Ukrainians Cheated At Eurovision/ 6 juries banned/ votes transferred/ propaganda allowed

Kalush Orchestra pose onstage with the winner’s trophy and Ukraine’s flags after winning on behalf of Ukraine the Eurovision Song contest.

Posted on May 17, 2022 by yalensis .. Ukrainians Cheated via The Free Online shared with thanks

Dear Readers:

The annual Eurovision Song Contest concluded a couple of days ago (May 14), in Turin Italy.

I am sure that most of you are avid followers of this major artistic event [not], therefore you will already be aware of the fact, that the Ukrainian team won. Surprise, surprise! Which means that the Ukraine will be hosting the competition next year, probably in Kiev. Or maybe in Lvov. Here is the winning entry, by a highly talented [not] pop/rap group called Kalush:

This group of degenerates artists won the contest through sheer talent alone, and totally did not cheat.

Oh wait, they did!

For starters, the rules of the contest require that participants are forbidden to make political statements. The Ukrainian performers broke this rule and politicized to the hilt, when they called upon the audience to help Ukraine, and to help the brave fighters of the Azov Battalion.

This one act alone should have disqualified them. When this was pointed out, the organizers of the competition excused the Ukrainians on the grounds that they get emotional about their country; besides, it was a “humanitarian gesture”.

One reminds that Russia was banned from sending their own entry, on political grounds. Besides, Eurovision has been a political whore for many years now.

Secondly, and even more important, the Ukrainians literally cheated by taking votes that were intended for Moldavia. Reporter Anton Nikitin explains how that happened:

At next year’s competition, Zelensky will play the piano with his penis.

According to the head of the Romanian delegation, Juliana Marchuk, the Romanian jury gave their highest vote to the Moldavian singers; but the Eurovision organizers switched that vote to the Ukrainian team, thus ensuring their victory.

And there was a lot more hanky panky going on, even more than that: “As a result of changes introduced by the organizers, neither Moldavia nor Romania received a single point. […]

Just before announcing the results, the European Broadcasting Company (Европейский вещательный союз) removed the juries of 6 countries, claiming they had used an incorrect voting scheme, but they did not specify exactly which countries…”

In the final result, the Ukrainian team gained 631 votes from some kind of combination of professional jury and television viewers. The rules are set up in such a way that there is a lot of wiggle room for the event organizers to, in effect, decide who is going to win.

None of these shenanigans really matter, though, the end was preordained.

As a Russian pundit noted, the Ukrainians would have won this year even if they had just trotted out a deaf-mute dog onto the stage and watched it try to bark.

Because Europeans have been whipped up into the belief that Ukrainians shoot rainbows out of their butts.

Ukraine War Day #83: Ukrainians Cheated At Eurovision

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