updated..Turkish Terrorist Erdogan orders Bombing of Afrin in new Outrage


 Turkish invasion against Efrîn already with 7 dead and 17 injured
on Saturday, January 20, 2018
The Turkish terrorist operation began yesterday January 19 with a low profile. Twenty vehicles transported Idlib Islamists to Kilis across Turkish territory.

In Efrîn it has been raining for days, in spite of this, from Azaz and Al Bab 2 columns of Turkish mercenaries attacked the region of Shehba, located between Manbij and Efrîn. The first ran into the defensive lines of Jaish al Thuwar (JaT, Army of the Revolutionaries). The towns of Hezwan and Ziwan were victims of the attacks of the Erdogan hordes. The mercenaries, however, retired defeated by Jaish in the Thuwar, with support from Jabhat al-Akrad, with 4 dead and 5 wounded. Allied forces pursued and attackedTurkish positions in Mare and El Bab.

A second Turkish column attacked the villages of Şexaqi and Tiwes, north-east of Bab. Erdogan’s mercenaries withdrew with two dead and 12 injured.

The artillery attacks on Efrîn continue (and air attacks begin)The Turkish terrorist bombs fell on the civil zones of Rajo, Sherawa, Bilbile and Shiye, in the Kurdish corner, and Herbel, Um El-Hosh and Tel Rifa’at, in the north of Aleppo.

International academics: “An attack against the peaceful citizens of Efrîn is a flagrant act of aggression against a region and a peaceful and democratically governed population”
to Saturday, January 20, 2018

We, the undersigned academics and human rights activists, demand that the leaders of Russia, Iran and the United States ensure that Turkey does not break the sovereignty of the Syrian borders and that the people of Efrîn in Syria can live in peace.

In Efrîn, the mostly Kurdish population, is one of the most stable and secure regions in Syria. With very little international help, Efrîn has hosted so many Syrian refugees in the last five years that its population has doubled to 400,000. Efrîn is now surrounded by enemies: jihadist groups backed by Turkey, al-Qaeda and Turkey itself.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to attack the  YPG Kurds or the Popular Protection Units, with which the United States has allied themselves against IS.

Turkey accuses YPG of being “terrorists” despite the long history of YPG of creating democratic local government councils in each of the peoples that have freed from IS and its repeated statements that are not interested in Turkey and that they want to function only as the defense of the Syrian Kurds and other ethnic groups living in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS), also known as “Rojava”, which includes Efrîn.

Turkey has accumulated an enormous military force on the border of Efrîn and President Erdogan has promised to attack the Kurdish-controlled area with all its force, annihilating a peaceful enclave and endangering thousands of civilians and refugees, all in search of his revenge against the Kurds.

An attack of this kind against the peaceful citizens of Efrîn is a flagrant act of aggression against a region and a peaceful and democratically governed population. Turkey can not carry out such an attack without the approval of Russia, Iran and Syria, and the inaction of the United States to stop it.

The Kurdish people have endured the loss of thousands of young men and women who joined the YPG and the women’s force the YPJ to free the world of IS.

The US and the international community now have the moral obligation to be behind the Kurdish people. We appeal to United States officials and the international community to guarantee the stability and security of Efrîn and to prevent further Turkish aggression from Syria and the Syrian border.


Noam Chomsky, Professor Emeritus of MIT

Michael Walzer, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton University, Professor Emeritus

Charlotte Bunch, Distinguished Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, Rutgers University

Todd Gitlin, sociologist and chair, Doctorate Program in Communications, University of Columbia

David Graeber, professor of anthropology at the London School of Economics

Nadje Al-Ali, professor of gender studies, SOAS University of London

David Harvey, distinguished professor of Anthropology and Geography, CUNY Postgraduate Center

Michael Hardt, political philosopher and professor of literature at the University of Duke

Marina Sitrin, Associate Professor of Sociology, SUNY Binghamton

Ann Snitow, activist and associate professor, New School

Bill Fletcher, Jr., former President of the TransAfrica Forum

David L. Phillips, Director of the Program on Construction and Rights for Peace, University of Columbia

Joey Lawrence, photographer and filmmaker

Meredith Tax, writer and organizer, North America Rojava Alliance (NARA)

Debbie Bookchin, journalist and author, NARA


Commander Sosin Birhat: ‘Turkey and those who applaud their policies are digging their own tombs’

Friday, January 19, 2018          Sosin Birhat is the Commander of the Yekîneyên Parastinê yên Jinê (Women’s Defense Units, YPJ) in the corner of Efrîn, Syrian Kurdistan.

As such She is a direct victim of the threats of the Turkish Islamist Tayyip Erdogan, to be a woman, a Kurdish, feminist, to opt for self-defense against Turkish, imperialist, malechildism, which considers the lower Kurdish minority.

That is why her words are marked by dignity despite the pressure of receiving threats from the second NATO army that wants to invade their land and destroy it.whole population of Afrin Town demonstrate against Turkish terror bombing and mercenary invasion

“Turkey has increased its attacks against Efrîn to hide the crisis that the country is experiencing. The attempted invasion is suicide for the Turkish state. Turkey and those who applaud their policies are digging their own tombs. Fighters, who resisted and released dozens of people from the Shehba region, have an accumulation of military experience and power today”.Turkish forces again shelled Afrin despite US and EU appeals and bombing has begun without Russian or Syrian veto.

Efrîn’s resistance will be the end of the Turkish invasion in Syria. Now we are faced with the historic resistance of ‘ Efrîn, our forces do not fear that this resistance will obtain good results for the peoples of the particular region and will be the end of the invasion of Turkey in Syria. ”

Cynical Russia betrays Kurds in Afrin to insane Dictator

When Turkish terrorists attacked a Russian plane 2 years ago Russia reacted by forbidding Turkish jets to enter Syrian airspace. Now in a cynical move they are allowing Erdogan’s jets to murder the Afrin population. What has changed? For one thing Russia now has agreements for a lucrative gas pipeline through Turkey and major arms sales, replacing US supplies..

The Manbij Military Council deploys to the north of the city

 Thursday, January 18, 2018
The Allied troops arrived this morning in Sajur, 50 kilometers north of Manbij. I’ts been raining intensely throughout northern Syria for hours. Before them they have the Turkish troops of the Islamist R.T. Erdogan invaded nearly 2,000 km2 of Syrian territory last summer. The intelligence services of the Council, affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), have detected movements of the invading forces south of Jarablus. This morning, invasive artillery attacked east Jarablus and their bombs hit the autonomous Kobanê, Syria canton.

original en catalan

Comandant Sosin Birhat: Turquia i els que aplaudeixen les seves polítiques estan excavant les seves pròpies tombes

Sosin Birhat és la Comandant de les Yekîneyên Parastinê yên Jinê (Unitats de Defensa de Dones, YPJ) al cantó d’Efrîn, Kurdistan sirià. Com a tal és una víctima directa de les amenaces de l’islamista turc Tayyip Erdogan, per ser dona, kurda, feminista optar per l’autodefensa davant el masclisme turc, imperialista, que considera la minoria kurda inferior. Per això les seves paraules estan marcades pe la dignitat malgrat la pressió de rebre amenaces del segon exèrcit de l’OTAN que vol envair la seva terra i matar-la.

“Turquia ha augmentat els seus atacs contra Efrîn per ocultar la crisi que viu el país. L’intent d’invasió és suïcidi per a l’estat turc. Turquia i els que aplaudeixen les seves polítiques estan excavant les seves pròpies tombes. Els nostres lluitadors, que van resistir i alliberar desenes de pobles de la regió de Shehba, tenen acumulació d’experiència i poder militar avui. La resistència d’Efrîn serà el final de la invasió turca a Síria. Ara ens enfrontem a la resistència històrica d’Efrîn, les nostres forces no temen que aquesta resistència obtingui bons resultats per als pobles de la regió en particular i serà el final de la invasió de Turquia a Síria”.

 El Consell Militar de Manbij es desplega al nord de la ciutat

Les tropes aliades han arribat aquest matí a Sajur, a 50 quilòmetres al nord de Manbij. Plou intensament a tot el nord de Síria des de fa hores. Davant tenen les tropes turques de l’islamista R.T. Erdogan que van envair prop de 2.000 km2 de territori sirià el passat estiu. Els serveis d’intel·ligència del Consell, afiliat a les Forces Democràtiques Sirianes (Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF), han detectat moviments de les forces invasores al sud de Jarablus. Aquest mateix matí artilleria invasora ha atacat l’est de Jarablus i les seves bombes han impactat al cantó autònom de Kobanê, Síria.

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