Genocidal Glyphosate poisoning in Argentine Soybeans

monsanto in Argentina

Argentina has recently become a giant experiment in farming genetically modified (GM) Roundup Ready (RR) soy, soy that has been genetically modified to be tolerant to Roundup, Monsanto’s formulation of the herbicide glyphosate. The Argentine government has been so eager to pull the country out of a deep economic recession that occurred in the 1990’s, that it restructured its economy around GM soy grown for export, most of which goes to Europe to feed livestock.

In 2009, GM soy was planted on 47 million acres; over half of Argentina’s cultivated land, and sprayed with over 84 million gallons of glyphosate herbicide. Spraying is usually performed from the air which can cause problems many miles away.1383492_10151644216211386_1136164261_n1

Back in 2002, two years after the first big harvest of RR soy, residents and doctors in this soy producing areas began reporting serious health effects from glyphosate spraying, which included high rates of birth defects, infertility, stillbirths, miscarriages, and cancers.

Environmental effects included killed food crops and livestock along with streams filled with dead fish.

Dr. Dario Gianfelici, one of the first medical doctors to report problems from glyphosate spraying, says there are two levels of toxic effects from glyphosate: (1) acute, such as vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory problems, and skin rashes; and (2) chronic, which include infertility and cancer, but may not show up for 10-20 years.

“Our town experienced drastic changes before and after soy. I’ve seen people die from cancer at age 30, I have witnessed pregnancy problems and a significant increase in fertility problems.

I have seen an increase in respiratory diseases, as has never been seen before. GM soy has been a death sentence for humans and the environment. No money can compensate for the damage that has been caused – the contamination, the deaths, the cases of cancer and malformations,” Gianfelici said.

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