Hunt Declared On LEOPARDS and Abrams On Ukrainian Front Lines: Huge Rewards NOW Offered for Kill or Capture – VIDEOS

The notorious tanks are only a small part of all the military supplies that are continuously moving to Ukraine; but they became an important political reason for NATO to demonstrate its alleged cohesion and generosity.

In Russia, they responded to the upcoming arrival of German and American tanks on the Donbass front lines with their own media campaign.

Many public and private figures announced generous rewards for captured and destroyed tanks.

On January 29, a famous Russian actor, on behalf of “some representatives of a large Russian business”, announced a prize of 10 million rubles for each Abrams destroyed.

A couple of days ago, the Russian company FORES announced a reward of 5 million rubles for the first destroyed or captured American M1 Abrams or German Leopard 2.

The initiative was also supported by government agencies. The governor of the Trans-Baikal Territory will pay to fellow countrymen 3 million rubles for the seizure and 1 million rubles for the destruction of the German Leopard tank of any modification. US Abrams tanks are cheaper — 1.5 million for the capture and 500 thousand rubles for the destruction.

These are just some of the announced prizes. The hunt begins, and the stakes are rising.

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