Indigenous burn down toxic #Aruntani Gold Mine as General Strikes for the planet spread in Peru with a wave of Direct Action and road blockades.

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Solidarity with the Ayacucho communities! Enough repression!

Capitalism is rampaging through the last parts of the planet not yet ecologically destroyed, here poisoning the headwaters of Peru’s rivers in their lust for gold.. But indigenous peoples are fighting back after talks went nowhere, with a wave of Direct Action, local General Strikes and road blockades .

The demonstrators beat back police repression, destroying a $70 million dollar Gold Mining operation, Minera Aruntani S.A.C Apumayo , and setting a precedent that will make the Vultures think twice!
Aruntani has 6 gold mines in Peru, several have been temporarily closed by police after severe poisoning of rivers and refusing to obey restraining orders.


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The invasion and burning of the Apumayo gold mine in Ayacucho

“Social conflicts spread throughout the country, but what happened yesterday, around 11 a.m., in Ayacucho, was a magnificent event.

It was learned that police tried to control the situation with tear gas; however, they had to retreat as they were overwhelmed by the large number of protesters.

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Protesters invaded and set fire to the facilities of the Apumayo gold mining company Aruntani. This, after last Thursday the residents of the provinces of Lucanas, Parinacochas and Páucar del Sara Sara began an indefinite strike to demand the withdrawal of mining companies from their territories.

Among the burned assets are administrative offices, vehicles, the tap , the dining room and the processing plant. In addition, electricity was cut off and goods were stolen, including explosives.

Apumayo SAC in flames

In a statement, Apumayo said that the company’s workers had to retreat to take care of their lives.

Hours later, around 2 pm, protesters from the Frente de Defense of Chumpi entered the Breapampa mining unit and burned a mechanical maintenance workshop. Until yesterday at 9 pm this unit was in the hands of the protesters. Then they retired to their communal premises.”


“The repression of the just protests in the communities of southern Ayacucho has left ten people injured by pellets, according to the Cora Cora health network. Once again, the State responds with violence to the demand for rights violated by the imposition of mining.

Since Wednesday, October 28, the Ayacuchan provinces of Parinacochas, Paucar del Sarasara and Lucanas have carried out an indefinite strike against mining contamination in the headwaters of the basin, a measure democratically approved in base assemblies.”

Apumayo SAC

“The Central Fighting Committee against mining contamination in the Headwaters of the Southern Ayacucho Water Basin reported that the strike was agreed upon because “the Peruvian State and the polluting companies do not comply with the agreement of the Roundtable on mining in the Headwaters of Watersheds, held on January 27, 2021 in the city of Puquio, where it was unanimously approved to prohibit mining activity in the headwaters of the water basin ”.

The mining companies that destroy the water basins, vital for the consumption and productive activities of the communities, are Apumayo SAC and Ares SAC.

Minera Antamina | cierre de operaciones | paro | Aquia ...

These “companies that are currently contaminating the rivers and springs that are born precisely in the same place where they have been exploiting mineral deposits, should (according to the agreement of the Table held in Puquio) abandon their camps,” says the Fighting Committee.

It specifies that said agreement was “signed by the Minister of Energy and Mines, by a representative of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, congressmen from Ayacucho, the president of the Ayacucho region, provincial and district mayors, leaders of the organizations of agricultural producers, and social and cultural associations ”.

From ONAMIAP we express our firm solidarity with the Ayacucho peoples, we demand the end of the repression and the fulfillment of the agreements. And we warn that only the integral change of the extractivist model will guarantee the exercise of the rights of indigenous peoples and of Mother Nature, and with this will put an end to social conflicts.”

Communities of Ayacucho continue indefinite strike: “The people feel mocked”

The population protests against the contamination of the water by the mining companies.

October 29, 2021 Comunidades de Ayacucho acatan paro indefinido: “El pueblo se siente burlado”
Attention. Communities of Ayacucho are undergoing an indefinite strike, this against the presence of mining companies located in the headwaters of the southern basin that, as indicated, pollute the water in the area and put the health of the population at risk.

“There has been no response from the Executive and that makes people react. Everything has been stunned, the representatives of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers [of previous governments] have been there and the people practically feel mocked ”, explained Alberto Navarro, collaborator of Exitosa in Ayacucho.

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Apumayo SAC

It should be noted that the protests have been registered since 2018. According to Navarro, the authorities, during that government period, were unable to meet the demands of the population against the Apumayo mining company and others.

“What happens is that these mining companies operate in the headwaters of the basin, drilling and extracting to extract the gold; the population defends water because, when drilling holes in the headwaters of the basin, these waters run off and contaminate the Ancascocha dam, “he explained.

The claims of the population are given within the framework of the protection of the flora and fauna of the region. According to Navarro, the population asks for the exit of these mining companies because they operate close to the water sources, thus contaminating this resource.

“There is strong evidence that flora and fauna are already disappearing, such as trout. We are talking about the rivers in the jurisdiction of Colonel Castañeda, whose waters no longer have the most valuable thing that the people had: their trout, ”he added.

Apumayo SAC in flames

“The authorities on duty are not enforcing the health, sanitation and environmental protection protocols. It is not the first time that the intervention of the PCM has been requested, “he said.


The residents of these communities developed two historical strikes in 2019 and 2020. After that, five roundtables were held with the PCM and other competent bodies, but without any results.


There are also indefinite strikes in Áncash, Loreto and south of Ayacucho 28 Oct 2021 Updated on October 28, 2021….
The rural community of Aquia, in the Ancash province of Bolognesi, has been blocking the road that leads to the Antamina mining camp.

And in the Amazon, residents of various ethnic groups occupy Station 5 and oil blocks 95, 192, 8 and 67, since October 4.

Aquia. Por quinto día, bloquean ruta hacia Antamina. Foto: difusión

Here. For the fifth day, they block the route to Antamina. Photo: ere. For the fifth day, they block the route to Antamina. Photo: difusión

The indefinite stoppages are not only in the Southern Mining Corridor. For five days, the rural community of Aquia, in the Ancash province of Bolognesi, has been blocking the road that leads to the Antamina mining camp in demand of payment for the land use service that the company uses for its pipeline.

“We have control of the 50 kilometers of the road through which the pipeline passes, from Yanashallash to Mojón. There is no pass, but there is an alternate route with normal traffic: Huaraz-Huallanca and Huallanca-La Unión. The blockade is only for Antamina ”, declared the leader Adán Damián.

Loreto. Nativos toman Estación 5 y cuatro lotes petroleros. Foto: difusión

Loreto. Natives take Station 5 and four oil blocks. Photo: broadcast

He said that Aquia is not considered an area of ​​influence, it does not have a framework agreement and they are not respected by the company, so he demanded their departure.

He mentioned that more towns are being added and that the strike will be strengthened. “We have the logistics, we project the strike for months,” he said.

Yesterday they received the support of the president of the Association of Municipalities of Populated Centers of the Province of Huari (Amuceph), which groups 52 municipalities.

Apumayo SAC in flames

In a statement, Antamina denied the allegations. He indicated that there is a dialogue process and that he is willing to resume it.

And in the Amazon, the Awajún, Achuar, Kichwa, Kukama and Arabela peoples have been occupying Station 5 and oil blocks 95, 192, 8 and 67, since last October 4.

Its leader, José Fachín, declared that they demand a solution to the social and environmental debt that they have for fifty years of hydrocarbon activity. In addition, they demand the renegotiation of oil contracts and the discussion of a post-oil life plan.

“Today (yesterday) the Minister of Energy and Mines told us that after Las Bambas they have a meeting with Bolivia, and after that they are going to enter the Amazon,” said Fachín.

Three provinces of Ayacucho (Lucanas, Parinacochas and Páucar del Sara Sara) also joined forces to demand the withdrawal of mining activity in their headwaters.

Minera Aruntani-Arasi y contaminación de ríos en Puno, Peru › print › minera-ar… · Translate this page18 Aug 2019 — Los pobladores acusan a la minera Aruntani (antes minera Arasi) de … donde presenta conflictos), Apumayo (Ayacucho) y Anama (Apúrímac, … › guillermo-… · Translate this page27 Jan 2020 — El OEFA verificó el 19 de julio del 2019 la paralización de componentes mineros de la unidad minera Arasi de la empresa Aruntani S.A.C., ubicada …

Unidad Arasi: Aruntani rellenará pared noreste de tajo Jessica con 746,295 m3 de material rocoso

“Durante la última supervisión realizada por el OEFA el 11 de noviembre del 2019, a raíz de una denuncia ambiental de Gonzalo Velásquez, alcalde del distrito de Haquira, se observó que la fase 04 del pad de lixiviación presentó inestabilidad, y que producto de ello el mineral, que contiene trazas de cianuro, ha sido desplazado en dirección a las áreas de suelo sin impermeabilizar de la fase 03, lo que constituye «un inminente peligro y alto riesgo de daño a la calidad del suelo, posible afectación de la calidad del agua subterránea, al ecosistema bofedal y calidad del agua de la quebrada Huayllani, que se encuentra cercano al pad de lixiviación».

Los Crimenes de Aruntani /Apumayo :

Corte Superior de Justicia de Moquegua ordena cierre de mina Aruntani

Corte Superior de Justicia de Moquegua ordena cierre de mina Aruntani

29 septiembre, 2021 La Corte Superior de Justicia de Moquegua resolvió admitir a trámite la medida cautelar temporal en contra de la empresa minera Aruntani disponiendo que se «cumpla en forma inmediata» con el cierre y remediación de los componentes mineros contaminantes y «potencialmente mortales». Según el fallo del juez Fredy Fernández, Aruntani › news › lara-agrees-s…10 Jul 2013 — … of Intent with Apumayo S.A.C., a subsidiary of Peruvian gold miner Aruntani S.A.C., to acquire 100% of the Company’s Grace Gold Project … › peru · Translate this pageLa minera de capitales peruanos opera cinco minas auríferas: Aruntani (Moquegua), Arasi (Puno), Anabí (Cusco), Apumayo (Ayacucho) y Anama (Apurímac), …

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