Anarchist genius Enric Duran needs help in Exile

Enric is the Catalan activist who took out bank loans of 500,000 euros and gave the cash to occupiers, anarchists and Coops. Then he helped found the Integral Coop, the FairCoop, and Faircoin, the popular non exploiting crypto currency
At his trial the State banned his witnesses who aimed to expose the multi billion frauds of the banks themselves, So Robin (Enric)  ‘did a runner’, and he’s still free 7 yrs later but needs cash urgently.
click here to make your donation if you wish  .                ..finishes on 3rd May 2019                                                                    Pre-campaign for the future of Enric Duran’s exile                Pre-campanya pel futur de l’exili d’Enric Duran
fair coop‘Enric still lives as a fugitive outside Spain, and is still busy organizing the FairCoop,  – Open Cooperative, Faircoin, Commons Transition,,etc…  (here’s lots more about Fair Coop

FairCoop Introduction from on Vimeo.

The key to going  global is the Commons Transition (new website here, linking up commons projects like CIC, the P2P Foundation, Ubuntu, Wikipedia, the makers  movement, occupy, etc.
Read all the dirty details and join in here: Fairness and the Commons, an Interview with Enric Duran.

Enric’s blog in English HERE


Announcement by Enric Duran from Exile
Comunicat d’Enric Duran des de l’Exili 23-04-19

Today April 23 is the 7th anniversary that went far from home, resisting a “national” order of detention for the action of denunciation and expropriation of the unjust and stingy banking system, which I made public in 2008, and for which still calls for 8 years in prison, although the banks reported to the state coffers 120000 times more than what I had to do to them and no prosecutor’s office has asked for criminal charges for that.

Unlike other exiles, I have not asked for support or asylum in an embassy in any European country, since I believe that there is no state with which it can generate a secure relationship.

All this time I have been able to execute a relative freedom outside of Spain, but not beyond the borders of Europe, since I have the passport retired for 10 years as a “precautionary measure” that has never been Cancelled, and counting only on the national identity document, I can not go further.

see also.. Faircoin: the Eco-Solidarity money that could Sweep the World

Having lived and already visited about 90% of the countries of the old continent, these facilities are on track to end by 2020, when my ID will expire, a document that I can not renew at an embassy without risking to be detained and extradited

It is in this context that a strategy is being taken to be able to continue resisting the same (or higher) freedom of movement while benefiting several exiled activists from around the world, who are in a situation similar to mine . If, again, the situation forces me to act, I want to do it consistently, including key words that will resonate like: cooperativism, economic hacking, freedom of movement, citizenship programs and mutual support between struggles.

We have just one year left to develop this strategy that will lead to a campaign that requires extensive communication work, legal and technical support in various fields, and therefore we will need all your support to get our hands on. work

That’s why, taking advantage of my anniversary, I now set up a small, only 10-day crowdfunding campaign that will allow us to get the funds we need to get to work! With the 5,000 euros that we aim to create, we will create a team that can launch the campaign with all the necessary forces and dimensions –

The contributions that you can make now, will not be lost in depth, but will be converted into participations of the cooperative when it is put into operation.

click here to make your donation if you wish  .                ..finishes on 3rd May 2019                                                                    Pre-campaign for the future of Enric Duran’s exile                Pre-campanya pel futur de l’exili d’Enric Duran

Thanks for your solidarity.

From some place in Europe in the 7th year of exile.


Comunicat d’Enric Duran des de l’Exili 23-04-19

 1:1 FairCoop risingThe Post-capitalist movement known as FairCoop steadily grows stronger, worldwide, in an integrated way. Independently from the decisions of centralized institutions, statements of hierarchical organizations, fluctuations of market speculation and mainstream skepticism … we are empowering ourselves in an exponential and radiant way.


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