We Can Save the Planet!! Deep-Geo Drilling method offers Endless free Steam energy Anywhere

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Feel the Heat: Paul Woskov of MIT holds water-cooling lines leading to a test chamber, and a sample of rock with a hole made by a beam from a gyrotron. Photo: Paul Rivenberg/MIT

In just 2 years the first Deep-Geo wells will be drilled. With new millimeter technology rocks can be vaporized in a self sealing borehole up to 20kms deep.

It’s not toxic, reaches only the hot rocks well before magma, and doesn’t fracture or poison ground water like fracking.

And you can do it almost anywhere.. that is: right next to redundant coal, oil and gas power stations, supplying the super heated steam to power their turbines, without oil, gas coal or nuclear.. 100% CO2 free! (unless we include CO2 released in the manufacture of the drilling equipment)

We live on a piece that fell off the sun. Just 20kms down the rocks are at 5000 C. All…

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