The sledgehammer offensive continues! Solidarity with framed Greece prisoners!

Oct 28 2021 0 comments By thecollective from Athens Indymedia, via, translated by cretinOriginal title: Athens, Greece: The sledgehammer offensive continues! 2 more banks attacked in solidarity with anarchist comrades G. Kalaitzidis and N. Mataragas [English translations of claims of responsibility + Videos of the attacks]

Attack Against the Headquarters of National Bank & EFKA in Kifisia / Solidarity with G. Kalaitzidis and N. Mataragas

Original Greek language claim of responsibility:

With a rigged trial that began on October 13 and continues on Friday, October 29, the state is trying to sentence two militants to life imprisonment for moral and physical instigation of homicide, showing its vengeful face to those who fight against its interests.

However, we stand by those who are fighting and, wanting to show our solidarity, we carried out a sledgehammer attack on the headquarters of the National Bank and EFKA in Kifissia.


Video of attack:


It's still hammer time!

Video of the attack:

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