23 Covid-Skeptic Memes to Kick Back at 2022! -‘Keep laughing ..if you don’t believe it, ..they can’t win’-

Kim Usbourne off-guardian shared with thanks

Where to begin? While things have much improved, and the narrative has taken a huge battering to the point of collapse, we’re still in a surreal limbo of people defending a nonsensical narrative, because they can’t accept the world we live in…

So perhaps it’s better not to begin anywhere, but rather to spell out how it’ll end:

I predict 2022 will herald a historically unprecedented victory for meme-based warfare. Millions upon millions will take to the very handheld devices shackling them to their new normal dystopia, open up their photo-editing apps and generate hilarious meme upon hilarious meme, to the point where the NWO overlords simply have to hold their hands up and say ‘Fair enough! They won fair and square! I don’t need all these billions anyway, let’s learn to share again!’.

Hey, it’s a new year. Who knows what it’ll bring?!

So here’s a message from OffG: Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t give into fear from either side. Keep posting memes. Keep laughing at the utter farce of it all. As long as you don’t believe in any of it, they can’t win.

Here’s some memes!


“IT’s my first day!”


We’re waiting…


Oh jeez. This feels like it was years ago!


I wasn’t wearing a mask when I was born either…


Vaxxed is the new Vegan


Covid logic.


I was wondering how they knew which variant it was!


And in case you can’t get hold of a test, here’s a symptom list…


Oh, the irony!




I’m sorry to tell you this, but this headline below is 100% real.


Don’t have a cow, man.


Ahh, censorship. A tale as old as time.


Sorry, Tom. We should have stayed with you. #TheOneThatGotAway


The foosball table didn’t get enough exercise last year…


Was 2020 slightly preferable to 2021, though? Back when I still thought I could shake people awake. Simple times.


It’s all about perspective.


Jab logic




Way easier than actually being informed…


Better keep up with them shots.


You know you want to…


Having just seen out NYE, this sums up the sensation aptly

A very big Happy New Year to you all. May it be a splendid one! Hold the line, keep your sense of humour, and watch out for those covid wardens…

Bonus Meme

And cheers from OffGuardian!

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