident - Hemel Hempstead Quakers

It came as part of a defence and security review announcement in which Prime Minister Johnson outlined Britain’s plan to once again become a dominant, aggressive, imperial power on the world stage.

Most notable was the commitment to a 40 per cent increase in nuclear warheads to be purchased from the USA, taking Britain’s total from 180 to 240. No doubt Iran and North Korea will see the irony.

In an impudent show of imperialist intent Britain will also invest more in all five sectors of military defence, including cyber, maritime, land, sea, and space. Within this is the creation of a National Cyber Force, new special forces regiments called ‘rangers’, and a Counter Terrorism Operations and Situation Centre in Whitehall.

Britain’s new off-the-books ‘ranger’ regiments will further undermine democracy and accountability The Canary

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Chinese NGO accuses US of starting 81% of all wars between 1945 and 2001 Eng/Esp

China reports US initiated 81% global armed conflicts

The United States was behind eight out of ten armed conflicts that broke out in the world in the period from 1945 to 2001, calculated a Chinese NGO in a new report
USA Human Rights Fiascos. The China side of the story.

Since the proclamation of independence in 1776, the United States has lived just two decades without becoming involved in a war, says the Chinese Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS,for its acronym in English) in an article published on Friday.

China report says US causing humanitarian disasters - RTHK

«According to incomplete statistics, of the 248 armed conflicts that occurred in 153 regions of the world from the end of World War II in 1945 to 2001, 201 were initiated by the United States, representing 81 percent of the total number […] These wars not only caused a large number of military casualties to the warring parties, but also caused extremely serious civilian casualties and material damage, which caused terrible humanitarian disasters ”, highlights the NGO.

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Vallekas is not a beast to be tamed by political parties, fascists, or police

per Anarquistas de vallekas http://barcelona.indymedia.org/newswire/display/532950

The Spanish fascist party, Vox held a provocative street meeting in the poor but defiant Vallecas barrio of Madrid as a tactic to gain support in the May 4th local elections.. The neighbours called for resistance and the meeting was abandoned amid objects thrown and police charges against the antifascists, with arrests and 32 injured. Inevitably the right wing media presented the resistance as ‘Antifa Fascism’ with blanket coverage and the few Vox supporters as brave heroes of democracy. But we stood up and fought back.

Vallekas is not a beast to be tamed: not by political parties, not by fascists, not by the police: Chronicle of the Vox rally in Vallekas

by Anarquistas de Vallekas

Last Wednesday, April 7, VOX had a campaign presentation in Vallecas, in a clear act of provocation.

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