Afghan War Commission Should Examine US Role on Women’s Rights — HUMAN WRONGS WATCH

None of the 14 men and 2 women appointed as commissioners are experts on women’s rights, and none are Afghan or from the Afghan diaspora.

Afghan women chant during a women’s rights protest against Taliban abuses, Kabul, Afghanistan, August 13,

by Heather Barr Associate Director, Women’s Rights Divisionat Human Rights Watch | Follow heatherbarr1 *SOURCE: Human Rights Watch. Go to ORIGINAL.

Overwhelmingly Male Panel Lacks Necessary Expertise 2022.

And contrary to previous pledges, US focus on evacuating Afghans who worked with US troops left women – including activists – out in the cold; only 7 to 10 percent of Afghan applicants for US special immigrant visas are women.

see also: Women’s rally violently dispersed in Kabul –Taliban militants fired in air as Women demanded “Bread, Work and Freedom”

“We will not abandon you. We will stand with you always,” then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a group of Afghan women in 2010. Clinton pledged that year that the rights of Afghan women would not be “sacrificed” in pursuit of a deal with the Taliban.

A year after the fall of Kabul, the dreams Afghan girls and women were encouraged to dream have been shattered: the Taliban bans girls from attending secondary schools and women from most jobs, making day-to-day survival increasingly difficult. Women’s and girls’ rights to free movement, association, and expression have been severely curbed.

Afghan War Commission Should Examine US Role on Women’s Rights — HUMAN WRONGS WATCH

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