Another Police Spy Unmasked! – in the Valencia Antifa and Anarchist movement- deep investigation

from thefreeonline on 14th February 2023 by Ester Fayos and Irene Molina by La here Catalan llegir en català

The agent of the Spanish National Police Force R.M.F., with the false identity of Ramón Martínez Hernández, infiltrated the popular and anti-fascist movement in Valencia for two years through Cuidem Benimaclet and the Occupied Anarchist Social Center l’Horta (CSOA)

The undercover agent forming part of the security cordon at an Anti-Fascist Action demonstration in Valencia on May 1, 2021 / La Directa

In June 2020, an agent of the Spanish National Police Force (CNP) infiltrated the pro-independence left and the movement for the right to housing in Barcelona under the false identity of Marc Hernàndez Pons.

It was not an isolated case. In parallel, another Spy Cop joined the occupied La Cinètika Anarchist Social Center to infiltrate the social movements of the Catalan capital under the false identity of Daniel Hernàndez Pons.

Two weeks after uncovering the second infiltrator, this medium has been able to confirm that they were not alone. We discovered a third police Spycop.

In March of 2020, a young man who called himself Ramón Martínez Hernández was introduced to the popular movement of Valencia.

As La Directa has certified thanks to a long and meticulous investigation, his real identity corresponds to the initials R.M.F., he is an agent of the Spanish police and originally from a coastal municipality in the Catalan region of Baix Llobregat (although in the Valencian activism he presenting himself as a being from Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona) where he resided until he joined the police school in Ávila.

An expert specialized in criminalistics has drawn up a physiognomic report on behalf of Directa with images of the real and fictitious identities of the infiltrator. Photographs of his youth and his time as an activist in Valencia are compared and it is concluded that, “without any doubt, the photographs correspond to one and the same person”.

The report of an expert specializing in criminalistics proves that the infiltrator in Valencia and the R.M.F. policeman are, “without any doubt”, the same person |La Directa

The revelation of this new case of espionage and the multiple links between all three police officers show that we are dealing with a coordinated operation to spy on the left-wing and anti-capitalist activism of the Catalan Countries, under the baton of the general commissioner of information Eugenio Pereiro Blanco and under a hierarchical structure headed by the Spanish Minister of the Interior Fernando Grande-Marlaska.

Undercover agent Ramón Martínez Hernández took the oath of office as a career officer of the Spanish Police on June 13, 2019, two years after entering the National Police School in Ávila, where all the CNP agents.

The first outed Spy Cop of the Spanish police I.J.E.G., who infiltrated thr Catalan Independence movementunder the false identity Marc Hernàndez Pons.

At the beginning of March 2020, already with a false identity and shortly before turning 28, he appeared for the first time in Cuidem Benimaclet, an open Neighborhood Assembly that brings together families, the elderly and young people to stop the execution of an urban project in this neighborhood of Valencia.

 In the summer of 2020, the infiltrator had access to the events of Entrebarris and the CSOA l'Horta, from which he came to have a copy of the keys

With the outbreak of the pandemic, everything stopped, including the infiltration plan. But, through the Telegram group of Cuidem Benimaclet – which is a member of EntreBarris, a network of collectives and neighborhood associations of the neighborhoods of Valencia–, in which he had already entered, the police mole continued to be informed of the debates and actions that arose during confinement.

The Spy Cop going by the name Ramón Martínez entered the associative fabric of a neighborhood that has become the epicenter of the city’s social struggles and community networks. Coinciding with the relaxation of measures against covid-19, he integrated into the activism of the Occupied Anarchist Social Center l’Horta (CSOA) by joining the group that practices the combat sport of muay thai, and Grama, the Benimaclet food recycling and distribution network.


The National Police have abandoned the illegally evicted Casal Social Okupado Anarquista de L’Horta (CSOA l’Horta) in the Valencian neighborhood of Benimaclet after 10:30 a.m. this Monday and dozens of activists have proceeded to ‘reoccupy’ it, although there had previously been a police charge.

Through this last space, he joined the support group for the migrant community that lives in La Garrofera, an abandoned building that had been a dairy plant. From here he made the jump to the anti-fascist movement in Valencia, becoming an active militant in mobilizations and direct actions. This led him to attend several events and political acts and the demonstration in tribute to the young anti-fascist murdered by the far-right Guillem Agulló, held on April 11, 2021 in Burjassot (l’Horta Nord).

A fictitious past

“Ramón Martínez” presented himself as a working-class boy who grew up in the Bellvitge neighborhood of l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona and who, from a young age, had been working as a builder with his father “to lend a hand at home”. In September 2019 he arrived in Valencia with its headquarters with his partner and the couple shared a flat on Avinguda Blasco Ibáñez. After a short time, according to his account, he broke up with his partner and moved to a small flat on Calle Peris Mencheta, in Benimaclet.

One of the activists, who until a couple of weeks ago considered herself one of her best friends, now notices that his room was so sterile: “It had just a bed, a desk, some posters and a shelf with books”.

The agent in the action with which the CSOA l’Horta was reoccupied on December 14, 2020; In another photo he appears in the security cordon at an Anti-Fascist Action demonstration in Valencia on May 1, 2021; Also in a meeting of a capoeira group in Valencia, in the summer of 2020; And in a photo at the demonstration in tribute to victim of nazis Guillem Agulló, on April 11, 2021 in Burjassot | La Directa

In the beginning, some people from the activism say that they asked him questions about his past, “but seeing that he was a shy and reserved person, we did not insist”, explains Alba, a young woman from the neighborhood with whom he established one of the most intimate ties and who, like the rest of the witnesses who appear in this investigation, asks to be quoted using a pseudonym.

The multimilitancy

At that time, Benimaclet was deeply occupird in the fight against the Integrated Action Program (PAI) and meetings, open trainings, workshops and information stands were organized in the square to fight the urban plan. In Valencia, the “La Sareb és nostra” campaign was taking place, as part of which occupations of homes and real estate company headquarters were carried out. (note: Sareb is the ‘bad bank’ set up by the State to manage tens of thousands of homes seized for mortgage default, etc and sold off to institutions and Vulture Funds.)

In the same period, there had been two massive feminist strikes and two days of October 9 in which the anti-fascist movement had played a prominent role.

With the resumption of face-to-face meetings, Martínez Hernández attended the first open assembly of the Mutual Support and Cures Network, promoted by Cuidem Benimaclet, the Horta Social Center and the Feminist Assembly of Benimaclet. There he met Laia, one of the people with whom he maintained a friendship that lasted for more than a year. “At the end of the assembly he came over and offered me a beer, but I couldn’t. He showed interest in doing some sport and I told him about a capoeira group”, she remembers.

The couple of capoeira sessions he attended were the Spy Cop’s gateway to the Muay Thai group and the Horta, nerve center of social activism in the neighborhood and the town as a whole. We are in the summer of 2020 and the undercover agent is already active in three collectives – Cuidem Benimaclet, Grama and the Muay Thai group – and has access to all the proceedings of the assemblies of EntreBarris and the social center’s Vegetable Garden. Every month, as a member of Grama or the muay thai group, he attends the highest decision-making body of the Horta and even gets to have a copy of the keys.

A very cooperative boy.

His character, which those who met him describe as shy, friendly and kind, made it easy for him to create bonds of trust. “He was a very respectful person, not at all invasive. If someone needed something, he was always there”, describes one of the members of the Muay Thai group.

He did not usually participate and share his opinion in the assemblies or in any of the at least eight Telegram groups in which he managed to enter.

Nor did he express his ideas to the people closest to him, although on some occasions – according to an activist from his environment – he openly defined himself as an anti-fascist.

What he did show was a lot of interest in the political activity of Benimaclet and he was always ready to collaborate in the organization of any mobilization, activity or action.

“Doors opened very easily for you when you were a person motivated to participate, be it in concrete actions or grassroots assemblies”, states Jordi, a former member of Action Antifascist Valencia with whom the infiltrated agent maintained a close militant relationship.

Ramón Martínez Hernández did not attend any assembly of this anti-fascist organisation, but he did manage to infiltrate some of its direct action groups.

 Several witnesses explain to La Directa that Ramón Martínez was one of the instigators of the group of neighbors who some nights went out to knock down the fences that the developer Metrovacesa had placed around the perimeter of the PAI lands and that he himself pulled down some of them.

Proactivity, commitment and a high level of involvement characterized his strategy. He got involved to the point of leading some mobilizations, activities and acts of sabotage.

In February 2021, he participated in the assembly to organize the protests against the imprisonment of Pablo Hásel and was part of the leading bloc of demonstrators that pushed through the police cordon to make way.

On another occasion, he attended the anti-fascist march on May 1, 2021 as a member of the security cordon organized by Acció Antifeixista Valencia.

Even some of the most intimate friendships he established were forged because he “encouraged” them to be part of the spaces or actions in which he participated.

Witnesses from the area confirm this: “I became unemployed and started going to Grama. He was already there and was the one who introduced me to the La Garrofera support group. Little by little, we had many groups in common”, explains Elena, a young activist.

He also participated in the recording of a video clip of an anti-fascist rap and was invited to the Paterna cemetery for a guided tour during exhumation work of the dumped remains of victims of Franco’s ‘reprisals’ murders.

Audio (Catalan)

Despite his busy militancy agenda, he never declined to take on responsibilities or promote initiatives. As a member of Cuidem Benimaclet, he undertook to coordinate some actions and to join the preparation of a demonstration against the PAI together with the Benimaclet Neighborhood Association.

He also offered to organize a cafe in the Occupied Anarchist Center La Gamberra (CSOA) in the Campanar neighborhood in solidarity with a group of young migrants, at the same time he was responsible for collecting the money from Grama for the visit to Valencia of the Zapatista movement tour , as well as some anti-repression raffles.

Similarly, he managed the Food Network broadcast channel and in May 2021 piloted the creation of two Telegram groups to travel to a contact sports tournament held in Molins de Rei (Baix Llobregat, Barcelona).

Ramón Martínez Hernández at the demonstration in tribute to Guillem Agulló, on April 11, 2021 in Burjassot | La Directa

His camouflage did not only attend to political activity, but also to the emotional involvement with some activists and people in vulnerable situations whom he accompanied.

In February 2022, when he had left Valencia five months ago, one of his best friends contacted him to inform him that one of the young migrants from La Garrofera had died. A day later, Ramón replied with an audio with the following message: “Yesterday I saw the messages and… Well, I freaked out, really. I was shocked, I didn’t expect this. It was super sad new

At university with false documents

The publication of the infiltration of Spy Cop Marc Hernàndez Pons in the Catalan Independence movement in June 2022 raised the first suspicions of several people in Ramón Martínez’s environment.

The modus operandi of both agents was too similar: lack of information about their past, dizzying militancy in many groups in a short time and, in the case of the infiltrator in Valencia, a sudden disappearance that raised doubts on the veracity of his story.

It was then that Directa began its investigation to trace the existing data of Ramón Martínez Hernández and his false identity began to crumble.


One of the most significant aspects of this police infiltration is that the fictitious activist was able to complete several legal and administrative procedures with his false identity.

To enroll at the University of Valencia (UV), even if it is done through the test for over 25s, you must present an official identity document and have passed the high school and entrance exams.

During the 2020-2021 academic year, under his false identity, Ramón Martínez Hernández was a student in group A of the first year of Social Work at the UV.

It should be noted that fake identity documents can only be issued by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior. In the case of Ramón Martínez, apart from having a false ID – with the alphanumeric sequence 49735198K – we were able to confirm that he also had a false identity in the Valencian health system, registered through the number 46/11739103/09 of the National Insurance.

The double life he maintained throughout the infiltration period forced him to look for alibis to justify his absences. In the mornings, he claimed, he went to class and, from time to time, did not attend assemblies because he had to “do work” at the university or because he was “super tied up with the university”, as he put it, as was shown in audios that were exchanged with fellow militants.

During the summer holidays of 2020 and 2021 or some weekends he would pause all communications and disappear, under the pretext of having to visit family or to do some specific work in the construction sector.

After the summer break of 2021, at the beginning of September, Martínez Hernández reappeared in Valencia. Then, he announced to the closest activist environment that he had decided to return to Barcelona, where he explained that he would live with “one of his best friends” and that he would continue studying Social Work.

The move took a few weeks because, as he communicated, he had problems with the transfer of his academic file to the University of Barcelona (UB). Despite this, Directa’s investigations refute this point, because Ramón Martínez has never been a student at the UB.

To say goodbye to his closest circle of friends, the infiltrator held a dinner at the Social Center-bar Terra and left Valencia on September 20, 2021.

Before leaving he warned that he did not want to maintain any ties with anyone because he didn’t like “distance relationships” and that he would leave political activity to focus on “studying and training”.

Despite his absence in person, he exchanged mobile messages with his entourage until July 2022. Following the first signs of suspicion, one of his best friends contacted him to find out about him.

Ramón Martínez answered him four days later, without specifying too much about his situation, and kept his telephone line active as an infiltrator until December 2022, with access to information shared by the groups in which he had participated.

Finally, he has been expelled from all collective communication channels on February 13, 2023.

From the popular movement of Valencia, once the case was known, people were asked not to panic: “We do not isolate ourselves in our houses.

If there has been an infiltrator, it means that we are doing things right. Let’s not cower. On the contrary, we must continue to be militant, with care and self-protection and reviewing our practices”, says a member of the CSOA l’Horta in statements to this medium.

translation thefreeonline original here Catalan llegir en català aquí

Article published in number 563 of La Directa


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