Here’s the 100% proof via Steve Kirsch that Dynamites the Criminal Covid Conspiracy

Steve Kirsch is a US millionaire crusading a great Campaign to publicly prove that Big Pharma and the Corrupt Elite’s Covid-19 ‘narrative’ is one huge criminal LIE.

Though all mass media deny it – ”Fox News guest lies about the COVID vaccine killing “hundreds of thousands– authorities worldwide are forced to start backing down from masks, mandates and toxic experimental vaccines.

Suddenly it’s becoming ‘mainstream’ to admit the conspiracy to slaughter us for mega profits, just as many States are gearing up for new repression and Vaccine passports morphing into total Digital ID Control

Fox News says they “can’t verify” the extraordinary claims I made on air. Can’t or won’t? I offered to supply the data, but they just ignored me. So did Media Matters, the CDC and the FDA.

Data justifying the claims I made on Fox News on Aug 10

by Steve Kirsch on Aug 11 2022 via thefreeonline

Here are the facts behind my claims. Will anyone, including Fox and Media Matters, have a chat with me about what I said? Apparently not. It’s the biggest story of the year, but there’s no interest in looking at the data.

Executive summary

I appeared on Fox News on Aug 10.

The transcript is here: Steve Kirsch on Tucker Carlson Tonight with Brian Kilmeade.

I made a number of claims about the COVID vaccines that I felt it was important for the public to hear.

During the segment, the host, Brian Kilmeade said, “So you know we can’t verify those numbers, these are numbers that you have.”

Interesting choice of words: “can’t.” You mean you “can’t” because Fox won’t let you, right? I love the honesty.

In addition, I was accused of making false statements by Media Matters, an organization where I was an original donor.

I have reached out to Fox News and Media Matters offering to provide them with the data so that they could verify my claims and suggested we discuss the data in a recorded video call if they had any objections at all.

Both organizations declined my offer.

In fact, Media Matters permanently banned me after I made the offer. I think they don’t want to investigate because they know I’m right.

As the Epoch Times has pointed out, Carol Crawford is the person at the CDC who is in charge of illegally coordinating with social media companies to censor people who tell the truth about how dangerous the vaccines are.

This is an unconstitutional violation of our free speech rights, but the CDC believes that they are above the law. I said that censorship hasn’t worked and we should have a recorded livestream public discussion to resolve our differences. I left my private cell phone number. She refuses to return my call. Go figure.

I have also made many calls to Martha Sharan at the CDC. Martha is the “gatekeeper” for CDC authors. If you want to question Hannah Rosenblum and Julianne Gee on their Lancet paper on the VAERS data that claims “nothing to see here folks, move along,” you have to get it cleared by Martha.

But Martha will not return any of my calls or emails requesting an on-the-record interview with the authors of this paper. So the CDC refuses to defend what is in their own paper. I guess that is how science works: ignore anyone who disagrees with you.

I’d also like to talk to John Su about why he never tells the ACIP committee about the VAERS underreporting factor estimate and implications. This is deceptive because it misleads the ACIP panel and American people into thinking the vaccines are ~100X safer than they really are. Tom Shimabukuro won’t say anything about this either when he talks about the VAERS data.

Here’s the voicemail I just left for Tom right now calling him out on the deceptive practices that they engage in. I included a link to it in the email I sent to him on August 12, 2022, just in case there is a FOIA request, this will show up. I also sent him a link to this article which should be very troubling to him. He’ll ignore it of course.

Please email Carol and Martha and by clicking the link and let them know what you think of their behavior.

In addition, later today (Aug 12), I’ll be posting an interview where people will go on the record about illegal falsification of medical records and death certificates.

Did you know that in America today, if you died shortly after vaccination, even when their is a VAERS report, that your medical records will not reflect this and it will be omitted from your death certificate as well?

In a time where misinformation costs lives, the people who work at these organizations are not serving the public interest. We need clarity and we need it now. Why are these people so camera shy?

It’s not only them. It appears that nobody in the world is confident that I am lying because I’ve offered up to $1M to anyone who thinks they can challenge me and there are no acceptances of any of my 15 debate offers.

Finally, if you don’t believe me, just read the anecdotes from my readers in the comments. At the time I wrote this, all of the anecdotes were negative. That is statistically unlikely for a “safe and effective” vaccine. That fact alone should be sufficient justification for any news or fact checker organization to check out my claims.


There is much more information I could add to this article and additional hyperlinks to all the statements. But at this point, it seems to be diminishing ROI for me as not a single fact checker is actually interested in seeing if what I said was true or not. So whether I write 10 pages or 200 pages of evidence doesn’t matter.

I’ve included enough information in this article to show that there is solid data on each of the points and that all of this data would be very improbable to obtain if the “safe and effective” narrative is true.

If I ever hear from any fact checker who is serious about finding out what is really going on, I’ll happily add any missing information requested. I’m not holding my breath at this point.

All the supporting data can be found in over 700 Substack articles I’ve written over the past 10 months and in my presentations such as my Elephant deck.

Kirsch drops truth bombs on Fox about the vaccines being deadly; Fox host very unhappy(opens in a new tab)

Fox host: “We can’t verify those numbers.” Kirsch: “Seriously? Who is not allowing you to verify what I just said?”

The key claims I made

Here is the summary again of the claims I made on Aug 10 on Fox News:

  1. The FDA and CDC falsely assured us that the approved COVID mRNA vaccines were both safe and effective
  2. The COVID mRNA vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines ever created by man
  1. The mRNA COVID vaccines are 1,000 times deadlier than the smallpox vaccine [killed per capita for fully vaccinated person]
  2. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have been killed by these [mRNA COVID] vaccines
  3. Millions of Americans have been injured by these vaccines
  4. The statistics at Wayne Root’s wedding (8 months after the wedding) were that at least 26 people were severely injured and 7 people died who were vaccinated while Wayne was not aware of anyone who was unvaccinated who reported any injuries or death.

This article summarizes the key evidence supporting each statement. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list for each point.

Why isn’t the data supporting all these points published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature?

While there are already 1,250 papers published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature on COVID vaccine injury, they are all ignored. It is rare for any of them to challenge the narrative. So I couldn’t just list a few papers.

Can you find conflicting data that suggest that what I said was false? Absolutely!

We shouldn’t ignore any data. We should consider the evidence and figure out which hypothesis is more likely.

My burden is only to show that my statements are also supported by reliable data.

That’s what science is about: sifting through conflicting data points to find truth. The best way to do that: open discussion between advocates for each viable hypothesis.

When one side does not wish to engage in debate or be challenged, that should arouse a great deal of suspicion.

An example of conflicting data would be this comprehensive review from Hoeg, Stevenson & Krug published last year which shows vastly different rates of myo/pericarditis post vaccination; the results can differ by a factor of 10!

How can that happen? It turns out that the more carefully you look for something, the more you find. Isn’t that interesting? Who would have guessed?

And you’ll also never guess that nobody wants to find anything wrong with the COVID vaccines, so they don’t look very hard.

Like when the CDC presents the VAERS data and John Su unethically refuses to mention the VAERS underreporting factor.

It’s misleading, it’s deliberate, and he knows it. But the CDC won’t let me confront him on camera because they don’t want you to know he’s deliberately misleading the ACIP panel. Read this for more. The CDC’s expert on VAERS hasn’t computed the URF or spotted any safety signals. His negligence has led to the death of over 150,000 Americans.

An example of the lack of debate would be Professor Jeffrey Sachs who wants to continue to find out the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but nobody wants to cooperate with him including people who were involved in the development of the virus. Who do you think is telling the truth? Answer: Sachs is because he wants to find out who did it.

Everything I said on Fox is backed up by data from multiple third party sources.

The fact that nobody wants to debate me on any of this is pretty telling. The fact that you can’t find a single supporting personal anecdote to the mainstream narrative… that’s a little hard to explain because we have no trouble at all finding anecdotes that show the narrative is false.

That alone is highly statistically significant. If the vaccines are as safe and effective as claimed, we should be drowning in glowing anecdotes. We are not.

We’d want to see a similar “50/50” random population split like Wayne had, and then show us that more people were injured and died in the unvaccinated group.

I have yet to see a single compelling anecdote supporting the narrative.

You also have to wonder how the data presented here can be so eerily consistent if it isn’t based on reality.

See also the article I wrote right after the Fox segment as it lists additional data points not included here (since I didn’t want to be repetitive).

A transcript of the interview (and very insightful commentary) can be found here, Steve Kirsch on Tucker Carlson Tonight with Brian Kilmeade. I do not know who Silent Partner is, but he’s spot on in his analysis.

The FDA and CDC falsely assured us that the approved COVID mRNA vaccines were both safe and effective

  1. They are not safe because they’ve killed hundreds of thousands of people as shown below
  2. The most compelling risk-benefit use case was the elderly, but we now know from the UK data that the vaccines kill more people than they help even for those over 60. Even Robert Malone finally admitted this. Watch this video at 6:50.
Dr. Malone: mRNA Vaccines’ Correlation With a Rise in All-Cause Mortality (Part 2)
  1. They are not effective because they don’t protect against infection, hospitalization, and death. Here are the numbers showing that once you start the boosters, the vaccine efficacy is negative for all three categories. It would be hard to interpret this any other way.

    Negative VE means the shots make you more likely to be infected, hospitalized, and die:
  1. Vaccine efficacy turns negative after you get your first booster. In this case, if you’ve been boosted, you are 12% more likely to die if you get COVID.
  2. There are many other examples, particularly in the UK. The Expose is filled with articles showing this. The UK stopped breaking out the numbers when it was clear that after dose 3, you were 3X more likely to be infected. See this article which cites the official UK numbers.
  3. See this article on the negative VE in the UK. Triple vaxxed —> 3X worse off. This is official UK government data. They stopped reporting it when it was obvious that it wasn’t working as planned.
  4. See this article and search for Scotland.
  5. Here’s an article about the numbers published in a Denmark study which was one of the first to show this in paper. See this article for more information and sources.
  6. There are so many references on this, let me know if you need more.

The COVID mRNA vaccines are the most dangerous vaccine ever created by man [for the general inoculation of the general US public]

The previous most dangerous was smallpox which was 1 per million.The smallpox vaccine used to be the most dangerous vaccine in human history. The COVID vaccines are over 1,000 times worse.

I claim that the COVID vaccines have killed over 300,000 Americans which is more than 1,000 deaths per million (I’ll show that below) since only 223M Americans have been vaccinated.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have been killed by these [mRNA COVID] vaccines

My favorite method to prove this to yourself and everyone in a large auditorium and ask them 3 questions:

  1. How many people in your household died from the COVID virus (not with COVID) and were treated properly in the hospital?
  2. How many people in your household died from the CDC-prescribed one-size-fits-all treatment protocol that the hospitals gave them after they checked in with severe COVID symptoms?
  3. How many people in your household died from effects from the COVID vaccine? (heart attack, stroke, myocarditis, cardiac arrest, pulmonary embolism, sudden adult death syndrome, died in their sleep, suicide, …)

You can see what happened when I did (a simplified version of) this live in front of a big audience: more people died from the vaccine than the virus.

The CDC says that there is no association with the vaccine and death. They are lying. The proof of that is in this video entitled, “If you are killed by the vaccine, NOBODY will blame the vaccine.” The video documents the case of a man who died shortly after the vaccine. The explanations provided by the doctors doesn’t fit the facts. The only viable explanation is a vaccine death and multiple medical experts have affirmed this. But the hospital nor the CDC will discuss this case on camera. This shows you how people die from the vaccine and it is not considered a vaccine death.

You should also watch the video with Ryan Cole where he points out that he isn’t aware of any medical examiner in the US who is doing the proper stains in order to reveal a vaccine-caused death. This is why the medical examiners don’t find any deaths either: the vaccine deaths are not detectable with the standard protocols in use today.

Watch this video for just 60 seconds starting at 1:15:00. That’s the red-pill moment. If you have time, watch the entire talk starting at 1:02 onwards. It’s entertaining and full of truth bombs. If you had any doubts about whether or not to take the vaccine, this presentation is a must see. Here’s more about my Calvary Church presentation.

The # dead from COVID is always less than the number who died from the vaccine. I’ve done this many times.

Do it yourself. You’ll convince yourself and your entire audience.

This can be easily derived from the VAERS data, but there are 10 other ways you can get the same estimates from data from all over the world.

That article includes a reference to the work of Mathew Crawford who analyzed the data from all over the world showing an average vaccine kill rate of around 411 deaths per Million doses. I offered $1M to anyone who could show Mathew made a mistake. There were no takers. Nobody even offered to publish the “corrected” analysis. How could that be?

In the US there have been 604M doses so that would be 248,000 deaths using the 411 estimator.

From the VAERS data, there are now almost 14,000 deaths reported in the US. Subtracting 1,000 for “background deaths” (a more than conservative number since vaccines each year combined appear to “kill” 250 people in VAERS), we have 13,000 reported “excess deaths.”

I’ve derived a factor of 41 for VAERS underreporting factor using the anaphylaxis stats published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. Aaron Siri calculated a very similar number, challenged the CDC on it, and the CDC did not dispute his claim. 41*13,000= 533,000 deaths. See my article for details on all of this.

See this article for details on the calculation, but the full derivation is found here including responses to all the gaslighting attacks.

Nobody has ever shown I was wrong in the calculation and come up with the “correct” number that we should be using. They simply try to gaslight people into believing that the underreporting factor cannot be calculated despite the fact that five CDC authors wrote a paper on how to calculate it. Whoops!

The CDC refused to disclose the VAERS underreporting factor, they never talk about at the ACIP meeting, John Su won’t return any of my calls about this, and the CDC press gatekeeper, Martha Sharan, refuses to answer any of my requests to speak with any of the CDC authors of any of the papers.

More recently we have this data (which I haven’t yet had time to validate): 1 in every 246 Vaccinated People has died within 60 days of Covid-19 Vaccination in England according to the UK Government. Since there are 223M fully vaccinated people in the US, this is close to 1M deaths based on the UK government statistics.

Another way to conservatively estimate the deaths is dividing the number of severe injuries by 10. There are conservatively well over 2M severe vaccine injuries which implies 200K or more deaths.

Another way is from polling. The polling consistently shows that more people have been judged to have been killed by the vaccine than by COVID. How is that possible? We used 4 different polling firms.

And then we have the anecdotes like Wayne Root’s wedding. If everyone was vaccinated, then we have 8 vaccinated deaths in 200 people. That’s a death rate of 4%.

You could argue that Wayne is simply a statistical outlier that I cherry picked, but the event rate of deaths after vaccination appears to be a Poisson distribution (because everyone is vaccinated at a different independent time) and it’s highly unlikely that Wayne is 4X way from the mean since the standard deviation of a Poisson distribution is the mean.

This means that even if Wayne’s case is a statistical anomaly, we’re looking at a death rate of 1% or more. So that would be 2M deaths.

Even if we got it wrong by a factor of 10X, we still get 200,000 deaths which is “hundreds of thousands.” Nobody can find a confounder or bias that could distort the value by 10X.

Note that most of Wayne’s guests were adults; the death rate for kids would likely be much smaller than for adults.

Another way is to look at the data I collected from 600 readers after I was inspired by hearing Wayne’s story. That data is all in public view. Fox News or anyone else can request the contact information for any line(s) in the table that they want to verify.

It showed very similar numbers as Wayne reported:

1039/4910 = 21.1% injured (Wayne reported 26%)
235/4910 = 4.7% dead (Wayne reported 8%)
29/3475 = 0.83% injured (Wayne reported <1%)
8/3475 = 0.23% dead (Wayne reported <1%)

Again, you can divide the numbers by 4 to be very conservative and you still get >1% death rate.

And then there are all the anecdotes in plain sight. As I am writing this, the news story just broke about Aaron Crawford, a high school athlete who was labeled a superhero.

This superhero suddenly became ill and died from cardiac arrest. See also this CBS News story. It’s tragic.

Here’s another. Clayton student Braden Fahey dies after football practice(opens in a new tab) of the small town of Clayton are mourning the loss of one of their own youngsters who died unexpectedly

I have never seen so many child deaths of normal kids in my life.

These deaths only started happening after the vaccines rolled out for their age group.

Young kids rarely have heart attacks. Very rarely. Now it is the “new normal.”

Aaron Crawford helped Kentuckians clean up from historic flooding. The teen’s mysterious death was just added to the flood death count. – CBS News(opens in a new tab)

Aaron was just 18 years old. An 18-year-old super-hero dies from a heart attack. How is that normal?

Kids under 20 never had strokes before. Now it is the new normal. The doctors I know have never seen anything like it.

We have 2 and 3 year old kids with seizures. They happen within days after vaccination. These are not febrile seizures: there is no fever. Doctors cannot explain it because they are told it cannot be the vaccines. So there are no options left.

Wake up people. We are killing our kids with these vaccines.

Finally, insurance companies all over the world (such as this one and this one) are reporting 40% increases in all-cause-mortality for people under 60 in Q3 and Q4 of 2021. What’s the cause of the deaths? The insurance companies REFUSE to ask their policy holders! Why would they do that? We know why: they don’t want to go there.

Let’s do the math here. Roughly 3M people die a year, but only around 30% of those are under 60 and above working age. So 1M deaths a year, which we’ll assume for this rough analysis are equally divided (there are more deaths in winter months in general so this is a fair estimate). So .5M deaths in Q3 and Q4 combined.

A 40% increase in those two quarters alone would be 200K excess deaths for Q3 and Q4. So again, that’s hundreds of thousands. More independent evidence supporting my claim.

And some of the most compelling studies have been silenced. Dr. Peter Schirmacher is one of the world’s top pathologists. After revealing that at least 30% to 40% of the people who died after being vaccinated died from the vaccine, they threatened his family if he said anything more. So he shut up.

Nobody has been able to talk to him. Because that is how the Germans deal with scientific dissent: you threaten to kill the guy’s family.

It doesn’t change what he said. He has never recanted what he said. And his numbers were replicated by other researchers in Germany with even more devastating results:

Bhakdi / Burkhardt study showing 93% of deaths post vaccine were caused by the vaccine.. The vaccine was implicated in 93% of the deaths in the patients they examined. What’s troubling is the coroner didn’t implicate the vaccine in any of those deaths.

The details are on Slide 82 of my Elephant deck:

We shouldn’t be surprised by this. Look at the number of deaths in the first 21 days post vaccine compared to >21 days in the elderly. It’s 2 to 6X higher in the first 21 days than the entire period after 21 days.

So this is very significant because it means the CDC is lying to us. It says there are no deaths from the vaccine.

Here’s the VAERS data:

In the first 2 weeks, we have more than half the deaths. So we can compute 14000*41*.3/2 = 86,000. So with conservative estimates we get just 86,000 deaths. But Bhakdi found a 93% causality rate. So 14000*41*.93/2=267,000 which supports my statement.

See the Nextdoor death rate data survey below showing 3% of households with a death. Since there are 128M households, that’s an estimate of millions of people who have died, far exceeding my claim.

There are the fresh graves in plain sight that are hard to explain.

We have a military officer who is ordered by her commanding officer not to testify in court about vaccine injuries (including death). So if there are no such deaths, why was such an order needed? And the existence of such an order is proof that there was a campaign to cover up the injuries. This is additional evidence supporting the assertion that the vaccines are killing people.

My favorite data point for deaths is the fact that Facebook has admitted that vaccine deaths in plain sight have recently become too numerous to allow because it would create vaccine hesitancy. So they censor vaccine-related sudden deaths so nobody will know how deadly the vaccines are. They euphemistically call that “Keeping Our Community Safe.”

And consider this post:

And this post is stunning: In memory of those who “died suddenly” in the United States and worldwide, August 2-August 8.

Posts such as these make the “safe and effective” narrative impossible to believe. Why is this happening only after the vaccines rolled out for that age group?

And finally, there are multiple embalmers, such as Richard Hirschman, seeing telltale blood clots in over 50% of the people he embalms. The others all ignore the clots so they don’t get fired.

This suggests that half the deaths in America can be tied back to the vaccine since these clots are unique to vaccinated patients (and those with blood transfusions from vaccinated patients). So that would be over 1.5M deaths over a 1 year period. That’s nearly an order of magnitude more than we need to prove.

Someone is hiding from the truth and it isn’t me.

I have $1M challenges to anyone in the world who thinks I’m wrong on any of the 15 claims I’ve made. I have no takers. There has to be a reason. I even lowered the minimum bet threshold to just $200K and there were no takers.

Millions of Americans have been injured by these vaccines

The Israeli government did a survey and found 4% of people who got the vaccine reported neurological issues. This would correspond to 10M vaccine injured in America. Whoops! The result was so embarrassing that they buried the report on their Telegram channel where nobody would find it.

There was an excellent analysis of millions of Americans who filed for disability that matches the vaccine rollout. It’s all there in the FRED numbers. If it wasn’t the vaccine, what caused this? El Gato Malo is rarely wrong. And nobody has an alternate explanation.

Paul Alexander just published “29% of Young Pfizer COVID Vaccine Recipients Suffered Heart Effects.” So say just 30M young people were vaccinated. 29% of that would be 8.7M young people. So I’ve met my burden on just that one story alone.

Check out this poll. Just two questions so it’s easy to see. Over 500 respondents. It showed the rate of vaccine injury is over 8%. You can replicate this poll yourself on social media.

Our surveys with independent polling agencies showed similar rates with each other, around a 10% self-perceived injury rate.

Google Surveys refuses to let you ask either question. Now ask yourself this question. If the vaccines are so safe, Google would be tripping over themselves to run the survey for us to prove how SAFE the vaccines are! So they know. That’s why they refused to run the survey questions in that poll.

PROOF: Google does not want anyone to find out how deadly the vaccines are

Nextdoor is filled with blue-pilled people. If you go on Nextdoor and say anything bad about the vaccine, your post will disappear within 24 hours.

I was able to get a poll that lasted just over 24 hours. Not a lot of responses, but you can see how devastating the results were. That is why Nextdoor removed the poll. The numbers were bad and trending worse, so they used censorship to ensure nobody on Nextdoor would learn the truth. The head of censorship there refuses to debate me or any of my experts. But I give him credit for responding to my emails. The poll was first published in this article, but here it is again:

Here’s the same URL shortly after I took that screenshot:

I guarantee you I did not delete the post. Fortunately, I captured the live survey on video just before Nextdoor removed the post to prove I didn’t tamper with the screenshot.

A neurologist with 20,000 patients reports over 1,000 neurological injuries among her patient base (and she gained another 1,000 vaccine injured patients after the vaccines rolled out). So that’s a 5% rate, closely matching the Israeli numbers. She won’t go public with this because she knows she will lose her license for speaking out against the vaccine.

A recent Zogby poll found that 10% of Americans had buyers remorse on taking the vaccine. Whaaat?!?! It’s safe and effective! No side effects. Who would have buyer’s remorse?

If 25 million Americans weren’t injured, why would they have buyer’s remorse?

Someone is lying. Either Pfizer or millions of Americans.

The doctors think it is millions of Americans because they are trained to always trust the Phase 3 trials since those trials are never gamed by the manufacturer (even after Pfizer admits in Federal court to fraud) and to always trust the authorities.

The Zogby polls showed that 15% of the vaccinated people had problems. Of those 15% with problems:

  • 21% blood clots
  • 19% heart attack
  • 18% liver damage
  • 17% leg clots/lung clots
  • 15% stroke

So even if we just take ONE of those line items as the ONLY serious side effect, that’s a 3% rate of significant injury. 3% of 200M is 6 million people. That’s MILLIONS of people who have been injured, just like I said in the Fox interview.

The polling is consistent no matter what firm you use. You can see our polls here done by 3 independent polling firms.

This is why Fox News, CNN, the NY Times, et al. refuse to commission similar polls.It is because they do not want you to know the truth about how bad these vaccines are. Why? Because the drug companies are paying them lots of money (in advertising) to say nothing bad about the vaccines.

That’s why you only hear one-side of the story on mainstream media. Ever noticed that??? Most people don’t. I can’t recall a single story in mainstream media where they invited anyone from the counter-narrative for a comment.

Wayne Root’s wedding anecdote hints that the number is at least 13% (if all 200 people were vaccinated) and if we divide that by a factor of 4X to account for Poisson distribution statistics, we get a conservative 3% rate of severe injury.

Again, that is millions of people.

If you do the math, if the true rate is 3%, the Z-score of Wayne’s (conservative result assuming all 200 were vaccinated which means the injury rate would only be 13%) would be 5.7. In short, with our 3% estimate, we are assuming that Wayne’s story was a less than 1 in a million event. Pretty conservative if you ask me.

In plain English, if Wayne’s anecdote is a true statistical outlier, the actual rate is highly likely to be 3% or higher, but could be as high as 26% or more.

Even at a 3% injury rate, this is millions of injuries.

Finally, consider this Thailand study:

18% of kids had an abnormal EKG post-vaccine?!? That has to be extremely troubling. A vaccine is not supposed to do that. Are doctors telling parents the vaccine causes serious heart issues in 18% of kids? At least let them know.

The paper noted that “Cardiovascular effects were found in 29.24% of patients, ranging from tachycardia, palpitation, and myo/pericarditis.” Wow. In almost 30% of the cases?!?!

Finally a 3.5% rate of myo/pericarditis (including subclinical) among males 13-18 is not rare. We were lied to by the CDC.

We can’t extrapolate that statistic to older ages, so we cannot prove my statement with this statistic. Still it is very troubling. That should not be happening.

Interestingly, this is consistent with the number of myocarditis rates at Monte Vista Christian School which was in excess of 1% but they wouldn’t reveal any of the details beyond that.

The statistics at Wayne Root’s wedding (8 months after the wedding) were that at least 26 people were severely injured and 7 people died who were vaccinated while Wayne was not aware of anyone who was unvaccinated who reported any injuries or death.

This is the easiest to prove because I have it on video: watch my full interview with Wayne here. Highly entertaining.

All-cause mortality in Medicare is at an all-time high!

The Medicare all-cause mortality rates set an all time high after the vaccines were rolled out. This is why the CDC doesn’t disclose this. I had to get this chart from a whistleblower because the CDC is concealing it.

How can that be? The vaccines were supposed to dramatically reduce your risk of death, not cause it to reach an all-time high.

Here’s another study showing no decrease in all-cause mortality.

Why are we taking these vaccines for no benefit?

The rates of heart injury are off-the-charts

Kindly read this article which a cardiologist friend (who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution) just sent me.

The article references the Thailand study above.

In Thailand they did a study of what happens to troponin levels after you get the shot.

Troponin goes up when you have heart damage including myocarditis and pericarditis.

This would normally be a huge red flag, but there are new standards in a post-vaccine world where cardiac elevations can now be ignored by cardiologists:

It’s important to note that the conversations I see now about elevations in troponin are completely at odds with what cardiologists have normally said in a time before the COVID vaccines rolled out.

You have to ask yourself two questions:

Vinay Prasad tweeted about this too and he’s right, the study should have been done in the US but there was no interest in assessing how safe the vaccines are

Nobody at the CDC really wants to look at the safety data. This is why VAERS is so bad.

We basically do not want to know how bad it is. The doctors don’t want to know. The CDC doesn’t want to know. The mainstream press doesn’t want to know.

They all want to hide all the harms and gaslight you into believing you are just “unlucky.”

That is why they canceled the ESP:VAERS project: because people at the CDC didn’t want to know how unsafe the vaccines are. It was Bobby Kennedy that clued me in on that one. It’s in his book:

“By testing the system for several years on the Harvard Pilgrim HMO, AHRQ proved that it could capture most vaccine injuries. AHRQ initially planned to roll out the system to all remaining HMOs, but after seeing the AHRQ’s frightening results—vaccines were causing serious injuries in 1 of every 40 recipients—CDC killed the project and stowed the new system on a dusty shelf. Dr. Fauci left that system safely cached, throughout the pandemic, allowing HHS’s broken voluntary system to continue to conceal vaccine injuries, including any evidence of pathogenic priming.

Kennedy Jr., Robert F. . The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) (p. 180). Skyhorse. Kindle Edition.

Kennedy Jr., Robert F. . The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) (p. 180). Skyhorse. Kindle Edition.

Fact checkers and the facts

Check out the email I sent to Media Matters after they wrote an article defaming me.

I’ve spent 10 hours a day for more than a year on this stuff. I’ve written more than 700 articles on my Substack.

There isn’t a fact checker in the entire world that is willing to go on a livestream and challenge me on any of this.

It’s because if they did that, they would be exposed.

Because if they want to ask me a question, I get to ask them questions.

And that would be way too embarrassing for them.

Here’s what happened when the last fact checker tried challenging me. It backfired. Big time. I got it all on video. It’s stunning. Over 150,000 views. All the viewers agreed, the fact checker, Gabrielle Settles, was exposed as incompetent and biased.

I first wrote about that here (see point #5).

That video was so popular and so damaging that I was contacted by the head of Politifact, Angie Holan, requesting I take down the recording. I refused. In retaliation, they said that they would not debate me like I had wanted.

Are you kidding me?!? They are offering to debate me if I take down a lawfully recorded video exposing them as dishonest? No %$#$(ing way. Not going to happen. And they agreed it was lawful. They said they were “requesting” I take it down.

In short, the fact checkers are more interested in protecting their reputation than uncovering the truth. When I dispute the “facts” on any other “fact check,” the fact checkers never reply. The email address for corrections apparently is piped into a black hole.

I honestly don’t think anybody is going to challenge me on any of this data where we actually talk about the data rather than do hand-waving excuses like “we haven’t verified that.” Why not? Because they are wrong, I know it, and they know it, and they don’t want to further dig themselves into a hole.

This is why there are never any debates. It’s not me. It’s true for anyone who challenges the narrative. Look at what happened in Canada when 3 scientists tried to challenge the authorities. The authorities were a no show.

When Senator Johnson invited the authorities in America to debate the doctors at his “Second opinion” roundtable, nobody who supported the narrative showed up.

Bobby Kennedy hasn’t been able to debate any health authority on the safety of any vaccine and he’s been trying for 20 years. The reason is simple: he knows the material better than any of them do.

When I asked Andrew Wakefield about how dangerous the childhood vaccine schedule was, he said children who haven’t been vaccinated are 10 times healthier than those who have been. In short, we’ve been lied to about other vaccines, not just this one.

So if you’re going to debate me on any of this stuff about vaccine safety, let’s also bring Bobby and Andrew Wakefield on one side and as many as they want to throw on the other side and let’s do it in public.

You can learn more about the fact checkers here.

About my approach

One of my readers wrote:

You are using simple logic and unpacking the argument in a clear, scaffolded, methodical way, and yet you are not arrogant. Ultimately, they will get it. Good on you. It reminds me of the approach Dr Malone keeps preaching: non-violent communication, truth-telling without anger. You are patient.

I admit that I am pretty frustrated by the lack of interest in finding the truth.


I welcome a livestream discussion with any fact checker who wants to challenge me on any of my claims.

But none of them will do it because they all know it will end badly. Very badly. Just like it did for Gabrille Settles of PolitiFact.

Isn’t it time the American public learned the truth about these vaccines and all the other vaccines?

Fox News: This is your moment. Can’t verify? Or won’t verify?




coop1 hr agois history repeating itself?deniers of truth?this post explains:

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Moon DiamondWrites The Majorana Theory of Fascism 5 hr ago·edited 5 hr ago

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Why can’t you donate to a Democrat who’s against vaccine mandates? Or at the very least pay them to be against vaccine mandates just like how billionaires pay politicians of both parties to do their bidding?

Oh that’s right if you’re looking for a paid shill you’ll always be outbid by Pfizer won’t you? Well there’s a Democrat in New York who’s against vaccine mandates. She appeared on Kim Iverson’s YouTube channel:

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