Indefinite Spanish Trucker strike Continues by self-employed drivers

The carriers continue  the indefinite strike called by the Platform for the Defense of the National and International Road Freight Transport Sector, which claims to represent medium-sized and small companies that account for 85% of the sector.

Fuels persist at record highs despite the oil truce. Truckers claim they are ruined and prefer to stay home and lose less money.

Effects have reached consumers, with a lack of supplies, especially of fresh products from Andalusia. The Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, has warned that she will not sit down to negotiate “with a group of radicals”

In France the united Truckers stroke ended before it began, with the Govt. announcing tax cuts and distributing compensation to the drivers.

CCOO and UGT, the majority Trade Unions, condemn the strike and accuse strikers of attacks on the section of wage earners in large freight transport companies, who the self employed see as scabs.

The unions have condemned the attacks suffered by the section of wage earners in road freight transport and have demanded responsibility from the Government in the search for a solution.

The extreme right party VOX, allied with the far right PP, have hijacked support of the strikers.

In response the ex Socialists, PSOE and Podemos parties in power have refused negotiations and sent 23,500 militarized and National police to ” ensure peace” and escort convoys of ‘ strikebreakers’ .

The minority and anarchist unions seem to have little presence in the sector, and it seems an opportunity has been missed, as strikes take place in other sectors, eg a 5 day schools strike in Catalonia.

Gasoline and diesel maintain their upward trend and have again exceeded their historical highs after soaring in the last week by 9.9% and 15%.

The strike has had huge repercussions, especially in Andalusia, with other sectors, taxis, fisher people, farmers, miners, etc joining in boycotts and blockades.

However by Friday 18th the strike was acknowledfed to be ‘peaceful’ though support seemed lessened, amid media opposition or ignoring. Some areas issued hive fined of up to 30,000 euros, arrests however have been few arrests, less than 30 in 5 days.

One trucker was shot by a police agent on the 1st day, they claimed it was an ” accident” in a ” scuffle”. The driver is now out of hospital.

Below you can read details of some reported in incidents on Friday 28th March.

The indefinite strike of self-employed carriers and small and medium-sized companies threatens to become entrenched and is causing shortages.

The Platform for the Defense of the National and International Road Freight Transport Sector, convener of the protest, has reiterated that it will not call it off until the minister of the branch, Raquel Sánchez, receives them, who refuses to do so, considering it an organization minority within the sector.

More than 2.5 million kilos of bananas blocked by strikes.

Finally it seems negotiations may begin on Monday 21st.

Despite having met for nine hours with the employers yesterday, the Minister of Transport Raquel Sánchez has already assured that she will not meet with the Platform for the Defense of the Transport Sector, the organization calling the strike.

Instead, Ella Sánchez announced that she will act “forcefully” against picketing by truck drivers.

The strike already causes 600 million euros in food losses.

The Government department maintains deployment of the army made up of 23,600 agents of the National Police and the Civil Guard on the occasion of the strike to guarantee the supply of essential products to the population and act against possible violent pickets.

Elite Taxi calls for a slow march Elite Taxi has called a slow march from Terminal 1 of El Prat Airport to the Parlament

Penalties of up to 60,000 euros in CantabriaThe Government Delegation in Cantabria has decided to act “forcefully” against

During the fifth day of protests, Mercabarna recognized the lack of fish and shellfish, such as mussels, clams, sardines, anchovies and mackerel.Yesterday, Mercabarna announced the lack of supply of fresh produce from Andalusia, especially fruit and vegetables.

The National Police and the Civil Guard have arrested a total of six people, denounced 34 and identified 595 in various pickets and after incidents since the start of the transport strike

The Platform for the Defense of the Transport Sector, representative of SMEs and the self-employed in Spain, made the call for the strike official, alleging that “as long as the Government does not approve measures that ensure that the operating costs will be covered according to the Road Freight Transport Cost Observatory”, road freight transport would not return to normal.

Atalaya Mining and Cobre Las Cruces, are being forced to to stop its activity, due to the lack of supplies as a result of the transport strike.

CCOO the EC communist Union rejects the “wild strikes”According to Europa Press, the general secretary of the CCOO in Extremadura, Encarna Chacón, has pointed out that the union “never” has defended “wild strikes” nor will it, because Spain cannot afford a situation like that of the ‘vests yellows’ in France:

At the same time, since it is an act of indefinite duration, it is unknown how long the strike can last, ergo, the forecast duration is still unknown for a strike that, for now, is going through its fifth day of picketing and negotiations.

Mercamadrid has registered this Friday the entry of 68% of its supply vehicles in relation to the same day last week, which represents an improvement compared to other days;

Almería fruit producers estimate daily losses of 10 million

VOX defends carrier strikes Santiago Abascal has defended the “legitimate” strike of carriers against the escalation of fuel prices and has made ugly declarations of hatred and extreme right-wing positions.”

The stoppage of transport has caused this Thursday afternoon a total cut of the A-6 motorway, towards A Coruña, at the height of Vega de Valcarce (León), as well as slow traffic on the AP-7 at the height of Aiguaviva (Girona).

The production of Estrella Galicia is in danger

The increasingly belligerent actions of the conveners, with blockades in ports, fish markets, wholesale markets and logistics centers, is beginning to cause important problems for companies in the sector, such as the lack of supply in factories, difficulty in supplying points of sale and the paralysis of industries.

A total of 23,598 members of the Civil Guard and the National Police participate in the devices designed by the Ministry of the Interior 16,476 civil guards and 7,122 national police officers are stationed throughout Spain, in addition to members of the Ertzaintza, Mossos d’Esquadra and the Navarre Foral Police.

The CCOO leader assures that there is no transport strike but a “patron strike”Unai Sordo has said that “we must not grant representation to those who do not have it” and that “there is no strike”, but rather a lockout by the minority Platform in Defense of the National and International Road Goods Transport Sector.

the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, has assured that “it is quite clear who are the ones who are intimidating the carriers”, referring to the extreme right. Sánchez has raised the tone by referring to the members of the platform as “ultras who are replacing the word with sticks, nails and stones.”

Feijóo urges the Government to talk to the carriers, whom he urges to stop so as not to “collapse” sectorsHe insists that Sánchez must promote tax cuts as other countries have done.

The Brewers of Spain sector warns of incidents of stoppages in the transport of beers

The Government attacks the extreme right Isabel Rodríguez, minister spokesperson, has referred to the indefinite national strike in the freight transport sector as a “boycott encouraged from hatred and extreme right-wing positions”.

The dairy sector suffers in supermarketsThe shortage of milk and dairy products “is already being noticed” on supermarket shelves “because of the transport blockade,” according to the interprofessional association (Inlac) that brings together producers and the industry. this to

In Mercamálaga, the volume of merchandise has dropped by 80% between fish, shellfish, fruit and vegetables.

\According to Europa Press, the transport strike has left the National Market of Pola de Siero, which was waiting for the arrival of 1,000 head of rearing cattle, without any activity.

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