Women Lose AGAIN!!!

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Some people treat their furry companions (cats, dogs, hamsters, etc.) as ‘pets’ … animals to be played with at will, to put cutesy little outfits on them (never mind that they are already far more beautiful than we humans, because they have fur!), and shoo them away when they aren’t in the mood to play or pay attention to them. 

In our house, the furry ones are not pets … they are family members who just happen to walk on all fours. 

Some men treat their wives or significant others much the same as some egotistical humans treat their furry family members – as chattel to entertain, to be seen and not heard, and to be available at any time to indulge the male’s baser instincts.

Today, every single Republican senator plus Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, attempted to prove to us women just how little we are valued in this so-called “great” nation. 

The U.S. Supreme Court already made it clear to us a week or so ago that we are considered sub-standard, that we must submit to male dominance, and today the U.S. Senate confirmed it. 

Well guess what, guys?  It might have been easy for you back in the 19th century to keep your womenfolk barefoot and pregnant, cleaning & cooking, washing the clothes on rocks down by the creek, but today’s women are one hell of a lot stronger than you obviously believe us to be! 

If you Republican males with the huge egos – yes, I mean you, Mitch McConnell, and you Kevin McCarthy – think we are going to simply go to our corners, cry a few tears, and then put on our makeup so we look nice for you guys, THINK AGAIN!

And to those of you who think we’re overreacting … I’d like to direct you to my friend Annie’s post.  Please take a few minutes to read this and take note of the Republicans running for office who carry with them a history of abusing women.


  Remember that Hollywood Access tape that Trump never even bothered to deny where he said it was okay to grab women in their private parts because “when you’re famous, they let you do it.”

  And yet, almost 63 million people voted for this neanderthal in 2016!!!  Of course, nearly 66 million voted for Hillary Clinton, but since she’s a mere woman … well, ’nuff said.

I’ve often said that the U.S. is deeply divided by political party, but the reality is that we may be divided even more by gender!

  Look again at Annie’s post … Eric Greitens, Max Miller, Andrew Wilhoite … all abusers of women, yet all have won their Republican primary bid!  What happened? 

Did the men lock up their womenfolk and refuse to let them vote?  Or did the women, with more brain power than their male counterparts, do the sensible thing and vote for Democrats or Independents?

Yes, I’m angry, my friends.  This argument isn’t only about a woman’s right to end an unwanted, dangerous, or forced pregnancy, but it is about our right to make our own decisions, our right not to be dominated by males solely because they consider themselves superior based on a tiny little part of the anatomy. 

Some states, like Michigan, are led by a governor who respects and values women.  But far too many states are led by the likes of Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott, have state legislatures who delight in setting back the rights not only of women, but of Blacks and LGBTQ by at least a century. 

I have a friend in a neighboring state who I would like to go visit this summer, my own health permitting. 

When I cross the state line, will I be stopped, asked for identification, and forced to take a pregnancy test before I am allowed into her state? 

Yeah, sure, laugh if you will, roll your eyes and call me an alarmist, but some states have already suggested doing exactly this!

To my fellow women … we must find a way to regain what is being taken from us.  I don’t know how just yet, but we are NOT powerless in this fight. 

If nothing else, hand your significant other a set of sheets and a pillow and tell him you hope he can get comfortable on his new bed – the sofa! 

Again, please read Annie’s post … it is jaw-dropping!

And on that note, I shall go take a few deep breaths.

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6 thoughts on “Women Lose AGAIN!!!”

  1. davidprosser My answer to Annie’s post.
    There’s no such thing as the ‘Weaker sex’, ONLY THE ‘GENTLER SEX’ and often in the face of violence the ‘It’s better to keep the peace sex’. Women like Nancy Pelosi prove that Women are strong and can achieve stature in a male dominated world where it’s usually only the male opinion of themselves that holds sway. I think it’s often fear that brings these males scuttling out in support of each other. Fear that females may show they can do the job better than their male counterparts. I personally have always wanted more Women in politics because I always doubt there’d be as many wars with a reluctance to send their children off to kill other children overseas. They would look for paths to peace, not through weakness but for the sake of preservation of the family. I say children because there were many less than 18 years old in Vietnam.Like Reply
  2. rawgod Left this comment on Annie’s blog:
    Rise up like women did in the 70s. Go on strike. Stop catering to men. Make them cook their own good, wash their own clothes, clean their own houses, care for their own kids, and change the shit-filled diapers. And then tell them to go to hell if they want sex. Don’t wait for the chance to vote. Act now, while you still have a chance to win! Once SCOTUS repeals Roe v Wade, the fight will be three times as hard to regain choice, if that is even possible anymore.Like Reply
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  4. OIKOS™- Art, Books & more As Trump acted like a patriarch, so the Supreme Court with some of his friends decided. ;-/ We will see. I do not think the last word is spoken out. xx MichaelLike Reply
  5. OIKOS™- Art, Books & more Reblogged this on NEW BLOG HERE >> https:/BOOKS.ESLARN-NET.DE.Like Reply
  6. taurusingemini Women and men were never, created equal from day one, we get paid less than they do for work, even IF we hold the same positions, and we’d, accepted it too long, and, men think that because we’d accepted this as is too long, it’s okay, but it’s not, and it takes more than our, tiny little voices, screaming at the top of our lungs, to finally be heard, by the world, our separate governments, as well as, mankind!Liked by 1 person Reply

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