Barcelona: Cop cars burnt, Nazi shop trashed, etc, as Half million march

A few of the Actions in the hugely successful General Strike, (Barcelona)  (from El Mundo.. rightwing paper)

At 1200, dozens of hooded people, perfectly organized, the nazi shop Bookseller Europe´’. Traditional goal for years dozens of marches antifascists and always protected by a police cordon, the premises has been assaulted the 29-S and all material for wose distribution has been condemned its owner, Pedro Varela, to two years and nine months in prison ,has been scattered down Seneca Street.

Hence, the chaos. Spreading across the city center, at any time without forming recognizable mass picketing and tourists mixed, hooded groups have unleashed for hours  their ‘struggle’. Broken windows, graffiti and barricades, anticapitalist based, burning containers have become the landscape of the city.

After surrounding one of the police patrol cars in Plaça Universitad, several hooded people have managed to set it on fire. The vehicle, whose  agents escaped unharmed agents, finished uip completely burnt. Later another  police vehicle went up in flames. As the whole center was full of huge demonstrations the police lost control.

Tension mounted when the Catalan police have proceeded to evict the former headquarters of Banesto Bank, ‘squatted’ by activists since Saturday. There, however, they attempted to dissolve the supporters of the activists who remained inside ,triggering violence.

State terrorists discovered and kicked out from the group of people when fail to arrest a comrade.

After a first charge have happened dozens of police assaults, each stronger than the previous, in the main Passeig de Gracia and neighboring streets. Charges which sought to answer a midafternoon violence not only came from the anti-establishment groups, but was shared, under the protection of masses by many more. Youths looted a store brand of Levi’s jeans and a Movistar phone shop, where there has been a single terminal for alleged ‘fighters’ against capitalism.

After exhausting the trend launching pots, pavers and clubs over five feet high against the Mossos, protesters, dozens of them holed up after hundreds of onlookers and tourists have come to the massive burning of furniture.
Police car on fire. | Ap

Thus, while the demonstration  of the CNT and  CGT alternative finished in Pau Claris Street and shortly before the official demo start, have burned at least three plastic containers in the Gran Via, causing a great smoke and giving rise to new police charges.

The trail of burning plastic has spread to the streets of El Born, with clashes with stones and firebombs near the Cathedral. One area in which tourists have been present, ojipláticos, how all existing containers Pau Claris street to the end of Via Laietana burned ,uncontrollably apparently.

At least 42 pèople were arrested so far in Barcelona alone.


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