Are you Happy to die for the Crimean Tatars? US, EU and media menace Russia in multiple War games.

Economic Sanctions continue. War Exercises proliferate in the Black Sea and newly NATO puppet states on Russia’s borders.

The B-52 'Arsenal Plane': America's Super Bomber Is Set ...
new US base in Bulgaria

And there is a new twist to the escalating insane attacks on Russia….

Only 15% of the population of Crimea are Tatars and just four of them have been sentenced and 5 more ARRESTED and accused of ‘extremism’- Oh horror this is Genocide!- screams the western press and politicians.

The ultra nationalist Tatars claim to be the original inhabitants of the Crimean peninsula, which voted 96.77% to rejoin Russia after the 2014 coup in Ukraine, though there have always been many other ethnic minorities.

Crimean Tatars hold ATR TV station flags during a support rally in Simferopol, Crimea, March 31, 2015.
Crimean Tatars hold ATR TV station flags during a support rally in Simferopol, Crimea, March 31, 2015... (Voice of America propaganda photo) АТР is a Ukrainian TV Channel whose target audience is Crimean Tatars. It was broadcasting in Crimea, Ukraine from 1 September 2006 until 1 April 2015 when it was forced to shut down by Russian authorities after failing to register under Russian law. In mid-June 2015 the channel resumed its broadcasting in Ukraine and has since then been located in Kyiv.

So what?.. This is called the ANNEXATION of Crimea in the west, (although Crimea was a part of Russia until gifted to Ukraine by Stalin in 1954) and deserving of World War Three to return it to Ukraine, though we would all be dead ‘many times over’ by then.

It’s not that the totalitarian Russian state cares that much about Crimea, though it has their biggest naval base, one of just a handful outside Russia, while the US has hundreds.

see also..Crimea: can “humanitarian bombing” be far behind? by Rick Rozoff, Anti-bellum 6h ago.

It’s that Russia must set a red line somewhere as NATO has recruited more and more client states and nuclear bases are threatened just ‘minutes by megadeath’ from Moscow.

Hizmet News
Now even the Turkish dictator Erdogan has intervened, claiming the ‘oh-so -oppressed’ Tatars have Turkic blood, and admitted training terrorist mercenaries, as is his speciality! (think ISIS and Al Qaeda mercenary invasions in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Rojava, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan Therefore the 4 sentenced for extremism may even be paid by Turkey. Tatar Leader Threatens Insurgency)

So, the western media is ramping up to exploit the ‘Tatar Genocide’ card, as it did effectively with the false Xinjiang Genocide campaign in China. We may now expect some false flag incidents, blockades, new sanctions, and military support with attacks, from Ukraine with Polish brigades, etc.

It’s not as if the Russians, or rather Soviet Union, is innocent in all this. The Tartars were the worst case of minorities deported under Stalin’s paranoid policies for supporting the Nazi invasion which killed 26,600,000 people in Russia.

Many Tatars , like the Ukranians, supported Hitler’s genocidal attack on Russia, the Tatar Legion in the Nazi army and the religious and political leaders helped Hitler during the German occupation, which is no excuse for deporting the whole population and gifting their land to Ukraine. (And Tatar mercenaries also fought bravely in the Red Army).

Bulgaria: Pentagon launches yet ANOTHER military provocation in Black Sea region

The exile of the Tatars was finally ended in 1989. Many Tatars returned to Crimea though now a small 15% minority, many preferred to stay in Uzbekistan, Turkey or Romania. Russia apologised and declared the Tatar deportation to be a great Crime.

But tensions continue. None of this is forgotten in Crimea or Ukraine… or in Russia where attacks by the Ukrainian and Polish ultra right, allied with Western NATO militarism, is viewed as a historical continuation of the anti-nazi struggle.

Nazi collaborator greeting becomes official Ukraine army ...

see also..Ukraine Again! War hysteria, Macho fascism, Russophobia and US imperialism

In Russian eyes Ukraine, which is ignored and rarely criticized in the controlled western media, is by now a nest of ultra and anti semitic fascism, dominating the media, military and every aspect of life, and bankrolled by the West…

From left, Bonnie Urfer, Steve Baggarly, Susan Crane, John LaForge all of the US, and Gerd Buentzly of Germany, entered Büchel Air Base in Germany to challenge U.S. nuclear weapons deployment. (Photo by Ralph Hutchison)

Kosovo II: U.S., EU enter fray over Crimean Tatars

Date: August 18, 2021 Author: Rick Rozoff0 Comments by Anti Bellum.. shared with thanks

As Vladimir Putin’s strategic partner Recep Tayyip Erdoğan organizes Tatar separatism in Crimea and arms the Ukrainian government for war over the peninsula. And as Russia arms Turkey.
August 19. 30th anniversary. Hold the date.

U.S. condemns Russia’s sentencing of 4 Crimean Tatars, detention of 5 more Crimean Tatar activists

The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine has condemned the sentencing of four Crimean Tatars by a military court of the Russian Federation and the detention of five more Crimean Tatar activists.

“We condemn Russia’s sentencing of 4 Crimean Tatars to 12-18 years in prison on fabricated “extremism” charges and the detention of 5 more Crimean Tatar activists,” the embassy posted on Twitter.


EU considers prison sentences for Crimean Tatars in Russia illegal, – official

The European Union considers Russian military court sentences for four Crimean Tatars illegal. Peter Stano, the representative of the EU External Action Service reported that on Twitter.

“We call on Russia to ensure full compliance with international human rights standards and other obligations under international law in the illegally annexed Crimea”, the official wrote.


Kyiv protests over illegal searches, detentions of Crimean Tatars in ”temporarily occupied” Crimea

“According to the available information, after searches at 4:00, at the houses of the Crimean Tatars in Simferopol and Bakhchisarai regions of the temporarily occupied Republic of Crimea and in Balaklava and Nakhimov districts of the city of Sevastopol, five citizens of Ukraine were illegally detained, all Crimean Tatars: Imam Raif Fevziev and activists Rustem Murasov, Rustem Tairov, Dzhabbar Bekirov, Zaur Abdullayev,” the statement reads.


It notes that the Russian Federation is once again “using its repressive apparatus to persecute and intimidate representatives of the disloyal Crimean Tatar people, suppress freedom of religion, and oust the indigenous people, the Crimean Tatars, from the occupied peninsula.”


Denisova: court arrests three out of five detained Crimean Tatars

“The persecution of the Crimean Tatars by the occupation authorities is religiously motivated and I demand the immediate release of our fellow citizens,” she [Verkhovna Rada human rights commissioner Liudmyla Denisova] said.


Kosovo in Crimea: Ukraine, Turkey exploit Tatar genocide charge against Russia June 26, 2021In “News”

Imagine if Russia was really the aggressor. Imagine that Russia had colonized 14 states next to the USA AND CONSTANTLY HELD NUCLEAR WAR GAMES IN THE GULF OF MEXICO….

Russia salaams before Turkey…again June 9, 2021In “News”

U.S., Ukraine, Turkey gear up Kosovo model for Russia

Nato confronts Russia with Black Sea build‑up | The Times
Nato confronts Russia with Black Sea build‑up | The Times

US launches cruise missiles at Syrian air base - Throwback ...

Bristling with Mega Missiles. Insane Pentagon gains two new bases in Hungary

July 20, 2021

MR Online | Is Russia imperialist?

The Games Begin: “Defender-Europe” U.S. Army defies Covid to Invade Europe and prove it’s the Biggest Bully

May 25, 2021

A mere 3% of U.S. military spending could end starvation on earth … 25,000 die of Hunger Every Day | 854 million people worldwide are estimated to be undernourished.

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