Climate Chaos: New monster Typhoon Nalgae to hit Luzon

The hotter seas, provoked by global warming are causing tropical storms to mushroom into giant typhoons. Luzon is to be hit twice in a week, threatening 38 million people

As Philippine was observing commemorations for the nearly 700 people killed during the 2009′s typhoon Ketsana, which dumped a month’s rainfall in just 12 hours, powerful typhoon Nesat smashed the country’s coastline. Nesat has killed some 31 people in the country; with winds gusting to 93 mph (150 kph) and rainfall above 100 mm, the country’s capital Manila was completely brought to standstill on September 26 with at least 111,000 people immediately evacuated from the Albay province. Nesat is the 17th tropical storm and the 8th typhoon of the current year. Nesat was a dangerous category-3 hurricane that is still active (September 28) and moving towards Vietnam and adjoining China now after devastating Philippines. 

 But now another “expected” monster is forming in the Pacific!There had been a total of 32 tropical depressions in the western Pacific ocean during the current year.

Updates regarding Typhoon Nalgae (also known as Quiel)

It is the 19th tropical storm of the current year, it is the 9th typhoon. Tropical storm Nalgae intensified into a category-1 hurricane and now 1, 195 km ENE of Manila. The storm has continued to move westwards. It is expected to further intensify into a category-2 hurricane due to favorable outflow and warm sea temperatures on late Friday/early Saturday, its affect will mostly start by Friday late or Saturday.

Latest: Nalgae is strengthening phenomenally due to temperatures of 30C in The Phillipine Sea. Some reports estimate it will strike Luzon as a Category 4 Hurricane, with winds to 250kph. Some predict it will then swerve North, sparing Vietnam, but threatening Hong Kong

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