New campaign “#riseup4rojava – Smash Turkish fascism!”

#RiseUp4Rojava: From Global Action Days to an worldwide campaign against Turkish fascism.

On January 27 and 28 the Global Days of Actions, activists in more than 60 locations in over 20 countries demonstrated against the looming attacks by the Turkish state against the Rojava revolution

. The activists not only denounced the imperialist policy of Erdogan regime, but also made clear which companies benefit from the war.

They protested in front of various arms companies such as BAE Systems in London, Rheinmetall in Austria and Germany, and financial institutions such as CreditSuisse in Switzerland.

Suruç Families Initiative: ‘We are Getting Arrested Instead of Killers’

From the action days, which the Internationalist Commune of Rojava had called for, now a campaign with the name “RiseUp4Rojava” – smash Turkish fascism” emerged, which has been already joined by around 20 organizations, such as CNT, PlanC, the Association of students Kurdistan (YXK) and InfoAut.

FREE Leyla Güven.. dying on Hunger Strike ..jailed for opposing Afrin Genocide

FREE Leyla Güven.. dying on Hunger Strike ..jailed for opposing Afrin Genocide–now nearly 7000 on hunger strike




A call for the campaign, published today, reads as follows;

“We must expose and attack the military and diplomatic cooperation between the AKP-MHP government and opportunist governments of the USA and Western European states. We have to build a collective resistance against the cooperation of our governments with Turkish fascism.

It is no coincidence that the campaign begins today, April 25, 74 years after the liberation of Italy from fascism. Just as internationalists and anti-fascists held together against fascism in Europe, as partisans and saboteurs, so the campaign calls for a united front against Turkish fascism today.

Some 40 Kurdish protesters forced their way into Amnesty International’s International Secretariat in London on Friday night, insisting that the NGO release a statement about ongoing prison hunger strikes in Turkey, with the demand that the leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Abdullah Öcalan, held in İmralı Prison, be granted regular access to his family and lawyers. The incident ended with the protesters being removed from the premises by the police. Some who refused to leave were arrested and physically removed, Amnesty announced on its website.

We must expand our actions, connect them and internationalise them. We have to trespass from a politics of protest to permanent political resistance. The people of Kurdistan and Northern Syria are already responding to these attacks. We, as anti-fascists and revolutionary forces, will take action – through occupation, blockade and disruption – against the places of military, diplomatic and economic cooperation for Turkish fascism in our countries”, the call said.

Other organizations are invited to support the call and join the campaign. More information at:


ANF English


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